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[ArmA3] Echo Team

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Echo Team

Zeus: BenFromTTG

Map: Altis

Modset: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cgp1m5fr4ep2rrq/Arma+3+Mod+Preset+SEALS.html

(for the USAF mod you will need to add me as a steam friend or download it from Armaholic, my Steam is Sloth Enthusiast)


What I'm going for here is a sort of campaign based around a SEAL Team Squad (like TV series' Six or Seal Team). Where 8 players are acting as all the members and 2 other players acting as the intel team back at base. Squad lead has the decision over how he would like to be infilled, what support he needs, how he wants to execute the mission and so on. All this is done from a Main Base, where the SEAL's members reside, along with USMC and British Army troops. 

How it works:

Echo start out every mission in their barracks and have a bit of social time before being briefed. Briefing for the scenario is then given by the Base commander (Zeus) to the intel team who then recon the AO and then give Echo team the briefing from Zeus and the intel they've gathered from the recon. Echo then decide on how they're going to execute the mission. Then they gear up and the intel team tells Zeus what Echo team need, and then the assets are prepared. Once the prep is done the mission is executed and then once the mission is done Echo Team need to RTB for debrief.


  • Only the assets that are present on base can be used.
  • The Intel Team may not leave base
  • All standard FK rules apply
  • Only the intel team may operate drones
  • Only AI may drive assets, but players can gun and do everything else

I hope that people enjoy this "gamemode" and it can turn into a campaign

Slots (TAGS Priority, FNG's can reserve):

Echo Team Lead - @Colek (REG, No Tags)

Echo Team 2IC - FREE

Echo Team 3 - @juanA

Echo Team Autorifleman - @Feriluce (FNG)

Echo Team K9 Handler - @Skate (REG, No Snipe)

Echo Team 6 - @jasher (FNG)

Echo Team 7 - FREE

Echo Team EOD - @Prometheus13 (FNG)

Intel Team

Havoc 1-1 - @Kerry (FNG)

Havoc 1-2 - @samchaddy00 (FNG)

Base Crew

Base 1-1 - @Comrade_Assassoon (FNG)

Base 1-2 - @Val3ntine (FNG)

Recommended Comments

Imo it sounds like a great idea cuz it's not just a normal mission and requires actual teamwork and communication between the players. (reason why i love drone op)



Can we RSVP for that? If yes, I'd take one of those Base wankers. ^-^



Ben is getting Pepega

Edited by Kerry

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