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[ArmA3/COD Zombies] Industrial Yard

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The Last Resort

Starting at 9.00pm UK/After 1st Main

http://www.mediafire.com/file/5mzr22wi1inyqfh/Arma+3+Mod+Preset+Zombies.html - MODSET


After containing the outbreak at The Resort, the Tier 1 team headed north towards the region if Shapur, to find the source of the infection. They land are ambushed by an unknown hostile which destroyed the anti torque of the helo, causing them to crash in the middle of the desert. After pushing through forces to an old Factory just SE of the crash site. With only their pistols remaining, they must hold out till a QRF can arrive. But they're is already something on the horizon coming...


You have a 1911 and 10 mags. You are to scavenge around to find weapons and ammo around the resort. The gameplay functions as a traditional zombies map, similar to that of Nacht Der Untoten. It features multiple barricades which will be unlocked after reaching certain waves. It also features a mystery box featuring over 30 weapons.


  • No going outside of the buildings and into the open. They are only entrances for zombies to get in, not you to get out. If a door doesn't lead into a corridor, you cant go there
  • Barricades are opened after a certain amount of Waves.
  • There are men kits scattered around that heal any wounds, but takes a long time to heal yourself
  • Fatigue/stamina is disabled. Sprint all you want
  • Due to being closer to the source of the outbreak, the virus is more prevalent and humans can be infected, although it is rare. If you are infected, find pills for a temporary cure or an injector for a permanent cure.

Slots (Anyone can reserve, first come first serve):

Survivor Lead - @Cpt. Hawkeye

Survivor 2IC - @greg3000il

Survivor 1-1 - @johnb43

Survivor 1-2 - @Thranwulf

Survivor 1-3 - @MarloK

Survivor 1-4 - @samchaddy00


??? - @Mingy

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29 minutes ago, johnb43 said:

I'll take 1-1 please.

And there is no medic?

The first aid kit heals all wounds for anyone

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