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Modset here (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1475102446)

Star Wars Opposition link here (https://vk.com/swopposition)

you should have 17 mods total, 16 from workshop plus SWOP



Alright so instead of posting a mission of my own design with sign up sheets and specific parameters I'v decided to just host a sort of "open zeus" event meaning that we're going to be playing the Star Wars Opposition mod and anyone can zeus. Voted in via straw poll as usual. Also I rarely get to actually play the mods I host so this will be a welcome change for me. The start time may not be the only start time we have, if things go well and people want to keep playing after first and second FK main I will give people a time after those to regroup back on the TS and go again. I will also request that a temp room be created for us.  

I will be creating templates using the extra maps included in the modpack and each template will a small PLT element, 2 squads plus an "asset" squad. Respawns are set to 5 seconds after death, and by default the Independent faction is hostile to everyone. Since I will be local hosting I'd like to please remind whoever we vote to zeus to keep object count fairly low to avoid crashing and low FPS. I think my system can handle about 20 or so players comfortably, so if you plan on coming PLEASE RSVP so I can do my best to optimize my system.

I have made templates for the following maps

  • Eladeen
  • Iberius
  • Madrigal
  • Malden 2035
  • Scarif
  • Stratis
  • Gridlock


  • All standard FK rules apply.
  • Zeus will determine faction and base uniform, for example "you are Imperial shore troopers on..." Means you'll be taking the shoretrooper uniform and so on. same applies to clone trooper legions. If the uniform has a ranking system attempt to adhere to that to the best of your ability.   
  • Instead of autoriflemen we will have heavy weapon operators, what type of weapon taken will be determined by your SL, A heavy weapon would be something like the DLT-19 blaster which is like an AR or a rocket launcher. You may ONLY take one heavy weapon so you'll either be a AR or a Anti Tank Rifleman. Marksmen and marksmen like blasters are considered heavy weapons. Find me if you're unsure and would like clarification.
  • Medics may take no more than 3 bacta grenades.
  • SL's and TL's may take 1 squad shield each. (grenade)
  • AR's may take 2 personal energy shields (small) (grenade) 

If you have questions about setting up SWOP or anything else please @ me below, I'll get to you ASAP.   

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6 hours ago, samchaddy00 said:

@SMPureParadise if you are not running this today can i get the mission files please so i can run it my self 

Yeah give me a moment, i'll PM them to you

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