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OPCOM : Heavy Rain


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OPCOM : Operation 'Heavy Rain'


OPCOM stands for 'Opposition Commander'.

It is a style of mission in which a Player Platoon is pitted against an AI force commanded by another player. They have a list of available forces and deployment zones, and order their forces via XRoads.

This mission will involve PvP elements. It is a PvPvE.




Following years of political turmoil, the Chenaran Independent League assumed control of their country in a bloody uprising. The neighbouring Russian Federation condemned the actions of the group, and announced their intent to return Chenarus back to democratic rule. Pleading for support in the United Nations, the C.I.L. have been backed by the United States of America, who have promised a task force to help defend the country.

The lines are set as Russian forces amass on the border, and the time is fast approaching when war will be inevitable.


H-Hour approaches. Your men form the vanguard of our military forces heading into Chenarus. We want to cripple the C.I.L. swiftly and end this conflict within a matter of weeks. The presence of American troops is irrelevant, if we break their spirit and smash their forces they will withdraw support from the C.I.L. - the American public already disapprove of the American military supporting these vile terrorists.

You have 2 objectives in the opening of this campaign.

  1. Secure the Military Airfield and set up a Forward Base of Operations.
  2. Capture and secure towns along Phase Line ENIGMA
    1. Rogovo
    2. Myshikno
    3. Kabanino
    4. Grishino

For this Operation, a Mechanised Platoon is being activated, with both Air and Armour support.


  • All squads have a BMP-1P
  • 1x T90
  • 2x YAK-130, when destroyed 1x Mi-24VT, when destroyed, 1x Mi-8 HEAVY


  • All uniforms and equipment are to be 1990s Russian equipment. Nothing post 2000 (No AK12s, no EMR)
  • Only 1 squad may take MAT (Decided by PLTN). This squad can, however, take 2 Launchers and 8 rounds total.
  • 1 squad may take AA (Decided by PLTN)




The C.I.L are equipped with ex Soviet Bloc armour and weaponry. The best armour they purchased was T-72s, and they bought no helicopter gunships. We do not know what US forces may deploy with.



  • If you listen to, or broadcast on, the other side's LR you will be banned for cheating.
  • If you wear enemy uniforms, you will be banned for cheating.
  • Only enemy softskins can be commandeered (Cars, Trucks etc)
  • KNIGHT can commandeer enemy armour IF IT IS OF RUSSIAN ORIGIN.

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Posted (edited)

I think i got time Friday

T90 Gunner please (got tags)


Edited by Wafflefox

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I would like Playboy gunner, no tags

EDIT: Cancel that, I am pretty unsure if I will be able to play, due to my "amazing" internet and I don't want to take someone else's place. 

Edited by Galaxy

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Posted (edited)

I'd like one of the medic slots, please. FNG, no tags.

Edited by Feriluce

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