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[Arma 3] Not The Navy (Scripted Mission Test)


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This is the final test for a scripted mission I'm wanting to add to the server. The briefing is as follows:

        SOCOM Intelligence discovered a rogue USMC battalion's main base of operations in the region.
        They have Tasked MARSOC Strike Teams Chronus 1-1 and 1-2 with clearing out and securing the island 
        to cripple the rogue battalion's operational strength and gather intelligence on their other operations.
        Unfortunately, USS Colin was caught on an enemy ship's sonar while transporting your teams and the base has gone on alert 
        and have begun diverting forces back to defend the island.

Enemy Forces:

        Rogue USMC guardsmen infantry with armed motorised assets

Friendly Forces:

        Chronos 1-1 and Chronos 1-2 MARSOC Strike Teams

Mission Objectives:


        - Secure Vehicle Depot

        - Secure Main HQ

        - Secure Harbor

Fail Conditions

        - USMC re-enforcements arrive (60 minutes/0545 in game time)

        - MARSOC has suffered heavy casualties


Mission Notes:

        Capture Zone: Outnumber the enemy forces in the objective to capture it, once you receive a Hint saying it's secured you can move on

        Time Acceleration: time is at 50% speed (1 hour IRL = 30 in-game minutes)

        No Respawns

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