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Hey everyone turns out exams didn't kill me so I am returning to my usual scheduled training sessions this week. Same topics will be covered as usual unless there is a drastic change for the servers. This session is aimed towards newer players as I will be going over the basics being a foot solider. Topics are listed below. Keep in mind that for the medic training I will only be going over the very basics and what we have enabled on the server right now. This will change if we start to use advance medical, but until then I will not be going over that material.

  • Arsenal 101
  • ACE Medical and how to not die
  • Iron Sight Ranging 
  • Combat Stances
  • Short Range Radio

******PLEASE NOTE************

I just got an email from my work asking me to come in early tomorrow to help pack the equipment for this year's arctic trip so I have changed the times for the session. I apologize to anyone this inconveniences  

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First timer here.  What timezone is the calendar in?  Going to assume it's either GMT 0 or it's adjusted to the user's local time.

Hoping for the latter, since GMT 0 would put this at 5am for me.

Edit:  Just had it confirmed via other means.  Thank god, it's the latter.

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Everyone sorry for the sudden change but I just received an email from my work asking me to come in early tomorrow so the starting time for this session has changed. I apologize if people are unable to make it now, but I will be hosting another session Wednesday in case you miss it.

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Great session! :) is there some default classes that is recommended? so i can build someone before the op starts? or any keybinds that are great to change?

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Throw key binding is a definite need to change, enable ACE medical is not mandatory but is useful, make a basic rifle man with a 5.56 rifle 5 bandages, 1 morphine, 1 tourniquet 10-13 magazines 2 white smoke and that is about it. 

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