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TRI POLOSKI [Zeus Mission]


Mission Planner

Event details

After recent economic instability Chernarus republic on the brink of its collapse. But while politics trying to tear each other apart one of the biggest Chernarus gangs decides to use the opportunity and perform the biggest heist in Chernarus history.


Your targets - are two major banks: Chernarus International Bank and ElectroSberBank. The plan is simple - hit them, grab all the dollars and euros and run into the sunset. But the situation is complicated by the current government being paranoid over literally everything, so expect local OMON team to be dispatched. But don't worry, using the current chaos you've managed to assemble quite an arsenal for this job.



  • No LR
  • No Rangefinders
  • Looting of enemy gear is prohibited (obviously you don't want to leave your gun with your fingerprints on it)
  • BLUFOR Tracking is disabled
  • 1x LAT per squad
  • No silenced weaponry
  • Ironsights
  • Civilians can be taken as hostages


You can choose out of this list of weapons:


  • AKM (RHS version, only 10 round mags for regular infantry, 30 round for AR)
  • Izhmash Saiga 12K (NIArms)
  • M76 (GREF)
  • M84A Scorpion ( with GREF 20 round mags)


  • PM
  • 6P53
  • TT-33


  • RPG-26


  • No hard head protection (No helmets). Please pick appropriate headwear to your costume
  • No vests
  • Knapsack (3CB Factions) as a single option for a backpack 


  • Tracksuit (3CB Factions)
  • Citizen Clothing (3CB Factions)
  • Activist Clothing (3CB Factions)
  • Woodlander Clothing (3CB Factions)



Slots will be given in next order: Tagholder > Reg+ > FNG


Co-Zeus (TAGS ONLY!) : Open

Gang Leader (PLT Lead): BenFromTTG


Anna Group Bugor (ALPHA SL):  Tomo

Anna Group Lepila (ALPHA Medic): ThePointForward


Boris Group Bugor (BRAVO SL): Jerichon

Boris Group Lepila  (BRAVO Medic): Open


Constantine Group Lepila  (CHARLIE SL): Open

Constantine Group Lepila  (CHARLIE Medic): Kerry


Dmitry Group Lepila  (DELTA SL): Open

Dmitry Group Lepila  (DELTA Medic): Open

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Posted (edited)

Charlie SL pls (no tags)

Edit: Can't make it to the event

Edited by Val3ntine

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7 minutes ago, Txtspeak said:

This isn't a request for a position, but can we be allowed to use rocker uniforms?


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Have IRL stuff happening at the time of the event that I was not aware of till now will have to withdraw.


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