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Urist wants you, With a pointing finger!


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Hello, your friendly neighborhood urist here again! As some of you might've heard me around the teamspeak lately trying to find testers for my on-the-works pvp mission, this is about that! Turns out that trying to scrounge up more than 10 people at the same time is a hopeless task just by going from room to room, so I figured I'd make it an event then. 

The current status on the missions is as follows: I've managed to iron out problems that don't really affect the asset balance, but I now need about 40 or so people to hop in the mission, and try to kick the shit out of each other in organized fashion, so I can take a look and determine if the mission needs rework in terms of assets, unit equipment and so on, I'd be full of joy if you could spare me some of your valuable time.

Basically what this session is all about:

1. Full-on gameplay, doing the mission properly, as in all I need for you to do is play like you'd normally do during our prime-time missions.

2. Feedback afterwards, like you'd normally do if you've got something to say in the mission feedback thread.

3. If you're going to participate, please let me know through here or by some other means, so I know if this is even going to happen or not.

4. Have fun! the mission is supposed to be a lot of action, with no major downtimes, so even if you get popped in the head, you'll be back looking for revenge in no time!



I might arrange more of these sessions if there is interest, before and if the mission gets uploaded to the test branch.

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