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[Arma3] Carrier Sim

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Carrier Sim

MODSET: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b430kydu4p3yc0p/Arma+3+Mod+Preset+Carrier+Sim.html

Add me as a friend on Steam then redrag the modset to get all mods (https://steamcommunity.com/id/slothenthusiast/)

Zeus: @BenFromTTG

How it works:

All roles of the carrier are taken up by players. This includes all deck crew (Aircraft handlers, Catapult Officers, ATC and so forth) as well as Jet Pilots, Heli pilots and a Seal Team. Any player taking a Deck Crew role must have an understanding of all the different roles of deck crew as well as how a carrier works. This will mainly be an aerial assault, though the Nimitz is support by 1x Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyer as well as 1x Virginia Class Sub, So if you don't like air and naval combat, or crewing a carrier, this mission is not for you. More will be explained in briefing.


The Russian Federation are developing a foothold on the island of Altis, with a full on naval assault. They plan to develop a main naval base before moving North to secure the airport and old military base. We need to stop this expansion before it is too much to handle. We believe they have 2x Admiral Grigorovich class Destroyers that need to be destroyed before even attempting an aerial assault. We also have intel that they are trying to set up a Long Range SAM System, codename 'Rhea'. It should take them 20-30 minutes to set up, so we need to prevent the forces from setting this up. They have 1-2 Supply Ships to transport Vehicles onto land. We need to destroy this to prevent reinforcements from hitting land. They do have some motorized infantry on land, but we do not believe them to have any land-based mobile Anti-Air system. We are still unsure of any FW threats in the immediate AO, but we expect some RW assets. We sent the USS Howard and the USS Indiana about 2 hours ago so they should be close to the Naval Base by now.


1) Destroy the 2 Russian Destroyers

2) Prevent the 'Rhea' SAM System from being deployed

3) (Optional) Prevent Russian forces from capturing the old military base and the airfield.


Reservable Slots:

USS Nimitz Roles:

Ship Commander - FREE (Leadership Tags)


Plane Handler - FREE (N/A)

Plane Handler - FREE (N/A)

Medical Officer - FREE (Medic Tags)


Grey Wolves Squadron (FW):
For AA/Anti-Radar


EA-18G Growler Pilot - FREE (Pilot Tags)
EA-18G Growler Co-Pilot/FAC-A - @Val3ntine NO TAGS, REG

Blue Diamonds Squadron (FW):
For Multirole/CAS

F/A-18E Pilot - @info NO TAGS, REG

F/A-18E Pilot - @BonSie Pilot Tags

USS Howard (Naval):

For Anti-Ship/Recon


Destroyer Commander - @Schroeder - BSO

Destroyer Driver - FREE (N/A)

Destroyer Crew - FREE (N/A)

USS Indiana (Naval)
For Anti-Ship/Recon


Submarine Commander - FREE (N/A)

Submarine Driver - FREE (N/A)

Submarine Crew - FREE (N/A)

Wolf Pack/Eightballers (RW):


Helicopter Pilot - FREE (Pilot Tags)

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