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TvT: Money Bags


Mission Planner

Event details


Zeus’s: @metamartian, @Wattsits



Blufor objective:

Pmc’s escort Mr.(players name) to each objective and keep him safe from rebels

        1.Fishing at charsu lake (5 mins)

        2.Talk to oil field manager at Lalezar (intel grab) ,must be done before general objective

        3.Pray at Bastam Mosque (10 mins)

       4.Talk to General (intel grab)

Redfor objective:

Kill Mr. (players name) before he completes all his tasks



Mr. (players name) is a president of an american oil company that has just started drilling in takistan. He is there to make sure everything is ship shape and to enjoy himself. He wants to go fishing at a famous fishing spot at charsu lake and experience the countries religion at a mosque. He must also make sure his plant is up and running before thanking the U.S. general for his protection and future business deals for the U.S.. Many natives however view him as an invading force along with the other Americans and want him gone.


Red markers are Rebel hideouts.


  1. Bft is off

  2. No side is allowed to attack the oppositions spawn points

  3. If 75% or more of Redfor forces are killed in one attack it is considered a Blufor win

  4. Blufor must stick to roads


Blufor Restrictions

  1. 5+1 ammo restriction

  2. No explosives or stuns only smokes

  3. No lat

  4. No UGL

  5. no silencers


Redfor Restrictions

  1. Suicide bombing is allowed but must strip all gear (includes leaving a vehicles) before doing so and only 2 members of the rebels are allowed. Nothing bigger than a demo block

  2. Iron sights only

  3. No grenades/stuns

  4. No lat/mat

  5. 5+1 ammo restriction

  6. No mines

  7. no silencers


Blufor slots:


Alpha squadlead:

Alpha medic:

Bravo squadlead:

Bravo medic:

Charlie squadlead:

Charlie medic:


Redfor slots:

Warlord: @Tobe (no tags)

1st squadlead:

1st medic: @Conga Line of Neckbeards(tags)

2nd squadlead:

2nd medic:

Bomber 1: @Murky (no tags)

Bomber 2: 

(Prophet tags and regs+ can take bomber)

Recommended Comments

Conga Line of Neckbeards

Posted (edited)

Redfor 1st Medic, please. Tags.

Edited by Conga Line of Neckbeards

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I would like some clarification on the restriction:

  1. Blufor must stick to roads

Does that mean:

A) Between objectives (but allowed to drive past obj and setup an over watch) 

B) While using vehicles (walking to setup an overwatch)

C) Entirely (not allowed to setup an overwatch) 

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Posted (edited)

@Ventfarter the vehicles are too heavy for the sand so going off road isnt the best option but quick maneuvers to avoid obsticles/setting up defense is fine. 

Edited by metamartian
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