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Basic Training 101


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This training is aimed at people who are new to the FK. Doesn't matter if you're brand new to Arma or you have 500 hours under your belt but no experience with the mods we use.

Topics that will be covered:

  • How to join and make sure you can successfully join our servers
  • What happens in the FNG and Off-hours rooms
  • Slotting procedure and what happens in the spawn area
  • ACE Arsenal - how to get yourself equipment you'll need
  • ACE Interactions
  • ACE Medical - Basic rifleman first aid
  • Short Range Radio
  • LAT introduction and overpressure
  • BLUFOR vs OPFOR assets static showcase (if time allows)
  • Rangefinding and working with map (if time allows)

I also have two loadouts prepared for you, one for BLUFOR, one for OPFOR. They're meant as basic templates you can fall back to, change uniform and be ready to play.

The idea is that you will be able to go straight into a mission after the training and play as a rifleman.
This training does not earn you any tags or direct progress towards a Regular rank. But it will teach you how to play with us and therefore indirectly leads to both.

How to join

Please RSVP here and be at "General Training" room on TS at given time. We will be conducting this training on server 2.
Time in the calendar should be automatically adjusted to your own timezone, but just to make sure, this training will start at 1700 EST. Expect roughly 2 hours of time taken, the extra 20 minutes are there in case of delays and technical issues.

You're expected to have the mods from our modset downloaded via Steam. Also please install the TFAR plugin for your TeamSpeak, if you have any issues with it, come 10 minutes earlier so we can sort it out.
Current modset is here:

The best way of making sure you have exactly what you need is to click that "PRESET FILE" link, open your Arma 3 launcher, go to MODS section and import the file - it will auto-subscribe mods you need, start downloading them and create Mod Preset for FK. Then even if you're playing elsewhere and have hundreds of other mods you'll load only the correct ones.

IP and password will be given to you before we join the server.

Mandatory reading

Rules on how to conduct yourself in an FK Arma mission:

Recommended reading

Most of what will be covered - still best to try it out yourself.

Recommended bindings and ACE settings - we will cover these during the training as well. This is contained up there ↑ too.

TFAR guide - will be covered to some extent, contains list of of radios for each faction.

Roles Index - who does what under ideal circumstances

Weapons Guide - What you can take and when.

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