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A time for players from all regions to enjoy a few games of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. Perhaps a Free-for-all, a Team match and a game of Phantom-X to end.

What is Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance?



Supreme Commander (SupCom for short) is an RTS from 2007 which still holds a passionate cult following. Offering 4 factions, each with 4 tiers of land, naval and airborne units, there is a lot of depth and strategies in this complex RTS. A standalone expansion to the original SupCom, it adds to it and perfects the formula, creating the space for an incredibly varied amount of RTS gameplay. It could be considered a spiritual ancestor of Planetary Annihlation: Titans, only arguably better.

But Delta, the multiplayer was discontinued years ago!

True. A third-party mod and matchmaking system is required to play the game over the internet now, but maintains and continually updates the game. FA:Forever (FAF for short) also allows competitive matchmaking and a number of interesting and engaging game modes, which change the game drastically. 


(Use of the multiplayer system requires registration of an account).

A number of people in FK have the game, and many an enjoyable evening was had towards the start of the year aiming and yeeting armadas of tanks, planes and boats at each other. Hopefully we can get a few good games out of Sunday evening. We'll convene in Game Room 1, and I'll be there half an hour in advance to help anyone iron out any issues with registration and installation.

Hope to see you there!


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