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Jungle Rodeo -UNSUNG-FK #4


Mission Planner

Event details

Last night, around midnight, heavily calibre gunfire and multiple explosions were reported in the town of Dat Do by local ARVN units. These guys have a reputation for calling in false contact reports to look good; but a morning scouting flight saw absolutely no human presence at Dat Do. MACV has sent orders down the chain, and you're up.

Prep your gear, grab your boys and saddle up. The Cav are ridin' out.



  • Deploy from ATF Headquarters and investigate the town of Dat Do.
  • Ascertain what happened there.
  • Eliminate any Communist Forces.




  • Armoured Cavalry Platoon (every squad gets an M113) with Combat Platoon Lead (PLTCMD gets an M113 ACAV)
  • 1 M551 Sheridan - @Garfield0003 / @Jerichron / @Servok
  • [if numbers allow]
    • 1 extra M551 Sheridan OPEN / OPEN / OPEN
    • A Cav Pink Team (1 OH-6A with Crew Chief, 1 AH-1G) @info / @Resurge // OPEN / OPEN
    • Air Force support transport (1x HH53-B and 3 Crew) @Timberhawk / OPEN / OPEN / OPEN



  • NO BFT
  • NO short range radios
  • US issued weaponry ONLY - from the Unsung mod!
  • Normal FK rules apply
  • If you are a driver of a vehicle, please get permission from PLTN BEFORE playing music. 18 tracks spamming at once is horrendous.
  • Squad Composition is changed. Each squad can only take 1 MG. The second is replaced by an M79. 
  • NO other grenade launchers may be taken. 
  • ONE squad member may be a marksman (SL's discretion)
  • Up to 2 LAT per squad. 


Riflemen/Squad Leaders/Team Leaders - M16/XM177E2

Machine Gunners - M60

Grenadier - M79





  • Name: FK #4 Zeus UNSUNG Server
  • IP:
  • Port: 2402
  • Modset Here

Recommended Comments

Alright, I would like to be the driver of the second Sheridan (If numbers allow and no driver tagholder reserves it)

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Posted (edited)

First choice: Red Platoon (AH-1G "HueyCobra") Gunner please.*

*Be advised, I have not flown or operated helicopters in FK as a pilot or gunner for literally months now. If you want, consider me as not having Rotary Wing Gunship Gunner tags. If anyone with rotary tags wants the slot, give it to them please. I will ask one of the rotary trainers soon for a possible refresh course/training.


Second choice: Gunner for the second M551 Sheridan light tank


Edited by UniDigit

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I know i ain't played in a long time, but Crew of HH-53B if possible.

By long i mean, a month, with over exageration.

Edited by Vireis

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