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Arma3 Happy Birthday Wishes

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Arma3 is turning 6 years old today! Let's celebrate in true FK fashion! 

Whether you plan on playing today's main mission or not, please join us at slotting so we can all wish Arma3 a Happy Birthday!


Who: Everyone able to get on first server for first main, whether you plan on playing or not.

What: We're going to be singing 'happy birthday' to Arma3 

Where: First Server

When: During First Main, after Squad briefing before going through the pole

Why: Because this game has given this community thousands of hours of entertainment, and it deserves a proper birthday song! Also... it'd be funny on twitter =P

How: Just slot up as normal for first main, if you want to participate in the song but not the mission wait in the off-hours room until the end of slotting to join the server and just take an attachee slot.



If you are caught trying to slip in words not a part of the song you will be reported to the staff team

If you refuse to listen to event coordinators you will be reported to the staff team

If you meme about and make this event last longer than completely necessary you will be reported to the staff team

Please do not scream down your mic, Please do try to keep up with the song, Please do remember that this will be used for promotional purposes therefore we should be showing FK at our best

For thous of you who do not know the song


"Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Arma3

Happy birthday to you" x2


Any questions regarding this event please direct them to me, I'll be on Team Speak for most of the day.


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