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[Postponed] Arma Olympics Sea Land and Air


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Event details

The purpose of this event is to conduct a number of semi-competitive rally's, races and challenges on Sea Land and Air in Arma with a winner being declared for each set.

In order to participate you and a partner for each challenge must register as a team by commenting using the following format.


Your Name:

Team Name: Example team name.

Team Members: Member#1, Member#2.



- Inappropriate or offensive team names may result in you being barred from the event.


Challenges will take place in the order shown below.


For the land event each team will perform in a Rally event across the south western area of Altis along the indicated route with one team member driving and the other giving instructions. 


Each team will depart from the starting gate 30 seconds apart from one another and their times will be recorded for running the entire length of the track down to the Finish gate.


Once a team has finished the track they may choose to spectate by re-spawning or by waiting at the finish line for the other teams to arrive.


If your team wrecks their car and are unable to recover you will be considered as not having finished the race and will be then able to spectate using the previously mentioned methods.



For the sea event the location will be in Zaros Bay and the object will be to be the last team standing in a FFA battle.


Each team will have 2 minutes to move to a start position within the bay after which the battle will begin where each team will attempt to eliminate the others with the team left standing at the end being declared the winner.




For the air event the location will be in the skies over the southeastern peninsula of Altis with each team flying one of the recently added A-29 Super Tucanos with the last standing team being the winner.


Each bird will be restricted to its machine guns and as a result fighting should be focused more on direct dog fighting than our usual air combat.


Once a plane has been downed the team it was flying is now out and may now spectate using the after death camera.

Recommended Comments

Your Name: Museman7

Team Name:" Greatly Underrated Challenging Champions of Intelligence" or "G.U.C.C.I" 

Team Members: @Museman7 and @EHOPPPS

We will be around till 5:30 Uk time, so we can't take part of the full event

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Please be advised the event is postponed for the time being due to a lack of registrations. Over the weekend a new event time will be announced for next week whilst in the mean time, some changes to the event may be made.

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