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ArmA Server Payments

The ArmA servers form the root of our community, without them we would not be where we are today.

This goal includes:

  • 1 ArmA servers at €41/month per server (Totalling at €41/month)

For more details on how this breaks down please read this.

  • 07/31/19
  • 2 Donations

10.00 EUR of 82.00 EUR

  • Donation Stats

    Total Donors
    57.56 EUR
    Total Donations
    2.44 EUR
    Total Fees
    293.00 EUR
    Total Goals
    57.56 EUR of 293.00 EUR
  • Donation Goals

    Community Donation

    This is the overall donation pool for FK. Contributing to this goal pays for hosting of the FK platform's Teamspeak server, ARMA 3 server, website, to name a few.

    The full breakdown of what this goal pays for can be found here.

    57.56 EUR of 293.00 EUR Donate Now
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