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    Learn how to Medic


    Hey  As I'm an emt and played many hours as medic I put together a small little guide for you guys, who still don't know how to medic.:P 

    1 by 1 step for the advanced system:
    for the patient:
    1. report bad injurys or vital parameter to the medic, sql or a buddy nearby.
    2. go to a save spot, remain on the ground and keep calm
    3. don't be a pussy, everybody can endure a little pain 

    for first aider:
    1. remove the affected person from the danger area
    2. interact menu-> locate and look for the severity of the wounds
    3. if there are multiple wounds on limbs use tourniquet(s)
    4. dress the wounds after the severity (wounds with heavy bleeding first, gonna add a small chart below)
    5. remove tourniquets
    6. check if the wounds opened again (only for advanced advanced medic), aslong as the patient is not losing blood he's gonna be fine
    7. wait for the medic and tell him what you did! Only the medic should give the patient medication!!

    for the medic:
    1.-6. same as the first aider, or ask the first aider what he already did and resume there
    7. check bloodpressure and heartrate, check if the patient is in pain and how much blood he lost (adding a small chart below)
    8.medicate him (atropine,epinephrine or morphine) and use the Personal aid kit on him (if you have blood, give him blood instead)


    effects: very light pain, very slow bleeding

    effects: very high pain, very fast bleeding

    effects: light pain, very slow bleeding

    Crush wounds:
    effects: light pain, very slow bleeding

    Cut wounds:
    effects: light pain, bleeding depends on the severity of the wound

    effects: light pain, slow-medium bleeding, depends on severity of the wound

    Velocity wound:
    effects: very high pain, medium-high bleeding, depends again on severity of wound

    Puncture wounds:
    effects: light pain, small bleeding

    (source: http://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/medical-system.html#bandages-effectiveness )

    vital parameter:
    Heartrate:                                 Blood pressure:
      normal 46-120                          normal 100-160

    atropine: lowers heart rate in small steps, OD after 6-8 sticks, decay time 120s
    morphine: lowers heart rate and suppresses pain, OD after 4-6, decay time 900s
    epinephrine: increases heart rate and can be used to prevent unconsciousness
    cpr: used after cardiac arrest 

    Edited by Sarissa

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