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    We have trialled Medevacs in the past, with differing amounts of success; so I am proposing these Medevac SOPs to balance gameplay, roleplay & fun.



    Squads - All infantry squads will keep their embedded medic. This medic will no take PAK or Blood Bags. They will operate as Battlefield Triage Personnel.

    VALKYRIE/ANGEL FLIGHT - A Combat Search And Rescue Blackhawk crewed by 1 pilot, 2 CSAR Medics and 1 Rifleman.

    Idea being that Batt. Triage Personnel will assess injuries on the field, decide how necessary a Medevac is, and if needed instruct the SL to request (or possibly request themselves) a CSAR Bird to attend the scene.

    Now, for that to work effectively the troops on the ground will need to learn & adhere to some simple Medvac contact SOPs - which I have modified from the US Army 9-lines.



    LINE 1 : CALL SIGN - Your Unit call sign; who you are calling.

    LINE 2 : LOCATION - Clearly mark & transmit your location on the map.

    LINE 3 : PATIENT PRECEDENCE - How urgent is your request?

    • CAT 1 Urgent [immediate risk of death/combat ineffective personnel - unconscious & unable to move]
    • CAT 2 Priority [combat ineffective personnel - broken limbs but conscious & able to move]
    • CAT 3 Routine [minor wounds & resupply of medical equipment]
    • CAT 4 At Your Convenience [body collection]

    LINE 4 : NUMBER OF PATIENTS - How many lives are at risk?

    LINE 5 : LZ SECURITY - How secure is the area you're in?

    • GREEN - Safe [no hostile presence]
    • BLUE - Secured [sporadic, inaccurate hostile fire - no definitive risk]
    • YELLOW - In Contact [hostiles present in area, LZ deemed secure] - more as a warning to expect fire while flying in/out
    • RED - Heavy Contact [multiple hostiles present, squad under sustained & accurate fire] - should ONLY be used when the CSAR is critically needed.

    LINE 6 : LZ MARKING - What smoke/lights have you used to mark the LZ?

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