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    If there is anything I have missed in this guide or you would like to see added, please let me know via message or a poke on the TeamSpeak.

    Table of Contents


    Arsenal 101


    Short Range Radio

    Iron Sights




    This ‘guide’ will go over the basics of what you should, and by the end will know, how to perform basic actions that are a most during missions. Many of the topics that I cover during my sessions have had detailed and well written guides so I will be referencing these guides since I would simply be rewriting their guide. I will referencing them along with their guides as they deserve it.

    When you first join the server, at this point I am assuming your mods are all in order, you will spawn in the spawn area. Here you do not shoot or throw anything it does not matter if it is a flare gun or a chem light there is no reason. The number of times I have exploded because, “I thought it was a smoke” or shot because “I was just trying to scare you” is too damn high for me to take this lightly. That being said the first thing you should do is change the key binding for throw. By default this is “g” which may not seem like a big deal, but the default key for ACE Medical is “h” and you do not want to accidentally throw a frag grenade by mistake when you are trying to bandage someone up. To change the key bind for throw go to:

    ESC > Configure > Weapons

    There you should be able to find ‘throw’ and change it. Personally I have it as double tap “g” which if done correctly will show “2xG”. Make sure though you delete the original key binding because if not you will have to keys set to ‘throw’ and that is counterproductive.

    The second thing you should do once opening the game is to enable Ace Medical as it is needed to perform advance medical duties. To do this go to:

    ESC > ACE OPTION (NOTE this is in the top left corner and is green) > Categories > Medical > Enable Medical Menu


    Arsenal 101

    In the spawn area, you will find that there are boxes scattered across the spawn area this is what will be the most common shape of the Arsenal. The Zeus may spawn in other Arsenals that may be a vehicle or some other shape. The Arsenal will be where you will be able to equip yourself for missions. To interact with the Arsenal walk up to it and and hold the windows key. This will bring up a prompt and move your cursor to the arsenal option. I will explain what each of the taps on the left side of the Arsenal does.

    Image result for arma 3 arsenal

    The first tab is where you will find your main weapons. The rules on the server allow riflemen to take any 5.56 mm or 7.62 mm rifle as long as you do not take X6+ scopes. You can find the options for add-ons for your gun on the right side. You will also find barrel attachments just as flashlights, bipods and silencers. Keep in mind that unless you are the squad lead or 2IC you are not allowed to bring an under barrel grenade launcher as it is against the rules. I recommend the RCO scopes if you want to use a scope as it has two scope options, a red dot sight ranged for 100m and an ACOG scope that is range at 300m. You can change between the different scopes by pressing Left Crtl + Right Click. Keep in mind that some of the RCO scopes will have drop off lines so you can engage targets at greater distances however some guns will act differently. For that I suggest you bring tracer ammo which will help zero yourself into the target without the help of a spotter, I will tell you how to get different ammo types later on.

    The second tab is where you will find launchers. Although there are a huge variety, there are restrictions placed on what you can bring, this is mostly due to some launch being broken in the sense that they are able to one shot just about anything or do next to nothing. The launcher that is most commonly taken in missions is the M136 (HEAT) for LAT. This variety has the added bonus on being able to be ranged up to 400m. For MAT (Medium Anti Tank) two launchers are typically take which are the SHAW and the Javelin. The SHAW is a ‘dumb’ rocket as you will need to range in. This launch has a secondary ammo type which is basically a tracer round that has the same velocity of the rocket itself. This allows for more accurate firing, but this is as far as I will go for the SHAW. The Javelin is a lock on rocket that is rarely used in most missions. There are some missions that will require you to bring land-to-air launcher, but in that case you will be told want to do. Again this guide is for the basics and I do not want to get to far off track. I will go over how to range with iron sights later on.

    The third tab is where you will find your secondary weapon. Personally I do not use them in most missions as I find pistols have very little penetrating power when it comes to vests and I would use the weight to bring in more ammo or other supplies. In this tab you will also find ‘special’ pistols such as the flare gun and the grenade launcher. As a rifleman you should not need these in missions so you should not need to worry about them.

    The fourth tab is where you will find the uniform. At the start of each mission the uniform will be told by platoon in side chat. With the large variety of mods we use on the server, we have a huge variety of uniforms so it may not be useful to save a loadout for every uniform we use as we may only use it once a month. That being said this will be the second tab that shows tabs on the right side. This tab similar to the rifle, will show additional options for your uniform. I say options in the sense that this is where you will be able to edit what is in your inventory. With all uniforms, you can only hold a few items be it magazines or bandages.

    This can be broken down by going top to bottom to make it easier. The first type of ammo will display what ammo your guns are able to take. Here is where you will be able to change the ammo type you bring with you into the field. While most guns have multiple types of ammo with special names, in most cases, at least in my experience, there is not much difference. Some people will say that the different ammo types will differ the damage your bullets do, but I find that most ammo will not change the total number of shots needed. When it comes to taking down a target, it depends on where the shots are landing, a shot in the head will do more damage than a shot in the foot.

    The second option in the uniform tab on the right side will show all ammo types that the server has available. This is only important if you have to bring in ammo for someone else in your squad, but in that case you can just ask the person to drop the ammo type they want you to bring which is much easier than searching through the hundreds of ammo options.

    The next option that follows is the grenades tab. Here you will see the many options of grenades that you will be able to bring with you to missions. Know that the best grenades to bring for missions is the M67 fragmentation. While some grenades may perform better, this is the default one I always as I know it is not bugged. With that being said, some grenades are bugged so be careful with what you bring. The smoke grenades do not differ from what I can see in mission. Be careful though with what colours you bring as people have a tendency of assuming certain colours to certain signs. Like red smoke is for enemy positions and blue is for friendly. So be careful when you throw a smoke for cover, also be certain that if you do use a specific colour to make something, use colours that are drastically different. Do not throw a blue and purple or red and green to mark a CAS target and your position because the pilot may not be able to differentiate the colour difference and level everything in both smoke.

    The next tab should be the explosive tab. While this tab sounds and looks fun, limit yourself to bring only the demo blocks and demolition satchel. This is due to the other blocks being bugged so do not take the risk of carrying dead weight into a mission. To use anything in this tab, you must use ACE self-interaction to drop the explosive which is Right Control + Windows key by default. Once the explosive is placed, interact with the device with ACE interaction which by default is Windows key. Without a firing device in your inventory you will only be able to set a timer. You will be able to get a firing device in the last tab.

    The last tab is the miscellanea, anything that does not fit into the other tabs will be found here. This includes medical equipment, flashlights, entrenching tools, etc. Also as send in the explosive tab description, this is where you get the firing device. The firing device that I know to work is the M57 which has a maximum range of ~400m. The most important items in this tab are ones are used for medic things. As of writing this guide, elastic bandages are the end all be all for the different types of bandages. Most bandages should have different values for different wounds but this is not the case. You will also find lots of drugs, which only 2 will be of use to you. Those are morphine and epinephrine. Morphine is used to remove pain, since pain can cause you to have more sway making it more difficult to have accurate shots. Epinephrine will increase blood pressure so it will counter act morphine and will remove the heart pounding in your ears that will occur when you are given a morphine stick. Also if you come across someone that is unconscious epinephrine should wake them up as long as they have enough blood to be awake. In order to increase the amount of blood in your body you will need a medic and since this written guide is aimed for beginners I will not go into detail for medics. I usual go into detail during my live sessions if you want me to go basic medical training that is the place to go.

    Now with the uniform section explained the vest section is next. Please note that the uniform, vest and backpack all have the same tabs on the right to manage your inventory which if you have time during briefing I suggest making up a loadout for the different roles you want to play, these will mainly be auto rifleman, auto rifleman assistant, Rifleman LAT and Rifleman. With vests and backpacks you have freedom to choose which ones to take with you into the field, but they must match the uniform that platoon has chosen for the mission. Everyone enjoys taking the pink vest but if it doesn’t match the forest camo don’t take it.

    There are some instances when a backpack is needed so do not feel pressured to take one with you. You only need a backpack if you need to carry ammunition for someone else just as the auto rifleman or if someone has to bring a special launcher such as the Stinger or SHAWM. You will notice very quickly that you are able to carry everything you will need with you in your uniform and vest. Also when you are making a loadout for a mission, try to keep your weight below 35kg. To see what your weight is press i to bring up your inventory which will display it.

    After backpacks is helmets. Similar to the vest and backpack, you should be bringing something that matches your uniform. Please note that Platoon will sometimes assign specific vest and/or helmets for a mission, you are to follow this to the letter. So when you are able to bring a helmet try to bring one that has a fairly high amour rating as it will protect you from headshots.

    Face ware is purely cosmetic, it is to give your character some personality personally I run the simple sun glasses while some people enjoy having the majestic beard in the end it all depends on what you what to look like.

    Night vision is fairly self-explanatory, take a pair for night missions. However I did not state this before but this is a rule for the server, if something has a thermal option on it you are not allowed to bring it. There are a few scopes that have a thermal option, these are not allowed to be brought into a mission. There is also a helmet that has a thermal option and this is also not allowed.

    Binoculars is the next section in the Arsenal, for simplicity sack, take the Range Finder. When you are looking through these, they will automatically give you your bearing and by pressing TAB you will get the distance from what you are looking at. These also have a night vison option in them so you will never be unprepared for a night mission.

    Map is next, which contains a map. There are no surprises here.

    The next tab contain the gps, an incredibly useful tool if you use it properly. When in your inventory, click RIGHT ALT + M which will bring out a mini map on the right side of your screen.

    The next section is the short range radio. These will be covered in greater detail in a separate heading due to the relative complexity of the topic. 

    The next section is the compass section. You will find a compass here. Nothing special again.

    The next section is the watch section. You can find watches here. No surprises.

    The face section follows this which is again a cosmetic option. Allows you to make your character look like anything you want it to.

    The next section is the voice selection. This may seem like nothing special, but this is what will annoy most people the most if left uncheck. At the bottom selection of this tab, there is a blue flag with a plus sign in the center. This is the No Voice option and will disable your character from talking. This is very important as your characters voice is one of the most annoying things Arma has to offer.

    The last tab is the insignia tab. This is also another cosmetic selection so it is up to you what you do with it. I personally done have nothing selected since I do not care to much.

    Medical System

    If you have chosen to not enable ACE medical menu, than most of this will not be useful for you. This is due to my bias that the ACE medical menu is far better than the interaction menu. @Sarissa has made a guide on this topic that explains everything that I would cover and some extra. I would strongly suggest you read this guide over what I would write as I would simply be rewriting his guide.

    Short Range Radio

    As with the medic guide done by Sarissa, a radio guide has been done by @Monocled Badger. His guide contains pictures that are well labeled, something that is absolutely needed in a guide which I do not have the patience to do. While his guide goes over the radios of all the factions we currently have on the server, I would suggest you focus on the BLUFOR radios, in particular the AN/PRC-152 as this is the radio I explain in my sessions. 


    Iron Sights

    With all rifles and most launchers, you can change the range with PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN. This is allow you to change your effective range when in combat. Every weapon will fire their round slightly different, so I would suggest using tracer rounds at the start so you can get a better understanding of how the bullet will travel once it leave the barrel. Most guns shot straight while some will have a high arc. These may not seem like it will have a large impact in a fire fight, but it is a huge fact for firing outside the range of what you can sight. These is especially true for LAT launchers. Like I said before, the LAT we use is the M136 HEAT which can range to 450m. I have personally hit targets at 550m+ because I understand how the round travels. The M136 travels in a nearly straight line so you do not have to correct for drop to much unless the distance is significantly out of range.

    With some scopes you will be able to range as well. However these scopes tend to be over the x4 magnification restriction that is in place with most squad roles so these should only be brought if you are allowed the DMR role. There are two types of ranging for these scopes, the most basic one follows the same mechanic of ranging within a set range, typically an increase or decrease of 50m. The more advance scopes use ACE zeroing which is fairly advance so I will not be going over it. A good guide for this can be found in the Prophet Guide done by @Rorkiy which explains everything you will need and how to use the require equipment. As with everything new, please practice this outside of missions so you are able to do your best when it is needed.



    Always try to match your uniform to your squad, just because you think a helmet looks funny doesn't mean you take it. It does not need to be identical, but don't wear a black helmet in the desert, use some common sense.

    You can lower and raise your gun with 2xCTRL.

    You can change your height with CRTL+W/S with your gun out, helpful for shooting under fences or over walls.

    Always shoot armoured targets in its side or rear, most launchers will not leave a scratch if you hit it in the front.

    Someone is dead if: their gun is on the ground (not in their hands), their head is not moving side to side, and they have raged doll (unless they get ran over by a friendly vehicle). Go in descending order of what to look for to make sure someone is KIA or just knocked out.

    Take weapons that share ammo with your squad mates, resupply runs will not take into account that you wanted to take the special gun with special ammo.

    If someone wrongs you in some way, do not retaliate as this will only result in both of you getting in trouble.

    Always double check if you are unsure if a target is enemy or friendly. On that note if someone has an AK and an RPG it’s kinda their fault for having the same equipment as the enemy.

    Edited by Slouchy Orc

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