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  • Zeus Module Guide


    FK Zeus Module Guide

    v1.0, June 2018

    By Tomo


    This guide is for those who are first starting out with the Zeus interface or those who want a quick cheat sheet to refer to.  It will not cover every single possibility for a module but explain what it does and perhaps some basic usages. The best way to learn these things is to play around with them yourself.  This guide will be of use to cover not-so-obvious modules and our custom made ones. We will go top-down through the list, and module titles will be marked with bullet points for clarity.



    The Zeus Interface



    This section is for RRR (Repair, Rearm, Resupply) of the BAF mod vehicles.  Placing them down then sitting in an appropriate vehicle and looking in your scroll wheel (only as a player, not Zeus control), will allow you to open the servicing menu.


    3CB Effects

    This section mostly concerns effects including explosions and smoke.

    • Airburst, 60mm & 81mm

    Takes a few seconds and then an Airburst mortar of your chosen size will land. Try to avoid using these if possible, can cause a negative impact on the server

    • Flare, 40mm Green/Red/White/Yellow & 60mm/81mm White.

    A bunch of different coloured flares.  Spawns about 500m in the air. Bigger = more light

    • HE, 60mm & 81mm

    Takes a few seconds then a HE mortar round will land.

    • JDAM, 1000lb & 500lb

    Takes a few seconds then a JDAM bomb will land.  Does not land precisely on cursor.

    • Smoke, 40mm Blue/Green/Orange/Purple/Red/White/Yellow

    Spawns a smoke effect on the ground as if a smoke grenade had been dropped.

    • Smoke, White 60mm & 81mm

    Takes a few seconds then lands a mortar smoke round.  (WARNING: This causes an explosion before the smoke starts)

    • Smoke, 60mm & 81mm (WP)

    Same as above but the smoke is White Phosphorus.  Will damage players and AI slowly over time.



    ACE AI

    This section is used to give AI specific commands or other non-simple tasks.



    • Defend Area

    Place on a unit and select a radius to have its group members spread out and move to locations and hold.  Meanwhile the group leader while start a patrol around the immediate area.

    • Garrison Group

    Place on a unit and select how you want units to garrison nearby buildings.


    • Global AI Skill

    Used to tweak skill of all AI currently placed.  Default is in the middle for all options. Largely useless with VCOM enabled, as it has its own skill settings that you cannot edit with modules.


    • Patrol Area

    Place on a unit to have it and it’s group move around a number of waypoints nearby.  By default the group will run around with their weapons raised.

    Suggest clicking on group marker and set status to Safe and Limited speed to create realistic patrol look.

    • Search Area

    Place on a unit to have it and its group continuously search the nearby area in a circle.

    • Search Nearby Building

    Place on a unit to have it do what it says on the tin.  Not particularly effective, makes the AI go prone a lot.

    • Suppressive Fire

    Once placed on a unit you will receive a red diamond under your cursor.  Move it to the desired location and left click to have the unit and its squad spray full auto at the location, regardless of any friendlies in the way.

    • Toggle Flashlights


    Select from the options available in the drop-downs for desired effect on specific side.  Possibly only works on AI that have RHS-compatible rails for attachments.

    • Toggle NVGs

    Similar to above, select a side and if it should have NVGs or not.  Will apply/remove based on selection.

    • Un-garrison group

    If you have told a group to garrison via the ACE AI Garrison Group Module, this will free them from the garrison order, allowing them to leave.



    ACE Arsenal



    • Add Full ACE Arsenal

    Adds an ACE arsenal to an object, accessible via ACE interaction.

    • Remove ACE Arsenal

    Used to remove arsenals given by the above module.



    ACE Captive

    Used for toggling units into captive states



    • Toggle Captive

    Sets any unit (including players) to the ACE captive state.

    • Toggle Surrender

    Sets any unit (including players) to the ACE surrender state.



    ACE Medical

    Modules concerning medical elements.



    • Assign Medic

    Sets the player to the medic role, meaning that they can PAK and stitch as if they’d slotted in as one.  Function available for players at the statue at spawn.

    • Assign Medical Facility

    Used in CSAR missions with the full settings enabled. Place on a building you have spawned with Zeus, to allow doctors to stitch and PAK within it.

    • Assign Medical Vehicle

    Used in CSAR missions with the full settings enabled.  Place on a vehicle to allow doctors to stitch and PAK within it.

    • Full Heal

    Heals a player.  Doesn’t always work, just use the below module instead.

    • Heal

    Heals any unit (including players) to full as if they’d had an instant PAK used on them.  Also fully repairs vehicles.

    Can be used to heal groups by first placing on the ground nearby, then dragging and selecting the desired group, and then hitting Enter.

    • Injury


    Select from the various drop downs to apply an injury to a unit.  Be aware that injuries from this will make AI bleed out/die very fast.

    • Toggle Unconscious

    Sets the unit to the unconscious state, or makes them conscious if they are not.  Units set unconscious like this cannot be resuscitated except with another use of the module.  Can be used to help fix problems that occur if players cannot move.



    ACE Repair



    • Add Spare Track

    Adds a spare track to the ACE cargo of the selected vehicle.

    • Add Spare Wheel

    Adds a spare wheel to the ACE cargo of the selected vehicle.

    • Assign Engineer

    Gives a unit the Engineer status.  Largely useless on FK templates as all players are assigned as Engineers by default.

    • Assign Repair Facility

    Use on a building object to allow vehicles to be fully repaired by an engineer while nearby.

    • Assign Repair Vehicle

    Use on a vehicle to allow other vehicles to be fully repaired by an engineer while nearby.



    ACE Utility



    • Add Full Arsenal

    Adds an unrestricted ACE arsenal to the selected object.

    • Add/Remove FRIES

    Adds Fast Roping to a compatible helicopter.  Isn’t guaranteed to work with every one.

    • Configure Pylons

    Opens the menu for configuring the weapons loadout for airborne vehicles.


    Loadouts can be configured and then saved/loaded in the right-hand panel for future use as Zeus or a player.

    • Group Side

    Place on a unit to open a small window allowing you to select what side you would like to change the unit to.

    • Load into Cargo

    Place on a box of something and then a suitable vehicle to load the box into the cargo of the vehicle.  Larger boxes will need larger vehicles.

    • Remove Arsenal

    Removes any arsenal that you have placed on an object.

    • Teleport Players

    Place at the desired location to get a list of all available players, and select your target.  Has a tickbox to allow you to teleport their group.

    • Toggle Simulation

    Does what it says on the tin.  Objects with no simulation cannot interact with the outside world besides being physically and visually there.  Think the objects at spawn. They are effectively invincible, until the simulation is re enabled and all things that should have happened (IE ragdolling because dead), will happen.

    • Update Editable Objects


    Enter the desired radius to add or remove (depending on tickbox) objects from your zeus interface.



    AI Behaviour



    • Ambient Animation

    Select from an extensive list of animations to apply to a unit.  Select if you want this unit to remain ready to react to combat or not.  Do not use on players as it fucks shit up.

    • Change Abilities


    Use to tweak what things the specified AI unit is allowed/disallowed to do.  VCOM may override this.

    • Change Altitude

    Doesn’t seem to work.  Hold alt and drag up instead.

    • Chatter

    Place on a unit to speak as them in a chosen chat channel.

    • Garrison Building (Instant)

    A sometimes glitchier alternative to ACE AI’s garrison module. Works much the same except always will teleport.


    • Have a Seat

    Place on a compatible chair object and then select a unit followed by pressing enter to have that unit sit in the chair.  Unit will remain stuck to the chair and in the seating position, even if the chair is deleted.

    • Patrol/Loiter


    Select a distance from the current point and from some variables to define a patrol point for a unit and its group.

    • Search and Garrison Building

    Place on a unit to have them find the nearest building and garrison it.

    • Search Building

    Place on a unit to have them search the nearest building.

    • Set Suicide Bomber


    Place on a unit to have their gun removed and a suicide vest placed on them if chosen.  Set how far away the explosion should trigger, the size and effect and what side’s presence should trigger the detonation.  Can still give orders to the unit post placement. Unit will also make a comment in Global Chat just before triggering.

    • Surrender Unit


    Select what captured animation to set a unit to, along with what interaction will be available when looking at them as a player.  Place the module on the unit again to release them.

    • Un-Garrison

    Allows any units that have been garrisoned using a module in this section to be released from garrison and move away or follow orders.




    Modules in this section spawn a group of the selected animals. Are server side unlike the default animals, so all can see them.





    • Add Full Arsenal

    Adds both a vanilla and an ACE arsenal to an object.  Vanilla is accessed via scroll wheel, ACE one via ACE interaction.

    • Copy to Clipboard

    Place on an object to open a box with text to be copied relating to the arsenal available in the object.

    • Create Custom

    Used to create a custom arsenal.  Select if the default items are sufficient or customise what is available such as GPS, static weapons, tents and more.

    • Paste Inventory

    Place on an object to paste arsenal settings text you copied before into the new arsenal.

    • Remove Arsenal

    Removes any arsenal you have placed using the above module.






    • Play Music

    Plays music from a given selection to specific units.  Avoid using in missions as can be extremely annoying.

    • Play Radio Message

    Play a radio message from an AI voice that is also put in chat.  

    • Play Sound

    Freezes your game briefly as all the available sounds are loaded.  Select one of the options to have that sound play from where you placed the module.  Many don’t seem to work.






    • Damage Buildings


    An interesting module for damaging or repairing buildings.  Be aware that destroying a large amount of buildings with this will lag horrifically.  Can only be used to destroy buildings that have a destroyed texture.

    To repair buildings, set mean damage to none.

    Lock doors

    Use to set compatible doors to be locked, and if they are breachable or not.

    Toggle lamps

    Use to switch off compatible light sources in a defined range.



    Development Tools



    Modules that concern code and script-like elements.  Use with caution.

    • Advanced Composition

    Use to load an advanced composition you have made previously.

    • Bind Variable to Object

    Assigns the chosen object a variable that can then be referenced in other scripts.

    • Copy mission SQF


    Use to create a script that contains up to all the objects in the mission.  Use carefully, and do not save live AI or complex structures. Be aware that stuff that is not always saved correctly and may fuck up on re-placement later. Be mindful map marker text isn’t saved.

    • Execute Code Module

    Use this to execute any script, including mission SQFs.  Be very careful using this, it is a powerful tool.  Executing any script Globally means that all user clients will run it, so be extra careful running in that.  

    • Function viewer

    Allows you to view the inner workings of script commands and functions.

    • Show in anim viewer

    Place on a unit to be able to view its different animations available. Not used in missions.

    • Show in config

    Displays a console for debugging.  Not used in missions.





    • Advanced Weather Change


    Use to finely select weather settings.  Doesn’t always take.

    • Earthquake

    Creates an earthquake of your design at the placed module location.  Can damage buildings but not players.

    • Post-Process

    Allows you to place a filter over everyone’s screen.  Really annoying and also buggy, do not use.

    • Set date


    Used to select a specific date and time.  Be aware that Arma will pay attention to the month in regard to what moon phase is used, and therefore certain months will have brighter nights, depending on the year.  Also includes a handy bar that shows the times of where dawn/dusk begin and end.

    Warning: This module sometimes makes players blind.  If this happens use skip time to move forward a little bit to give players the transition screen.

    • Skip time

    Skips time forward a selected amount.  Gives players a transition screen that last a good few seconds.  Do not spam in continuous succession.

    • Time acceleration

    Alter how fast time flows between normal and 60 times as fast.  Can also be used to freeze but not slow time.

    • Weather


    A simpler version of the earlier module.  Select a type of weather and amount of fog.  Any fog placed using this module will start at whatever height you place it and get thicker the further down you go, for the entire map.  IE don’t place it on top of the tallest mountain or the entire map will be unable to be seen.






    • NVD/Tactical Light/IR


    Allows you to add or remove NVGs/Light attachments/IR lasers from compatible guns/units that you select.  Only works on units that have weapons compatible with the RHS UTG-Defender flashlight.

    • Add/Remove Turret Optics

    Allows you to remove/add night vision and thermals to compatible turret optics.

    • Attach/Detach Effect

    Attempts to attach a chemlight of your chosen colour, or an IR grenade.  Chemlight application seems buggy.

    • Change Vehicle Loadout

    A commonly used module in missions with tanks, as crews will often request HE-FRAG rounds.  In the menu you select which gun you which to edit first. In this example we will select the main gun of the M1 Abrams, which usually has 256 in its name.


    Then select which ammo type to edit the amount of next.  We will choose HE-FRAG here.



    Next select an ammo count and the amount of magazines.  Finally hit okay to confirm changes. Should be done with no one in the tank.




    • Toggle Light/IR Laser On/Off

    Forces rail attached lights or lasers on or off for the selected units.



    Fire Support

    This section concerns fire called in from the ether or from units on the map.  Has a few “paired” modules, where you create specific targets with one and direct the strike with another.

    Use this section with *extreme care*, and do not spam it because it makes you feel powerful.  Always use in a realistic way, and with low amounts.



    Zeus placed artillery

    The first three modules of this section are artillery strikes that are called from the sky.  The red section in the middle basically guarantees death, while the yellow radius indicates the possible damage range (although shrapnel can go beyond this).

    • 155mm Howitzer

    Drops a single 155mm shell.


    • 230mm Rocket

    Fires a barrage of rockets.  Big explosion.


    • 82mm Mortar

    A relatively small strike that can still do a lot of damage.


    • Advanced CAS

    Use this module on an attack helicopter to specify a target and what munitions you want to use.  Create a target first by using “Create CAS Target”. Only works with Gunships (Think Hinds and Apache style) rather than helicopters with weapons

    • Artillery Fire Mission

    Use this module on an artillery piece or mortar to specify a target and what munitions you want to use.  Create a target first by using “Create Artillery Target”. Can be used to direct multiple units at once.

    • CAS - Bomb Strike/Gun and Missiles/Gun Run/Missile Strike

    Warning: Once you place your first “CAS - “ module, your game will freeze for a while, to load all jets and their armaments.


    Once you select your type of strike via the module you want, you will then need to select a jet.  Once that is done the jet of your choosing will spawn in at a distance and a reticule similar to the artillery ones above will appear.  The jet will come in, make it’s run, then egress away before despawning. Not a fun module to use in missions because players will be trying to find a jet that has since disappeared.


    • Create Target

    Creates a target point that can be used for the Advanced CAS, Artillery Fire Mission, and Suppressive Fire modules from this section.  You may opt to have a laser target the area also.

    • Suppressive Fire

    Use this module on an infantry unit to specify a target and what munitions/fire mode you want to use.  Create a target first by using “Create CAS Target”. Warning - destroys frames and has unlimited ammo




    A set of custom modules for FK.



    • Add Map Marker

    Adds a persistent map marker to a unit or vehicle, like our default BluForce Tracking.

    • Remove All Map Markers

    Removes all persistent, tracking map markers, such as BluForce Tracking.

    • Remove Map Marker

    Removes an individual persistent marker of your choice.



    This section can be safely ignored.  It is never used within FK.



    A section that concerns objects and their interaction.  



    • Attach To

    Allows you to attach one object to another.  Select the object that will be attaching, followed by the object that will be movable (or the “base”), and hitting Enter.  The attached object will have its hitboxes removed somewhat, and will be tied to the base object.

    • Change height

    Select a distance to move the unit up, and upon confirmation they will teleport to that height.

    • Create IED

    Turns a non-unit object into an IED of your design.  Set what side it will react to, and the nature of the explosion.

    • Enable/Disable Simulation

    Allows you to toggle if an object or unit is simulated.  A object with this disabled will not react to anything used against it, until simulation is re-enabled.

    • Equip with IED jammer

    Equips a compatible land vehicle with a jammer for certain IEDs

    • Hide Objects

    Makes the selected object invisible, but is still accessible for Zeus.

    • Make invincible

    Makes a selected object or unit invincible.  Using on a vehicle and selecting True for include crew does not always work.

    • Make RRR

    Makes a compatible Zeus-placed helipad into a Rearm, Refuel, Repair station.  Does not work currently.

    • Make Statue Actions

    Choose what actions from the spawn statue you would like to assign to your chosen object.  Assign Pilot/Medic/Doctor or All are the choices.

    • Rotate Objects

    Use to turn objects in any direction.  Can also hold left shift and drag an object to turn on the spot.

    • Transfer ownership

    Sets an object to belong to the server or Zeus.  Useless in missions.




    Includes a number of player-centered modules. Includes some custom modules such as the Respawn one!



    • Bootcamp Stage

    Not applicable nor usable in our missions.

    • Change side of player

    Use to change the side of the selected unit or it’s group.  Takes a good while to run once placed.

    • Create Teleporter

    Creates the teleport pole!  Can be used on objects to make them into teleport poles too. When creating teleport poles, if you move them after creation they tend to break and not allow people through, or teleport some people the original position. If a new pole/placement is required - it’s best to create a new pole.

    • Punishment

    Set on a unit to make them do one of two selected exercise animations.

    • Respawn

    The all important Respawn module!

    Select to respawn from All, Selection, Player.  For Selection and Player you will need to select what player(s) you wish to respawn and hit enter.

    • Set medical degree

    Similar to the assign medic status module, this allows you to also assign units as Doctors.

    • Set Radio Frequencies

    Allows you to manually alter the frequencies of different radio channels for TFAR.  Best not to use, as templates set them by default.

    • Set View Distance

    Use on a player to increase their or their groups view distance beyond the default 1.5km.  Be aware that this also alters the max view distance of all AI to match this value.

    • Teleport

    Use to teleport specific players/groups to your chosen location.




    • Create new LZ

    Creates a marker/point with your chosen name that airborne units spawned using this section can reference.

    • Create new RP

    Creates a marker/point with your chosen name that ground based units spawned using this section can reference.

    • Spawn Units


    This module will spawn your chosen unit, and will follow the instructions you give it from the drop-downs.  For instance you can have a truck move to a RP/Marker, drop off troops and RTB.

    The units you choose will spawn where you place this module to open the menu.

    • Supply Drop


    Used for dropping off vehicles or AI units via airdrop/slingloading, at a point you have designated with the Create new LZ module.  Units from this module will spawn where you place the module before selection.



    A set of modules that no Zeus in FK has ever used, to my knowledge. Will confuse you every time you go to look for the actual Respawn module.

    Scenario Flow

    Used to end missions and a few small details.



    • Briefing

    Allows you to edit the briefing section seen in the menus of the player map.

    • Change Side Relations


    Changes how AI of different sides react to other sides.  For instance INDfor can be made friendly to player BLUfor units.

    • Countdown

    Start a timer before a specific action from the End Scenario module will play.

    • Create/Edit Intel


    Used to create intel objects that players can interact with.  Be aware that the text can not always fully go through, especially when edited after initial placement.  Will appear in the map menus for the allowed players.

    • End Scenario

    Used to end the mission, with a complete or a failed screen.  Also allows entry of text to appear until the admin clicks through.

    • Respawn Tickets

    Not used in FK missions or templates.

    • Scenario Name

    Allows you to name the current scenario.  Will play an animation in the bottom right and change the name in the top left of the players’ map screen.




    Used to spawn a number of advanced or large items.



    • Advanced Composition

    Allows you to spawn an advanced composition you have previously saved.

    • Mines/Explosives


    Creates a minefield of your specification.  

    • Spawn Effect

    Spawns a selected effect, including flares and fires of various types amongst others.

    • Submarine

    Spawns a large, inert submarine that floats in water.  Nice to look at but not much else.

    • Trawler

    Spawns a large, inert boat that floats in water.  Nice to look at but not much else.

    • USS Freedom

    Spawns the large aircraft carrier.  Not useful apart from being a floating platform.  If you want players to be able to teleport to it, place an object floating a little bit above the deck, then make it a teleporter by placing the “Create Teleporter” module on it.  Much less glitchy than other alternatives.

    Also tick the “Specify Position” tickbox in the bottom right of the modules pane to be able to position objects before they spawn, and then hitting enter to create them.




    Module(s) for the TFAR mod.  Currently non-functional in Zeus.





    • Add/Remove editable Objects

    Use to add or remove objects from your Zeus interface, and if they are editable or not.

    • Arsenal

    Opens the arsenal screen on the selected unit.

    • Hide Zeus

    Hides the Zeus eagle, which is already disabled on FK templates.

    • Hint

    Displays the entered text in the top right of all player’s screens.

    • Promote to Zeus

    Use on a player to give them access to the Zeus interface.  Will freeze all existing Zeuses games for a period, and mess up their modules and interface upon return.  Simply control and exit a unit to fix said bug.

    • Remote Control

    Use on an AI unit to remotely play as them.  Also possible via holding Left CTRL and double Left-Clicking on a unit.

    • Switch side channel of Zeus

    Switches the side channel of your current Zeus from the virtual side.  Be aware that being on a player-based side means that AI can see you and possibly shoot at you if you are an enemy!

    • Switch unit

    Switches your Zeus into an AI character semi-permanently (and if relevant, makes your current unit invisible).

    • Zeus Lightning Bolt

    The glorious weapon of Zeus.  Delivers a large amount of damage to the selected area.  Use this to signify the TP pole is down or remove unruly players or buildings in a show of force.


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