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Final Destination


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Operation Final Destination


After the partial succes last mission, we cut off Salah-Ansar's money income. Sadly he fled because one of our helis flew past his Villa and he instantly knew whats coming for him. The good thing is he has not enough money left to get out of the country, so we narrowed his posible position down to 3 towns in the north west of Clafghan. We know that he spend his last cash on more troops and vehicles, we dont think we have to expect heavy equipment as he wouldn't have enough budget for it. So expect BTRs, Uaz and transport trucks. You HAVE to get him this time or else he's gone forever, so act fast and smart and try to take Salah-Ansar alive.


-seize the 3 towns 
-secure or kill Salah-Ansar



-5x Transport HMMWV
-2x UH-60M     
-2x AH-6M-L
-1x M1A1SA or M2A2ODS


-Insurgents acting in groups between 4-6, total numbers unknown
-The enemy has access to several vehicle types(UAZ,URAL-truck,BTR,BRDM)
-AT/AA capabilites: RPG-7/zsu turrets
-MLCOA: Long range patrols + units guarding their outposts
-MDCOA: No Coordinated strike with armoured support


-Scattered civilian presence in the AO
-It will get dark within the hour
-It's recommended to only send max. 2 squads per objective
-no set order in which you have to complete the objectives, but some might give you more Intel on Abdul-Baris Position



    -PLTLead: Katla_Haddock
    -FAC:  Kreeper

    -ALPHA SQL:  Lenny
    -BRAVO SQL:  Monocled Badger


    -Vehicle Crew: Verich
    -Vehicle Crew: Vireis
    -Vehicle Crew: Cyico
    -Vehicle Crew (if Abrams): 
    -Raptor/Condor Pilot: zemuffinator
    -Raptor/Condor Pilot:  Woody



    -PRHT Spotter:  mrrbatty (tentative depends on PLT Lead and how many people we have at the start of the mission)
    -PRHT Sniper:  anden3 (tentative depends on PLT Lead and how many people we have at the start of the mission)
    -Mortar lead:
    -Mortar gunner:




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