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    We need your feedback! | 2024 Community Engagement Form

    By Melo, in Community News, , 0 comments, 679 views
    As a part of PRs job we want to get a better understanding of the current standings of community members.
    Therefore we have created this poll to get a greater view of the current state of the community at a individual member level.
    We ask that everyone answers this poll so we can get the most truthful data.
    All responses are anonymous and raw data will only be analyzed and processed by PR to ensure fill anonymity and remove bias.
    Poll is closed!
    Results will soon be published.
    We will not see what account was used to complete the form making it fully anonymous.
    For further questions contact Melo on discord (fkmelo)

    FK Ban Guidelines Rework

    By ThePointForward, in Community News, , 1 comment, 9,641 views
    Our fellow members,
    FK has changed a lot over the past years. Mergers, changes in player numbers, and diversification of the community.
    People and attitudes have changed too. Members have come and gone, and the way we approach not just our playstyle in Arma, but what our community offers as a whole has changed.
    That is to say that much time has passed, and some perspectives can only be achieved with time. Recent events in the community and behind the scenes have given the staff team cause to reflect on how we manage bans in FK. In particular, long term and permanent bans.
    We hope that this post will help to explain the changes and the reasoning for them.
    Why change it?
    It was decided that the current system is very rigid when it comes to permanent bans. For a time, this system worked, as we were a young community with a young player base. Until now this hasn’t really been questioned. But as time goes on, people mature.  A person who was banned several years ago could well be a vastly different person to who they are today, and we wanted to amend the ban guidelines to reflect this growth and maturity.
    As a result, we are amending the FK Ban Guidelines to fit our legacy procedures into new categories, add new categories where appropriate, and formalise some ad-hoc processes that were previously in use.
    Why Now?
    As mentioned, much time has passed, during which many permanently banned members of the community have appealed, some successfully and some not, but as time has carried on it has become more evident that in some cases, we need to be able to exercise more flexibility and discretion, which our current ban guidelines don’t allow much scope for.
    So, what’s changing…?
    Ban Categories
    Activity specific temporary ban
    As the name suggests, the ban would only cover specific activity within the community.
    This could involve bans from playing ArmA, posting in the Discord (or specific channels within it), forum restrictions, etc.
    For example, if a member was found to deliberately take prohibited gear in an Arma mission, they may be banned from Arma for a given amount of time but will still be free to use the Teamspeak for other games.
    Similarly if someone posts inappropriate content in Discord, they will get muted or channel locked for an amount of time in Discord, but still able to use Teamspeak, play Arma etc.
    Community-wide temporary ban
    This ban will effectively replace the conventional temporary ban currently in use with FK.
    For more serious infractions, for example, toxic behavior/bullying another community member a community-wide temporary ban would be issued. This would block the community member from utilising any FK platform for the duration of the ban.
    Additionally, if a member accumulates 3 Warning Points where at least one is a time limited Warning Point, the member will be automatically issued a community-wide ban for the duration of the shortest time limited Warning Point.
    For example:
    A member who has two permanent Warning Points is given one temporary Warning Point with a 4-month duration. In this this member is automatically banned for 4 months, until the temporary Warning Point expires.
    Similarly a member with 1 permanent Warning point, 1 temporary Warning Point with 8-month duration remaining is assessed an additional temporary warning point with a 6-month duration. This member is then automatically banned for 6 months, until the shortest Warning Point expires.
    Finally, this type of ban would be usable for underage members, with a ban expiry coinciding with the member’s 16th birthday.
    Indefinite Ban
    An indefinite ban is given for significant infractions where a member needs to be removed from the community on a long-term basis, or for repeat infractions where the member has accrued three indefinite warning points, and as the name suggests lasts for an indefinite amount of time, with a minimum period. These bans can be appealed, either through a dispute, or the new Clemency system (more on that below), after the minimum ban period has been served.
    Permanent ban
    Reserved for most severe infractions or worst repeat offenders, this ban is final without possibility of clemency. It may still be disputed, subject to staff approval as well as the conditions outlined later in this document.
    The worst of the worst offenses may result in an immediate permanent ban being given with absolutely no appeal. This will apply to those cases where the community or any of its members have been threatened, be that physically, financially, etc., or in cases where a law could reasonably be deemed to have been broken, particularly to the detriment of the community or its members. The FK staff team reserves sole and outright discretion on these matters.

    For instance (but not limited to):
    Threats to FK Examples: “hacking”, DDoS, etc. Threats to members Examples: doxing, blackmailing, physical violence etc. Racism, sexism, or similar bigotry Troll/Spam accounts Serious harassment  
    Warning Point Categories
    Time-limited Warning Point
    Or as they’re also known, temporary Warning Points. Time limited Warning Points will expire after a certain amount of time, determined by staff.
    They are intended to be used primarily alongside small to medium level infractions.
    Indefinite Warning Point
    These are largely replacing permanent Warning Points as we currently know them. Indefinite Warning Points will not expire on their own, but members can ask for clemency on an indefinite Warning Point a set time after the issuing of the Warning Point.
    These are envisioned to be generally used for significant infractions.
    Permanent Warning Point
    Similar to a permanent ban, a permanent warning point is given for major infractions that may not warrant an immediate permanent ban in and of itself. Clemency is not possible for a permanent warning point, but a dispute can be made, again subject to the conditions laid out in the Appealing Bans and Warning Points section.
    Appealing Bans and Warning Points
    This is the current system in use and is staying largely as-is.
    Disputes (informally known as appeals) against issued bans and Warning Points are to be made specifically to dispute facts of a ban/warning point(s) or punishments outside of the guidelines. Disputes can be raised against a ban/warning point at any time (given the staff team has allowed a dispute) but will only be considered if new evidence or further context that was not available at the time of the ban being issued is available, or the member can demonstrate that rules or guidelines were not properly applied in their ban, as well as other extenuating circumstances.
    Clemency is the big new concept coming out of this new framework.
    Members can ask for clemency on a ban or Warning Point after a certain amount of time has passed. This “cooling-off” period will be either one third of the duration of the ban or Warning Point, or in case of indefinite bans and Warning Points, it will be decided by staff at the time of the sanction. This will be based on the updates to our guidelines, as well as the factors surrounding the infractions, and will be provided to the member as part of the given sanction. No request for clemency will be considered before this minimum period has expired.
    As an example, a member is given an indefinite Warning Point, with a 6-month cooling-off period:
    This Warning Point will remain in place for 6 months minimum. It will not expire on its own. After the 6 months has elapsed, the member will be allowed to request clemency on that point. If the member appeals for clemency before this 6-month period, the request will be immediately disregarded. As part of considerations for clemency on Warning Points, the staff team will take a number of factors into account. For one, the member must have been active during their cooling-off period. This prevents a member from “gaming the system” by getting unbanned and then disappearing until those points can be removed. This also provides the staff team with proper insight into that user’s behaviour following their return to make our decision for whether clemency can be granted easier.
    Clemency will also apply to indefinite bans. The member must demonstrate growth and development, and/or show that they will not repeat the offense and strive to do better if clemency is granted.
    To that end, in most, if not all cases where a ban is overturned on clemency, the member will be issued with 1 temporary Warning Point, and another indefinite Warning Point with a new clemency period. The same criteria applies to clemency on this Warning Point as for other indefinite Warning Points. E.g. activity and behaviour.
    The idea behind this is to allow for a “probationary” period following clemency being granted on a ban, and to provide a pathway towards earning a “fresh start”, subject to good behaviour.
    Legacy Permanent Bans and Warning Points
    With this change, a big question is what happens to a member who has previously been permanently banned with no appeal? Or if a member has a permanent warning point against them given before the new system? For these “Legacy” bans and Warning Points, we encourage you to inquire with the staff team as to whether it can be converted to an Indefinite equivalent, which, again, would give you the opportunity to request clemency on it as per the above requirements. These reviews will be done on a case-by-case basis, on request, and at the sole discretion of the FK Staff Team.
    We ask that any member who requests a review of a permanent ban/warning point be patient while the staff team performs its review, as we expect to experience a significant volume of requests as this framework goes live.
    Goals and Conclusion
    We hope you will agree that this new framework allows for a greater degree of flexibility and transparency in how the FK Staff Team addresses warning and bans to its members. This was the main goal of this new approach, after all. With this new method of managing infractions, members are given a pathway back to a “clean sheet” in all but the most exceptional of circumstances, and the staff team is given much more scope and discretion to make this possible. We also hope that this greater discretion will allow for more fairness in how we give out bans and warnings, and also how we reach resolutions on them.
    FK Gaming Staff Team

    FK January 2024 Modset Update

    By kMaN, in Community News, , 0 comments, 3,258 views
    This Friday, the 19th, FK's Standard Arma 3 Modset will receive its first update in 2024, bringing exciting new content and updates for players enjoyment.
    The Modset will be available on the FK website in the Modset page before the update, as well as in the arma-discussions channel.
    Upcoming Modset changes will be pinned in arma-discussion up until the update.

    Korsac - 351.3 MB Rosche Germany - 977.1 MB Uzbin Valley - 870.1 MB Green Sea Terrain - 326.1 MB Kunduz River - 215.3 MB Thirsk Winter [R] - 510.4 MB Function/Utility:
    MapTools Remastered - 0.3 MB Death and Hit Reactions - 31.5 MB Stamina Modifier - ACE - 0.1 MB (made by FK's own johnb43! 😁) Task Force Timberwolf Female Characters - 31.5 MB (previously in FK-Mods)
    PLP Containers - 535 MB Mutambara - 208.7 MB Redd'n'Tank Vehicles - 3633 MB Kardazak - 218.3 MB CUP - Terrains - Maps 2.0 - 594.3 MB
    Modset Size:
    New Size: 81.08 GB Previous Size: 80.68 GB
    FK Standard January 2024 v1
    ** FK2 is currently running the new modset if you would like to try it out early!!

    FK Raffle S.O.G. Prairie Fire

    By kMaN, in Community News, , 0 comments, 1,815 views
    Hello, everybody! If you're interested, @L00_Cyph3r and I will be organizing a raffle to win a copy of Arma 3's high-quality CDLC, S.O.G. Prairie Fire. This raffle is in anticipation of missions created and/or run by Zeuses and mission-makers from our community. To take part, simply submit your FK website forum and Steam username using the provided Google Form here. The S.O.G Prairire Fire CDLC is currently on sale, and we will draw the names on Jan 3rd, 2024!


    Joint OP with Unqualified Minds! | Mission 2

    By Melo, in Missions, , 0 comments, 2,375 views
    Say hello to some new faces!
    Get ready to some joint OPs between FK and Unqualified Minds! 
    This joint operation has been in the works for the past month and we're excited to see what's to come! This is the first of 2 or more operations. 
    First OP (Hosted by UM):
    The first mission was a success!
    Thank you to everyone that played and we'll see you in the next one!

    Second OP (Hosted by FK): 

    Jeri's 2023 Halloween Spooktacular!

    By Melo, in Missions, , 0 comments, 3,014 views
    Join FKGaming in a spook-tacular mission!
    Happening on Sunday 29th October
    Communication blackouts? Secret Facility? Teaser Video?
    On Sunday (29th October) FKGaming will be hosting @Jerichron's terrifying and exciting new Halloween mission. You will be playing as the Unusual Incident Unit posing as convicted felons, placing them in facilities regularly monitored by the SCP Foundation. 
    Teaser Trailer:
    Sunday 29th October Standard main time (19:00 GMT, 19:00 UTC, 15:00 EST) Note: Remember that daylight savings happens on the 29th! Make sure not to miss the event because of the hour.  Modset V3!
    Mostly Standard, with some extra mods. LINK (25 GB) Other Community's Invited
    FKGaming has sent out an invite for other communities to join the event, so if you see some new faces in the coming days from other places, do be kind and make sure they feel welcome! Calendar Link
    On a final note, please do send some love to @Jerichronfor this as he has worked super hard on this yearly event. 

    FK 2024 Updated Costs

    By LurkerOne, in Website news, , 0 comments, 3,050 views
    Hello all, Since we changed to a new server, I thought to give an update on what our costs are going forward.
    FKZero & FK Luna
    The server we had up until August 2023 (FK Zero) was a high-powered box that was not being fully utilised and so as a cost-cutting measure we have move to a cheaper box (FK Luna) that still gives us plenty of headroom to run our FK Arma servers along with our Game of the month and similar games such as SCP & Minecraft, etc
    Website & Website Modules
    It was believed that the TeamSpeak module on the website was no longer accessible since we updated to a more recent version of Invision software (the software the runs our website) because the author hasn't updated the module in several years. Our tech found a way to continue using this function that was hidden in the settings and so updated everyone's profile to add this functionality back in.
    We are in the process of migrating away from the current website and forums and welcome any and all feedback to what we might have on the new website, please use the following form to give your opinion
    2024 Costs
    Monthly Cost
    Misc Site hosting
    Monthly (€20)
    Website Domain Registration
    Yearly (€17)
    Hetzner Server (Luna)
    Monthly (€96)
    Website (DNS)
    Quarterly (€2.00)
    Yearly (€96)
    Email Hosting
        Monthly Total
    Thus the new donations total is €135 a month
    To conclude…
    We have reduced our monthly costs somewhat, which takes some of the pressure off our remaining funds but as always all donations are welcome.
    Everyone who donates to FK has the eternal gratitude of the FK Staff for continuing to host a community we are proud to be a part of. If you wish to donate, please visit our donation page, https://www.fkgaming.eu/donate/

    August 2023 Modset Update

    By Fred, in Community News, , 0 comments, 4,127 views
    New maps, new plate carriers and flares!
    We'll see you there!

    Current (May 2023) Modset Size (GB):  82.13
    New Modset (August 2023) Size (GB): 80.86
    Removed Mods(May 2023) Size (GB): 2.52
    Added Mods (August 2023) Size (GB): 1.25
    Current (May 2023) Mods Count: 75
    New (August 2023) Mods Count: 77
    Mods Removed: 2.52 GB
    •    Diyala - 834.6 MB - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=680808574
    •    G.O.S. N'ziwasogo v2 APEX - 480.1 MB - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2084904847
    •    Niakala - 527.8 MB - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2801060088
    •    Al Salman 2.0 - 681.1 MB - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2857846877
    Mods Added: 1.25 GB 
    •    North Takistan - 796.1 MB - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2829330653
    •    Kardazak - 218.3 MB - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2994796909
    •    Lybor - 207.5 MB - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3013515917
    •    Ladder Tweak Remastered - 0.2 MB - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2969350304
    •    JCA - Modular Carrier Remake Project - 31.9 MB - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2989752481
    •    JCA - Hand Flares - 2.8 MB - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2991684121
    Total Change:  1.27 GB Reduction
    New Modset Size: 80.86 GB 
    Link To New Modset

    FK Gaming / BSG Joint OP Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

    By Fred, in Community News, , 0 comments, 6,183 views
    The second half of the BSG, FK Gaming Joint OP is nearly upon us! Join us on the 27th of May for a thrilling gaming experience like no other.
    This is a great opportunity to meet new friends, hone your skills, and experience a new level of teamwork. Whether you're an FK Gaming Veteran or a brand new FNG, we welcome you to join us!
    We can't wait to see you there! Stay tuned for more updates and details about the upcoming joint OP.
    The mission is being hosted by @Jerichron, standard FK Gaming rules apply . Please give BSG your best hospitality, and most importantly, have fun!
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