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    1. Read the rules
    2. Use this preset file to install all FK mods for ARMA 3 (How To)
      • Optionally install client-side mods from our whitelist
    3. Install TeamSpeak
    4. Install TFAR Teamspeak Plugin
    5. Connect to our TeamSpeak server and join our main mission at 7pm UK Local Time every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
    6. Need help? Connect to our TeamSpeak or Discord



    We have some rules. Please read them over thoroughly before you start playing

    What do I need to get playing?

    You will need at least the base game of ARMA 3 to join our missions. Missions held on the Tanoa or Livonia maps require you to own the APEX and Contact DLC, respectively. You are not obligated to own these DLCs to participate in missions that do not take place on these maps. In the case that they are, mission participants are normally notified in advance of the mission as to whether they will require these DLCs. For example, the Main Mission Room name in Teamspeak will include "APEX REQUIRED" or similar in its title, and mission details are usually given in Discord (#arma_discussion channel) before main mission start time.

    Please note, we do not support any CDLC on our main server such as the Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany or S.O.G. Prarie Fire. If you own these, you will need to run Arma without them loaded in order to join.

    What about mods? I need mods, right?

    Correct. We use a load of different mods and files to make your gaming experience better.

    1. Installing the mods
    To be able to join the missions you first need to have the mods. 

    Use the PRESET File. This preset is an HTML file that you can load into the launcher and will automatically load the correct mods and subscribe to those you don't have yet. To reliably open the file, you must do the following:

    1. Open the Arma 3 Launcher.
    2. Open the MODS tab.
    3. Click on "More" near the top of the launcher.
    4. Click on "Import a list of mods from a file..."
    5. Navigate to where you downloaded the preset, normally your downloads folder. Then double click on the file.
    6. Make sure the preset is saved by clicking the dropdown menu in the top right and selecting "Save".
    7. Be sure to ignore any messages about dependencies of the regular "ACE" mod, as we have our own FK-ACE.

    That should be all you need to do to get the mods working; you are almost ready to participate in our missions. There is just one more step required.

    2. Installing Task Force Arrowhead Radio on TeamSpeak
    To communicate in-game we use TFAR, which is a mod but also requires a TeamSpeak plugin to function. To see what version we are currently on, once installed please click on a few names throughout the server and see what it displays their plugin as in the right panel. Make sure you use that highest version and no other to avoid issues.

    Follow these steps to install the plugin:

    1. Go to steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!)\teamspeak
    2. There you should find a file called "task_force_radio.ts3_plugin". (!Workshop is a hidden folder, so if you can't open the folder search on google how to unhide folders in your OS.)
    3. Double click the file to open it; you should see the following window.
      If it gives an error and doesn't show the window do the following:
      • Right-click the file
      • Select "Open with..."
      • Select "TeamSpeak 3 Package Install"
      • If that isn't listed, click "More apps ↓" and scroll down to "Look for another app on this PC". Otherwise you can continue to step 4.
      • Then navigate to where you installed TeamSpeak and select the file "package_inst.exe".
    4. In the new window that opened up click the "Install" button at the bottom. Follow the instructions that pop up after that.
    5. Finally, to make sure it works go in TeamSpeak to Tools > Options > Addons, the plugin should show up as shown below. Make sure the highlighted button says "Enabled".
    6. To check if you did everything correctly, you can click on yourself in TeamSpeak and it should show the following highlighted part in your description. To double check you have the latest version, you can click on others around the TeamSpeak and check what versions they have.

    You are now set to start participating in our missions. However you may want to use additional mods, such as sound and visual mods; if you want to know more about that, read the next part.

    3. Optional Allowed Mods
    We allow some additional mods on our servers, ones that enhance your immersion or give you extra tools you can use as Zeus or as a lead element. To make sure people don't abuse this, we are using the ACE Whitelist for mods, which will kick people if they are using mods that we don't allow. Check this post to see which mods we allow.

    Important: some mods require ACE and will ask you to load it when loading them. Always ignore dependency on ACE as we are using customized version - while the mods/workshop doesn't see it, the dependency is fine since you're getting ACE as part of the FK ACE mod.

    If you get an error from ACE saying there is a mismatch, make sure to check the chat to see what mods you are running that are not allowed. If you are uncertain what is causing the issue, you can ask a staff member for help, or that might be another community member willing to help.

    Wait! This isn't sounding like the YouTube Stuff!

    Wellll... It is, and it isn't.


    We are a Semi-Realistic server. Meaning we like to have fun and a joke - But while playing in a semi-serious way. We have Squads, Squad Leads, and Platoon Leads. All orders go down the line. Not up. You can certainly ask your Squad Leader a question, or help out where needed - But in the end - What he says, goes. If he tells you to take a village by force, that's what you're going to do. If you don't like it, suck it up. 

    What about helicopters/jets/tanks/snipers?

    As explained on the Welcome page, tagholders and/or Regulars and above are given priority on these assets before FNGs. (The smiley face badge you may have on TeamSpeak).

    After you have played for longer than a month, you can apply for the Regular rank. From there, you can mess around in the ARMA editor or attend training to learn how to operate assets such as Aircraft or Tanks, eventually proceeding to an evaluation where you can prove your skills and earn a tag. Once you think you're ready, you can try to slot for an asset slot if Zeus has told everyone it is available.

    Be aware, make sure you know what to do as the asset, or we won't be happy.

    I want to join MrYouTuber200 and MrsTwitch3000's squad! 

    We try to enforce the whole "DON'T FANBOY" thing. If we find ANYONE fanboying (Fanboying being a pattern of behaviour where an individual repeatedly joins a certain person's squad, attaches to that squad, joins/asks to join TS rooms with the person in it with the intent to bother them, or otherwise harassing a Youtube/Twitch or other personality), we will kick you, and further infractions may lead to further punishment, up to and including a ban. People come here to chill out and play, not put up with fanboys following them around like a bad smell.

    How do I join one of the ARMA 3 missions?

    Simple! Join our Teamspeak. From there, wait around!

    • We play our main missions every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7pm UK local time.
    • Events may be held on other days keep an eye on the Calendar for details.
    • Join the 'Main Mission Room' TeamSpeak channel at least a couple of minutes before 7pm.
    • You will be given the password while in that TeamSpeak channel.

    If we find anyone handing the server details out - we will change them, and you will be banned. We're fine giving these out, but in a controlled manner. Also, no matter what the circumstances are, no matter who is asking, never, and we mean NEVER, say the server details out loud! This includes the server password, IP and port.

    I don't know a lot about ARMA though!

    Before playing your first mission we recommend you to check out our calendar and attend one of our basic training courses.
    You can also have a look at these guides to help you out.
    See the battle buddy system if you feel like you could use a mentor in mission.

    Need help? Connect to our TeamSpeak or Discord


    Last updated 09/2021

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