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  • FK Gaming

    FK Gaming is an online gaming community with a focus on Arma 3.



    We employ several official FK platforms. They will be listed below together with instructions on how to join or use them.

    The Website: This is our space. We discuss, laugh, get updates, share information.

    The Teamspeak Server: On the Frontpage on the right hand side there is a window with instructions on how to join TS.

    The Discord: On the Frontpage on the right hand side there is a window with instructions on how to join Discord.
    All officially hosted Game Servers:
    Arma: Go onto the Ts. Once a mission starts announce that you are new and need server details. The people should happily give it to you.





    As mentioned above we have a focus on Arma. Members of the community come together each day at 7PM British time to play the game. It's Zeus missions on different maps with different assets and restrictions. The Zeus (think like a DnD Game Master) is picked by our Discord Bot depending on how good a Zeus they are and when they last zeused.
    For every discipline (flying a helicopter, squadleading etc.) there are trainers who train and evaluate members. Based on their performances trainers may hand out a tag. When a member has a tag they get slotting priority, to ensure that someone competent is handling the important asset (like a Tank or a Helicopter).
    In a mission most people will be playing infantry. There is Squadleaders, Teamleaders, Medics, Autoriflemen, and Riflemen. It is recommended that you take one of the latter, if you have only been with us for a short time.
    Sometimes we also play something we call off-hours. A few people gather, choose a Zeus and start playing an off-hours mission. Usually this is done by someone sitting in the off-hours room on TS and gathering people-

    To ensure enjoyment for all roles in a mission we have a ruleset in place. These rules apply to all Zeus missions. It is recommended your read through them. However (since there is quite a lot of them) it is also okay if you just ask your teammates what you can and can not do in a mission. They all should be very willing to help out.
    There is a guide on how to join Arma. Find it here.


    Other Games

    Of course Arma is not the only game we play. What we play mostly depends on flavour of the month. Additionally we have official representation in some games (think clans or families). You can find out what people are playing by asking around, or seeing what channels we have active in Discord or our "Frequently Played" section on Teamspeak!

    As a quick tip you can also have a look at the Teamspeak games section. We usually create specific rooms for games, often played. Also people often put what game they are playing into their name.



    We employ several rulesets. The most important for new people are the General Rules.

    All Rules can be found in this section.



    The Staff team works together to provide an amazing experience for all members. They are split up depending on their responsibilities.

    • Administrator: He owns the Servers, he also provides very useful technical insight and is present for the most important decisions regarding the community as a whole.
    • Community Managers (CM): Long standing members of the community. They have a weekly meeting where they make decisions considering the community. They answer to the Admin.
    • Moderators (Mods): These guys are very good at swinging the banhammer. If someone messes up or behaves in an intolerable way, they (or the CMs) fill out punishment reports and ban or kick members from official platforms. They answer to the CMs. They advise the CMs on important decisions around their area of expertise.
    • Technicians (Techs): As the name suggests the Techs tend to our servers and website. They provide useful information to the CMs so they can make educated decisions. They are locked away in our basement.
    • Public relations Officers: This is the team which handles outside communication and advertisement.


    Member Ranks

    On every official platform every member has a rank. They reach from New Guys (FNGs) to Regulars (Regs) to Veterans (Vets) or retired CMs. The following list will briefly explain the ranks:

    • FNG: The rank every new community member has from the start. In Arma they slot last. Otherwise they are the same as Regulars.
    • Reg: After applying for Regular status, staff will decide whether or not you are granted it. This will depend on forums activity, presence on TS etc. Of course your referrals play a big part in staff's decision making as well. Read more about becoming a Regular on this page (note: form visible only to FNGs).
    • Vet: Veterans are long standing members of the community, who have gone beyond what is expected of every regular. For example they help out with training in Arma, they are former staff or they are simply helpful to the community. They have access to our Think Tank. Everyone can suggest a Veteran and you can read all about (and nominate) Veterans here (note: form not visible to FNGs).



    The Think Tank

    In the Think Tank we discuss important topics for the community. All staff, Veterans and some chosen regulars have access. You can suggest topics for the Think Tank by clicking this link.


    Useful Links

    Last Here is a compilation of useful links for new people:

    How to Join Arma
    Introductory Guides
    Arma Guides
    Community created Guides
    Meeting Reports: This is where the Community Managers will post updates of what was decided at the meetings.
    Member Introduction: Go here if you want to say hello


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