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  • FK Gaming

    FK Gaming is a diverse online gaming community with a focus on Arma 3.



    We employ several entities we consider official FK platforms. They will be listed below together with instructions on how to join or use them.

    The Website: This is our space. We discuss, laugh, get updates, share information. 

    The Teamspeak Server: On the Frontpage on the right hand side there is a window with instructions on how to join TS. 

    The Discord: On the Frontpage on the right hand side there is a window with instructions on how to join Discord. 
    All officially hosted Game Servers:
    Arma: Go onto the Ts. Once a mission starts announce that you are new and need server details. The people should happily give it to you.




    As mentioned above, we as a community primarily focus on Arma. Members come together each day at 7PM British time to play the game.

    In a mission most people will be playing infantry. Infantry roles include Squad leaders, Team leaders, Medics, Autoriflemen, and Riflemen. It is recommended that you take one of the latter if you have only been with us for a short time.

    FK Main Missions last on average around 2 hours. If you are participating please ensure you have the time to commit to the mission in full. Leaving mid mission (before the max mission time limit) is a punishable offense (exempting IRL issues and factors out of player control, such as a personal emergency or power outage). A working microphone, Teamspeak and TFAR installation are also required to play (more on TFAR here). If you are not able to communicate verbally during an Arma session, you will not be allowed to play. This is outlined in the rules.

    Tags and Training
    The tag system serves as a formal qualification recognising a player's competency in a given role or asset. Players possessing tags are given first priority in slotting for the corresponding asset or role. This system is in place to maximise the likelihood that an asset or role is handled by a player who knows how to properly utilise it.

    For every discipline that has an associated tag (flying an aircraft, squadleading, sniper, artillery etc.), there are trainers who train and evaluate members. Based on their performance, trainers may award a tag to that player. The list of tags and their Trainers can be found here.

    Any Regular (or higher) member of the community is eligible to receive training and evaluations towards receiving a tag. FNGs are able to attend training sessions for any discipline (at trainers' discretion), but are not able to be evaluated for or otherwise receive a tag until they have been granted the Regular rank. (For more information on the Ranks, see Section "Member Ranks" below). These training sessions are normally managed via the Training Calendar, but you can also request training by asking the Trainers directly.


    FK utilizes Arma 3's "Zeus" module for the vast majority of missions. The Zeus module provides tools, utilities and features that allow the player(s) in Zeus to dynamically build their missions from almost any concept. From there, the Zeus can adjust their mission, in real time, based on player actions, movement and progress. This provides us with a truly dynamic mission portfolio. Missions can take place on different maps, with different factions, enemies, weapons, assets, restrictions, objectives and Zeus each time. No two missions are ever exactly the same. This type of gameplay makes the Zeus similar to a DnD game master, in that they steer the mission and its narrative as it goes on.

    The Zeus is picked daily via a bot on the FK Gaming Discord. The Zeus is picked based on the Zeus tags a requesting member holds (if any), and how long ago their previous Zeus mission was. Any player, regardless of Rank, is able to apply for Zeus any day (aside from Calendar event days), but tags and tenure grant you a higher priority.

    Off Hours

    Sometimes outside of main mission time, missions can occur on an ad-hoc basis. These missions are referred to as "off hours". In general, it works via a few people gathering in the off-hours mission room on TS, choosing a Zeus between them (whether it be by volunteering, poll etc), setting up and then playing an off-hours mission. In these missions, some general rules are relaxed. For example, the Zeus Restriction Points system does not apply. However, it is still expected that all other applicable rules are followed just as seriously as they would be in a main mission.

    As mentioned, to ensure enjoyment for all roles in a mission we have a ruleset in place. These rules apply to all Zeus missions (except for where applicable exemptions apply, e.g. for off hours.). It is highly recommended you read through them thoroughly before your first session with us. However (since there are quite a lot of them) it is also okay if you just ask your teammates what you can and cannot do in a mission. They all should be very willing to help out.
    There is a guide on how to join Arma. Find it here.


    Other Games

    Of course, Arma is not the only game we play here. What we play mostly depends on flavour of the month, but there are some staple games you can usually find people playing most of the time. Additionally, we have official representation in some games (think clans or families). You can find out what people are playing by asking around, or seeing what channels we have active in Discord! There are even some community members who host "Unofficial" servers for FK Members on select games, for example Rust and Minecraft.

    As a quick tip you can also have a look at the Teamspeak games section. We usually create specific rooms for games which see a solid uptake, but we also have a number of Game Rooms available that can be used for any group of players playing any game. To help see who's playing what, people will often put what game they are playing into their Teamspeak nickname. There is also a "Poke For Games" room, where you can sit and let other players see you're looking for others to play with.



    We employ several rulesets. The most important for new people are the General Rules.

    All Rules can be found in this section.





    The Staff team is a selection of existing community members who work together to provide the best experience possible for all members. They are delegated into roles depending on their responsibilities. Below is a very brief outline of each role and their responsibilities. Their TeamSpeak Symbols are also included for ease of identification.


    32-A.png.4cd5141f71319ec374c4995db51c9ce5.png Administrator: Our glorious overlord. The admin takes ownership of and oversees the Servers and Website. Also provides very useful technical insight and is present for the most important decisions regarding the community as a whole. 

    32-T.png.a25b832b99c01bd16400410bb45e437d.png Technician (Tech): As the name suggests, the Techs help tend to our servers and website. They assist the admin in upkeep of the servers and website and provide useful information and further technical insights to the CMs so they can make educated decisions pertaining to how our platforms are hosted, run and managed. One of their most impactful jobs is uploading and testing of custom modsets to our auxiliary servers for themed missions. They are locked away in the basement and don't get out much. Please do not feed them. They bite.

    32-C.png.b6eee5ad54ec3a3911f373dcb1a6b610.png Community Manager (CM): Long standing members of the community selected to manage the forums, TeamSpeak, and the community as a whole, as well as discuss, debate and vote on key decisions affecting it during their weekly meetings. They answer to the Admin and are delegates for much of the day-to-day running of the community, as well as any issues that may arise. Often found frantically herding cats Moderators.

    32-M.png.60692048ff5f4b128c8ba5bbef41172e.png Moderator (Mod): These guys are very good at swinging the banhammer. If someone messes up or behaves in an unacceeptable way, the Mods (or the CMs, for that matter) will fill out punishment reports and issue the appropriate ban, kick, mute or other punishment. They answer to the CMs and advise them on important decisions around their area of expertise, as well as assist in their duties when needed. Beware the ban-pan. It hungers for salty tears.

    32-pr.png.b5e88ec852aef100ee484041d721230b.png Public Relations Officer (PR): The Public Relations team is the team responsible for FK's "Brand", both internally and externally. They are responsible for writing and publishing the INTREP, FK's Community Newsletter, on a regular basis. They also manage the social media channels, such as FK's Twitter and Twitch, to try to get our name out there and stir up interest in our community. This allows us to collaborate with other communities, and even some big name streamers on occasion. They make us look good, but most importantly, they help us to move closer to our ultimate goal of world domination.


    Member Ranks:

    On every official platform every member has a rank. They reach from New Guys (FNGs) to Regulars (Regs) to Veterans (Vets) or retired CMs. The following list will briefly explain the ranks:

    fk_FNG.png.194010dfa401f7f5b0ff7417786910af.pngFNG: This is the rank assigned to all new members of the community upon joining. In Arma, they receive lowest slotting priority, and are also not able to attain Tags. Otherwise they are the same as Regulars.

    fk_Regular.png.76c3dacc034352f28cfa61b210caf532.png Regular: Also known as "Reg", this is the rank assigned to members of the community who have been around and active for a while, and serves as recognition of this. Regular ranks are decided on via an application made by the member. After applying for Regular status, staff will decide whether or not you are granted it. This will depend on forums activity, presence on TS etc. Of course your referrals play a big part in staff's decision making as well. Read more about becoming a Regular in this guide.

    fk_Vet.png.597ddcf200fc4df0b1d73a2e5d797351.png Veteran: Sometimes referred to as "Vets", Veterans are long standing members of the community, who have gone above and beyond what is expected of a regular. For example, they may be individuals who help out with training in Arma, previously served on the staff team, or have otherwise been helpful to the community. They are given access to our Think Tank (more on that below). Anyone can suggest a Veteran, and you can read all about (and nominate) Veterans here.

    Staff: See previous section for details. Their staff rank supercedes whatever rank they held previously, though that should not give any impression of superiority or status. They create and enforce the rules, but they're community members here to chat and have a good time just like everybody else, only with additional responsibilities in assisting in managing the community. Occasionally the CM team may open applications for one or more staff roles. Any member of the community is welcome to apply for such a position.

    The Think Tank

    In the Think Tank we discuss important topics for the community. All staff, Veterans, and those regulars who have applied and been accepted by staff, have access. Any community member can suggest topics for the Think Tank by clicking this link.


    Useful Links

    Finally, below is a compilation of useful links for new people:

    How to Join Arma
    Introductory Guides
    Arma Guides
    Community created Guides
    Meeting Reports: This is where the Community Managers will post updates of what was decided at the meetings.
    Member Introduction: Go here if you want to say hello


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