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    FK Arma Rules

    • General


    1. ARMA sessions start at 7 PM UK Time 
    2. Follow Orders given by superiors, unless that order will result in breaking the rules.
    3. No intentional discharge, throwing of throwable items and placement of Placeable Objects in the spawn area
    4. No intentional team killing or friendly fire.
    5. Do not late-join any main mission in progress, if 20 minutes past start time or if people have already left the spawn area
      •  For Off-Hours poke Zeus or staff and ask if it is okay to late-join.
    6. You are not allowed to leave mid-mission without appropriate reasoning or unless Zeus has specified no respawns and you are dead.
    7. All calendar missions are to be made at least three days before the intended mission day.
    8. Side chat is not to be used unless it is for technical issues. Try to sort these in group chat first.
    9. Meaningless drawings on the map are not allowed.
    10. Your in-game name must be the same as your TS name.
    11. You are not allowed to build trenches on roads.
    12. Remove all trenches when leaving an area if possible.
    13. Soundboards and music may be played if no-one present opposes it. If you fail to stop after being requested to, you will be removed.
    14. Using Spectator Mode, Zeus and/or Text chat (while dead) to accumulate or disseminate information you or others should not have access to and leads towards missions disruption (location & strength of enemies or unknown objectives etc.) will be treated as Cheating and dealt with accordingly.
    15. If a non-tag holder takes a tagged role and is found to be incompetent at the role by staff or trainers, that member will be banned from that role till they attend training for that role and the trainers are happy they can take the role again


    • Slotting


    1. Slots are non-reservable. They are a first come, first serve.
    2. Calendar missions can have asset/tag roles as reserved slots.
    3. Slotting order should be taken as follows:
      • Tagholders
      • Regulars+
      • FNGs.
    4. Before slotting, trainers can ask for a slot for evaluation or training.
    5. Attachees to a squad will be a Rifleman unless told otherwise by a squad lead
    6. If the destruction of an asset is considered a failure condition or a Squad is designated for a ‘Special Purpose’ which will fail the mission if not completed, Zeus can prohibit evals on these assets/squads.
      • Evals are prohibited during TvTs.


    • Assets


    1. Only Platoon Drone Operator or units designated by Platoon Lead can take drones. The Zeus decides what drone is available.
    2. Enemy assets are prohibited from being used unless explicitly permitted by Squad lead/Platoon Lead/Zeus.
    3. Mortar team is allowed to take one unarmed drone at Zeuses discretion.
    4. AI Crew cannot be used without consent from a slotted asset commander.


    • Zeus


    1. Zeuses for the 1st and 2nd main missions are called out by a Bot on Discord one hour before the sessions start.
    2. People willing to Zeus must apply for a mission by:
      • Using the Discord Bot or
      • Making a calendar event.
    3. Calendar events are for themed, scripted and campaign missions. 
    4. Zeus is allowed to place the following number or restrictions on the platoon:
      • Non-tag holder - 0
      • Co-Zeus tag holder - 3
      • Zeus tag holder - 5
    5. Following restrictions should be announced regardless of the tags:
      • Assets
      • Side
      • Faction
    6. Co-Zeus and Zeus tagholders are allowed to apply following restrictions on the platoon:
      • Medical system
      • No Night Vision/Thermal Equipment
      • No Rangefinders
      • No GPS/ Positioning device
      • Ammo limits
      • Faction Specific Weapons (Rifles/MG/Launchers) - This overrules the side specific Weapon rule
      • Faction Specific Optics [Rails/No rails or specific list of optics should be provided]
      • Role Specific optics/Magnification restrictions [Zeus specify magnifications for different roles in platoon or downgrade existing restrictions]
      • Faction Specific Gear [Camo/Vest/Helmet list or Camo patterns list should be provided] -  This overrules the side specific Gear rule
      • No Looting
    7. All restrictions must be announced before slotting starts.
    8. Specially themed missions, in which the players do not play as a common military force (i.e. ISIS, Police, Bank Robbers, etc.), have to be announced, before slotting starts.
    9. It is prohibited to take a Zeus slot in an ongoing mission without permission from the main Zeus.
    10. A mission shouldn't take any longer than 2 hours unless it's a calendar mission and stated there. However if a mission does take longer players are permitted to leave 15 minutes after the end time.


    • General squads


    1. Stick to your given role.
    2. Never go off on your own without permission or instruction from Lead.
    3. While a briefing is given everyone is to be silent until the briefing is over.
    4. Only the following roles should be at the briefing:
      • Platoon HQ
      • Squad Leads
      • Asset Leads


    • Weapons/Additional Gear


    1. All players must follow the restriction below (side restrictions are still in place):
      • For more information on the below Roles and Weapons please follow the links
      • Platoon/Squad lead, Team Lead, FAC, RTO, Spotter:
        • Assault Rifles
        • Battle Rifles
        • M320
        • Pistols
        • Submachine guns
        • UGL’s
      • Rifleman (Medic included):
        • Battle Rifles
        • Assault Rifles
        • Pistols 
        • Submachine guns
      • Autorifleman
        • Autorifles
        • LMG’s
        • GPMG
        • Pistols 
      • Crew/Pilots (Heli, Tank and Jets)
        • Assault Rifles
        • Pistols
        • Submachine gun
      • Sniper
        • Assault Rifles
        • Battle Rifles
        • Bolt action
        • Anti-Material Rifles
        • Pistols 
    2. Weapons must not be able to use ammunition which exceeds 7.92 mm, except for shotgun and pistol calibers. Bolt action rifles and Anti-Materiel Rifles are not allowed.
      • Prophet is exempt from this.
    3. Magazine/belt round limits are in place for each role (lead elements count as rifleman)
      • Rifleman - 30 round Magazine
        • up to 50 round Mags can be taken for SMGs
      • Autorifleman - 50 - 200 round belts
        • 40-200 round mags are permitted if a belt-fed weapon is not taken
      • Sniper - 30 round Magazine
      • Crew - 30 round Magazine
        • up to 50 round Mags can be taken for SMGs
    4. Squad leaders are allowed to allocate 1 one Designated Marksman. This Marksman is to be one of the Rifleman slots only. This is to prevent people from playing multiple roles at once.
    5. Squads are allowed 2 UGL at Squad Lead’s discretion.
    6. Scope limitations are:
      • Infantry is up to 4x
      • Designated Marksman is up 12x
      • Prophet is not restricted
    7. Squad leaders are allowed to give out Shotguns to squad members if the mission requires it 
    8. A Second Primary weapon can only be taken with Squad leads permission 
    9. Thermal Optics, Binoculars and Goggles can only be given out by Platoon lead, but only at the Zeus's permission
    10. Laser Designators are only to be used By PLT Lead, Squad Lead, FAC and RTO
    11. Explosive ammo for firearms and doomsday buckshot is not allowed.
    12. Rocket launchers are limited to Rifleman
    13. The following combinations of rocket launchers are allowed:
      • Up to 3 LAT-Launchers. (LAT is a single shot launcher)
      • 1 AA or MAT launcher is allowed at SL discretion with 4 shots. 
      • HAT is allowed at Zeus discretion and follows the same rules as MAT. HAT is guided anti-tank [EX : Javelin, Kornet, Milan, NLAW])
    14. Squad Lead is allowed to restrict all weapons in his squad as long as the restrictions will benefit squad performance or mission aesthetics
    15. Only Squad Leads and 1 Team lead can take a Long Range 
    16. On respawn, you are allowed to alter your loadout, provided the alterations fall within the previously stated restrictions from Zeus, Platoon or Squad lead.


    • Clothing


    1. Platoon decides the camouflage or uniform used by all elements.
      • Unless Zeus has specified a faction
    2. Helmets, vests and backpacks have to fit the camo and role.
    3. Squad leaders are allowed to enforce types of helmets, vests and backpacks, given they fit the camo.
    4. Non-protective headgear may be taken at your own risk unless the Squad Lead has enforced headgear.


    • Mission Uploading


    1. There must be a minimum of 3 active testers.
    2. Missions must be thoroughly tested before being submitted.
    3. Missions must be submitted through GitLab.
    4. Missions must be thoroughly tested on the testing server by at least two mission testers, before pushing it to the main server.
    5. Missions must be tested and approved before a calendar post may be approved.



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