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    Knight 2 gunner please, with tags
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    plt lead pls
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    Tonk Cmdr pls
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    Knight 1-1 commander, tags.
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    Co-Zeus, no tags
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    Kngt 1-1 gunner, tags
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    Alpha SL
  9. until

    I'll try for a Knight gunner slot, no tags, it's likely I get overslotted 😞
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    Bravo SL, No Tags

    The Great Crusade (Operation Lüttich) (US) #11 [1st Main]


    Knight gunner plz. No Tags
  12. Last week
  13. That was fun!!!!
  14. Slotting is closed. If you want to take the last open slot or to be put into a reserve slot please DM me on discord.
  15. Delta Crewman or Medic
  16. Alpha creaman
  17. I forgor. Gib Alpha MG plox.
  18. almost forgor about this... if still possible I'd like a MG slot in whichever squad
  19. I'll take Rifleman AT or MG Minimi in Delta, please. I can take the medic slot if needed.
  20. Delta Fire Team Leader, please
  21. MG Minimi Delta pls
  22. Alpha MG Minimi, please
  23. until
    ++MISSION BRIEFING++ "You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hope and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you." ―General Dwight D. Eisenhower's Order of the Day (1944) Mission Summary: On June 6th, 1944, Operation Neptune commenced. The mission: to liberate Western Europe from the German War Machine. Your platoon has been assigned to the Omaha sector of the beach landings, tasked with assaulting and securing this part of the German coastal defenses. Your objective extends inland to secure the town of Saint Laurent-sur-Mer and eliminate the artillery stationed there, which threatens not only your beach sector but also neighboring areas. Unfortunately, the tanks designated to assist in the beach landings are unable to approach due to strong waves. Your immediate task is to advance on foot, bypass the German barricades and razor wire obstructing the beach, and clear the galleries and fortifications covering the shoreline. Once this is accomplished, armored support will aid in your push inland to secure the town. The success of the Allied landings in this area hinges on your efforts. Nothing less than complete victory is acceptable... Objectives: 1. Secure a landing Zone and Foothold on the beach. Repulse German mechanized and armoured attacts towards your defensive positions. Counter attack when Allied relief forces arrive.. 2. Secure the town of Zichovice and the Bridge crossings. Secure the suburbs and emplacements defending the approach to the bridges. Secure the bridges and the emplacements defending them. Secure the German Regimental HQ and secure possible intel stored there. 3. Secure the town of Rabi and the Local German HQ. Secure the Bunkers and emplacements defending the approach to the town. Comlete an encirclement of the Castle and the German HQ. Capture the Castle. Mission Notes: CIVILIANS: Civilians will not be present withing the Area of Operations. RRR: Delivered with each reinforcement wave. ASSET RRR: Withdraw from front line and ping Zeus. RESPAWNS: Zeus Discretion will aim for 10x minutes between death and respawn to ensure large reinforcement waves and per the theme. SPECIAL CRITERIA: KNGT will not begin the mission with their assets and will be operating as a standard infantry element until the beach is cleared. ++BRIEFING COMPLETED++ MISSION SUMMARY: This will be a heavily themed mission with elements taken from the Second World War The mission will be making use of the Arma 3 mods IFA3 AIO, Faces Of War, Operation Spearhead and Improved Melee System which will be posted as well at the bottom of this event page in a compiled list. Weaponry within the mission will be restricted to Second World War based weaponry and will be restricted per your chosen role. Tags for applicable roles are being enforced and will not be different from standard slotting. Squad Structure and PTLN structure have been changed to accommodate the theme and structure of operations in the Second World War. ++SLOTTING++ (TAGS & REGS PRIORITIZED) (RESERVED SLOTS MAY BE OVERWRITTEN BY TAG-HOLDERS) (FINAL SAY IS AT EVENT HOSTS DISCRETION) Slot Format: Role,(Tag Required, Rank Associated) CoZeus: OPEN CoZeus: OPEN PLTN COMMAND SQUAD: PLTN Lead (PLTN TAGS ONLY, Officer) OPEN PLTN 2ic/FAC (PLTN 2ic/FAC TAGS, Officer) OPEN PLTN Medic (MEDIC TAGS, Specialist) OPEN ALPHA SQUAD: Alpha Squad Lead (SL TAGS, Officer) OPEN Alpha Radioman (TL TAGS, NCO) OPEN Alpha Squad Medic (MEDIC TAGS, Specialist) OPEN 1x Alpha Squad Machine Gunner: (on the day) 1x Alpha Squad Machine Gunner Assistant: (on the day) Alpha Squad Team Leader (TL TAGS, NCO) OPEN 1x Alpha Squad AutoRifleman: (on the day) 3x Alpha Squad Rifleman: (on the day) BRAVO SQUAD: Bravo Squad Lead (SL TAGS, Officer) OPEN Bravo Radioman (TL TAGS, NCO) OPEN Bravo Squad Medic (MEDIC TAGS, Specialist) OPEN 1x Bravo Squad Machine Gunner: (on the day) 1x Bravo Squad Machine Gunner Assistant: (on the day) Bravo Squad Team Leader (TL TAGS, NCO) OPEN 1x Bravo Squad AutoRifleman: (on the day) 3x Bravo Squad Rifleman: (on the day) CHARLIE SQUAD: Charlie Squad Lead (SL TAGS, Officer) OPEN Charlie Radioman (TL TAGS, NCO) OPEN Charlie Squad Medic (MEDIC TAGS, Specialist) OPEN 1x Charlie Squad Machine Gunner: (on the day) 1x Charlie Squad Machine Gunner Assistant: (on the day) Charlie Squad Team Leader (TL TAGS, NCO) OPEN 1x Charlie Squad AutoRifleman: (on the day) 3x Charlie Squad Rifleman: (on the day) DELTA SQUAD: Delta Squad Lead (SL TAGS, Officer) OPEN Delta Radioman (TL TAGS, NCO) OPEN Delta Squad Medic (MEDIC TAGS, Specialist) OPEN 1x Delta Squad Machine Gunner: (on the day) 1x Delta Squad Machine Gunner Assistant: (on the day) Delta Squad Team Leader (TL TAGS, NCO) OPEN 1x Delta Squad AutoRifleman: (on the day) 3x Delta Squad Rifleman: (on the day) M4 Sherman (KNGT 1-1): KNGT Commander (KNGT Commander Tags, Officer) OPEN KNGT Gunner (KNGT Gunner Tags, Specialist) OPEN KNGT Loader (KNGT Gunner Tags, Specialist) OPEN KNGT Driver (KNGT Driver Tags, Specialist) OPEN M4 Sherman (KNGT 1-2): KNGT Commander (KNGT Commander Tags, Officer) OPEN KNGT Gunner (KNGT Gunner Tags, Specialist) OPEN KNGT Loader (KNGT Gunner Tags, Specialist) OPEN KNGT Driver (KNGT Driver Tags, Specialist) OPEN --SLOTTING-- ++RESTRICTIONS++ Only Weapons and equipment from the Iron Front, Faces of War and Operation Spearhead mods may be used within the mission. Short Range Radios are prohibited (RPTR Elements Exempt). Only Radiomen are permitted to carry Long Range Radios. Night vision equipment is prohibited. BFT and GPS systems will be disabled/prohibited (RPTR Elements Exempt). Looting of enemy primary weapons is without Zeus permission is prohibited. Rifle Grenades are permitted to be taken by one member of each Squad. Only PLTHQ, Squad Leads and Team Leads are permitted whistles. SMGs For Americans are limited to 30Rnd Stick magazines. The AutoRifleman in each squad takes the Browning M1918A2 or BAR. The MachineGunner in each squad takes the Browning M1919A4/A6 or 30. cal. Any Enemy Pistol looted in mission may be carried in the next mission if proof of acquisition is provided prior to the next operation. --RESTRICTIONS-- ++NOTES++ The improved Melee system can be configured by esc > options > controls > configure addons > WebKnight's Melee. Propaganda and other potentially sensitive material may be shown in mission associated with the time period and governments depicted. Primary Weapons with an attached bayonet can be used to bayonet enemies by use of the improved Melee system Buttstock Hit/Bayonet Charge ability. To assist medics with the lower carry capacity of the equipment present within these missions squads are encouraged to carry increased Medical Fluid EG: Saline. Weapons or equipment listed as Pending... are currently left out per the time period depicted in mission. As the campaign progresses more equipment will be introduced. To assist players in adapting to a setting where short range radios are restricted and to help Squad Leads manage their elements the following is recommended reading. --NOTES-- ++EQUIPMENT++ Note: FK Weaponry and equipment rules unless otherwise specified remain in effect for this mission. PLTN Lead: Squad Leads: FAC, RTO, Team Leads: Medics: Machine Gunner: AutoRifleman: Riflemen: KNGT Crew: RPTR Crew: General Equipment: --EQUIPMENT-- MISSION REQUIREMENTS: SERVER INFO : Name: FK #4 Custom Mission Server IP: arma4.fkservers.eu Port: 2402 Password: On Request Modset Download Link Size: 58GB.
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  25. ThePointForward


    This event will be hosted on TeamSpeak in a temporary room, named "Townhall". Start time will be 16:00 UK Time An introduction and explanation of what this is can be found in the announcement thread here: This isn't a super formal event, just a chance for us as a community to get together and discuss how things are going, any issues, things that are going well etc. While no formal "Meeting Minutes" will be taken, notes for things that could be taken and discussed at CM Meetings will be taken by the CMs present. We would ask people to please be courteous in the Teamspeak, staff reserve the right to remove anyone being disruptive in the meeting. Event will be hosted by @Wattsits.
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    That was a blast!!!
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    Slot Reservations are now closed. See you all at the event.
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    PLT Medic please, tags
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