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    General FK and Platform Rules


    Rules for All FK Platforms and Events

    1. You must be 16 years of age or older.
    2. Community administration has the last word in resolving issues and disputes
    3. Entry into the community and / or the use of any of its resources, as well as participation in any community events, means full and unconditional acceptance of all its rules.
    4. English is the official language for all FK platforms.
    5. A serious attitude is required from all our members when on any FK platforms. If a lack of seriousness compromises enjoyment it will be punished.
    6. FK Gaming Server IPs or Passwords are not to be shared outside the community. "Gaming IPs" do not include TeamSpeak or any other communication tool IPs.
    7. Explicit content (sexual or violent in nature) is forbidden.
    8. Spamming is not allowed.
    9. Multiple accounts are forbidden.
    10. Your Player Name should be recognisable across all major FK platforms.
    11. Inappropriate names are forbidden.
    12. Explicit content in your avatar or profile picture is forbidden.
    13. Posting malicious links is forbidden.
    14. Respect is to be shown to all members of FK.
    15. Do not make jokes at someone's expense.
    16. Avoid Witch-hunting and/or provoking other members
    17. Streams/YouTube channels cannot be advertised on FK Platforms without prior permission from the FK Staff. Exceptions are made within the Twitch Clips/Videos thread, the Videos Page and any CM approved charity events.
    18. Posting/Sharing of personal information without consent is not allowed
    19. Advertising other communities is forbidden without consent from the CM team.
    20. No-shows to events without a valid reason will be punished.
    21. Cheating or otherwise “gaming the system” to gain an advantage over others or to make mischief is forbidden.
    22. A member of the community should be available to be contacted by the staff team while being on FK platforms. Ignoring staff on purpose will result in punishment.

    Forum Rules

    1. Overly large fonts or walls of repeating characters are considered spam.
    2. Excessive usage of @mentions is considered spam
    3. Multi posting of the same topic is forbidden.

    Teamspeak Rules

    1. A working microphone is required.
    2. Mic Spam, Constant Transmission without Staff permission, Mass Pokes and constantly switching rooms is forbidden.
    3. Soundboards and music may be played if no-one in the room opposes it. But you must stop after being requested to.
    4. Don’t use the usernames of other members without consent.
    5. Brute forcing/guessing passwords of locked rooms is strictly forbidden unless given specific permission by the room owner.

    Discord Rule

    1. Excessive usage of @mentions is considered spam.
    2. Off-topic and shitposting in lounges is considered spam.
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