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  • Regular Application Process Guide

    Monocled Badger

    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Requirements for becoming a Regular
    3. The Application Process

    4. Changelog

    1. Introduction
    This guide is more so an informational piece explaining what a “Regular” is, and the process around moving from FNG to Regular in the community.

    Regular is the rank assigned to members of the community who have been around and active for a while. This activity does not just come from playing Arma with us, but also socializing on Discord and TeamSpeak as well as participating in forum threads. 

    Regulars are decided on via an application made by the member in question with supporting referrals. After using the Regular Application Form to apply for Regular status, staff will decide whether or not you are granted it. This will depend on a number of factors - such as Discord & TeamSpeak presence, forum activity, In mission activity as well as your referrals being taken into account.

    2. Requirements for becoming a Regular
    There are two core requirements to meet before you can go fill the application form for being a Regular in the community.

    1. At least one month with FKGaming - This is a requirement of being with us for at least a month from your initial registration date. Not a month of in-game playing with us. For example, if you registered with us one the 1st January the earliest you can submit your application is the 1st of February. 
    2. 4 Referral Points - This can come from a variety of sources (other Regulars who have held the rank for at least two months, Veterans, Staff Members, Basic Training).. Referrals are people you contact ahead of you submitting your application (typically around the same time) and ask if they are willing to refer you. This is important as you must get the referees consent before listing them.

    To meet the point requirement, there are multiple sources as mentioned previously

    • Attending and Completing a Basic Training Session - 1 Point.
    • Regular Referral - 1 Point. 
    • Veterans Referral - 2 Points.
    • Staff Member Referral (Moderators, Public Relations Officers, Technicians, Community Managers) - 2 Points.

    It is worth noting that Regulars who do act as your referees need to have been a Regular for at least two  months themselves,

    While Forum, TeamSpeak and Discord activity is not a steadfast requirement, it is highly encouraged. Without participating on the other platforms it will be hard for other members to get to know you as a person and say they are willing to refer you if you just play Arma 3 every now and then with us. 

    3. The Application Process
    Once the Requirements above have been met (At least One month since registering, 4 total referral points from consenting sources) you are then free to officially start the regular application process. 

    The form for this can be found under the “Applications” section and is appropriately called “Apply for Regular”. Alternatively it can be accessed by clicking this link to the application.

    Once there, simply fill out the details as requested. The details cover your Forum name (Once as a forum link which autocompletes and again in Plain text) and your in-game Arma 3 name (we typically request your name is the same across all platforms as well as in game but some people have contracted names in Arma). 

    After that it is your registration date (to meet the one month compliance) and a declaration of understanding about Forum activity being helpful.

    The last 2 sections pertain to the referral points. This is where you input the names of who your referees are (again make sure to ask them if they are willing to refer you BEFORE putting them in) and state if you have attended a Basic Training session or not. If you have attended a Basic Training session, it will ask what date the Session was on and who the Trainer was.

    Once that is complete all you need to do is submit it and it will be reviewed by Staff. This process can take up to 2 weeks from the Submission date, so you can expect to hear a definitive answer by the 2 week mark. 

    During this time the Staff will reach out to your referrals to check if they consented to being named and ask for more information about you and why, in their view, you should become a Regular. Once the referees have been contacted and responded the Staff will discuss and vote on your application leading to a result.

    4. Changelog
    v1.1 - 16/05/2021 - Updated to reflect requirement of references needing to be a Regular for at least 2 months (correction update)
    v1.0 - 05/02/2021 - Posted initial guide

    Edited by Monocled Badger

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