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    INTREP 029

    By Rabit Salvokelk, in Community News, , 0 comments, 3,391 views
    INTREP is a community newsletter which covers all important information regarding FK Gaming. Published monthly, FK's INTREP brings you up to speed with what's happening in your community.
    Meeting Reports
    Staff News
    New Moderators
             At this point it is no longer a surprise that we have three new moderators from the start of December. Please join us in welcoming @AngryScottishMan, @LurkerOne and @Wattsits into the staff team role and wishing them luck on their journey with FK Gaming.
    Rhea's Extended Leave of Absence
             @Rhea will continue her leave of absence into February. In the mean time @Rabit Salvokelk will be taking over the INTREP. Any other PR related inquiries should be handled by @Rabit Salvokelk or @OneMadPanda.
    Public Relations Operations
    PR team looking for a third
             As we move into the new year, the PR team find's itself in need of a third officer to complete all the tasks scheduled for 2021. We will be looking for someone who has enough free time to help the PR team with posting weekly, biweekly, and monthly ads on a scheduled basis to reddit, steam, and other platforms (approximately 2hrs / week). Any photoshop, video editing, or video recording experience or skills are a plus. To apply please fill out an application HERE.
    INTREP Changes
             The PR team has decided that in 2021 INTREPs will change from being Bi-Weekly to Monthly. This will allow for more news to be covered in one INTREP. Instead of articles that are less than a paragraph long, or that are not interesting to the community - Articles will now be longer, more thought out, and cover more important topics. Not only does this make INTREPs more interesting, but it also allows the front page to be open for more stand alone posts that require it. INTREPs should from this point forward be published on the 1st of every month.
    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit
    Trainer's Corner 
    New Training Discord
             @Monocled Badger went through a rigorous process of consolidating all training discord servers into one. This does not change much in terms of acquiring tags however it reduces the amount of different discord servers that players who wish for training or evaluating need to be a part of. In addition the CM team hopes that this change will aid in bettering communications between training teams and the staff team. Many thanks for Badger and the team that helped put this entire thing together and we wish the team good fortune in maintaining it. To request tags or training from any discipline join the new FK Training Discord HERE.

    New Interim FAC and RTO Trainers
             After a long process of application and deliberation the CM team is announcing @LurkerOne and @Garfield as interim FAC as well as RTO Trainers. We are all curious to see what they will achieve and how in their new roles. It will certainly be an interesting process to observe given one of these specific training roles history. A big thank you for them stepping up as they have.
    Community News
    New Modpack for Minecraft
             @AntiMatter is looking to putting together a new Modpack for the unofficial MC server he has been hosting for a while now. Head over to this LINK and vote for the pack you might be interested in playing, but hurry as the poll will only be up for a limited time.
    Steam key giveaways
             It has been a running theme of people giving away steam keys they have acquired but do not wish to use or need themselves, this time the heroes that are giving away free loot are @Sarissa and @LurkerOne. To check out the lists of games see below threads and do not forget to thank them if you find anything that piques your interest.
    Upcoming Events
    INTREP Cover Photo Credit goes to @Sarissa from Vietnamization (UNSUNG) event
    Hope you all had nice holidays and the new year is looking more promising than ever.  - 🐇 Rabit

    INTREP 028

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 1 comment, 5,124 views
    INTREP is a community newsletter which covers all important information regarding FK Gaming. Published bi-weekly, FK's INTREP brings you up to speed with what's happening in your community.
    Meeting Reports
    Staff News
    Community Manager Tasks
    Some of the Community Manager's tasks have changed with the inclusion of the new CMs @Monocled Badger and @Spartan_MiniMe. Visit the Staff Directory to see what tasks are attributed to what Community Manager.
    The holiday season is here, and therefore we may see that some staff are less available. Please keep this is in mind for the upcoming month. A happy staff is a well rested staff that has time to focus on family as well as their responsibilities here. 
    Public Relations Operations
    Ideas for the new year
    As always- PR is accepting any and all ideas and feedback from community members especially as we move forward through the end of 2020 and the start of 2021. What would you like to see more of in the new year? Contact @Rhea or @Deltabacon with any and all suggestions!
    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit
    Trainer's Corner 
    A call for New Trainers
    Following the FAC trainers relinquishing their roles we are now looking for more trainers. If you are not interested in FAC, but have another discipline that you feel you may be capable of teaching- please message the Trainer Herdsmen @Monocled Badger or @Tomo. 
    A Zeus's Guide to LAMBS 
    @Jerichron has published an in depth guide to how to Zeus with our new LAMBS AI. Worth a cursory look through even if you never plan on Zeusing - This guide explains the ins and outs of the new AI. To find this guide, check HERE. To see more guides for other disciplines visit the guide section HERE.
    Squad Leader Tag Evaluation change
    The Squad Lead Trainers have conducted a review of their process and have lowered the minimum required Evaluations for the Squad Leader tag to 2, down from 3. Now is a good time if you've been thinking about going for it but holding it off. For more information feel free to look at the announcement post or the essential information post.
    Community News
    Remember when...
    Huge shout out to Mr.Batty and @Doctadoone for preserving these memories and uploading them for all to see!
    It's been quite a while since our last INTREP. INTREP 027 was published over a month ago now. The reason it's taken so long for this issue to be released was due to other stories taking precedence over the front page of our website. It was more important this month for you to receive those articles than it was to publish an INTREP. That being said- this is the last INTREP of the year and the PR team will be taking the majority of Dec off and picking things back up in January. Happy Holidays everyone!
    - ❤️ Rhea

    FK Secret Santa: Digital Edition

    By Spartan_MiniMe, in Community News, , 0 comments, 2,578 views
    FK Secret Santa
    Due to the ongoing global pandemic, and the stresses that has caused on postal services this year's secret Santa will be a bit different. This year we will allowing only digital gifts to be given via Steam. While we understand that this is a break from the norm, it is a necessary one to keep everyone safe- and to not contribute to the already over stressed postal services across the globe. Despite these changes we hope that we can continue this tradition in good spirit, and celebrate the holiday season together.
    The Process: 
    If you would like to participate in this years Secret Santa please fill out the form below HERE
    You will then be matched up with another participant who you will be responsible for gifting to
    Please do take your time and check not only the information given to you about your gift receiver, but check out their steam Wishlist as well
    Send your gift by Dec 25th 
    The Rules:
    NSFW games are not allowed
    Please stick to games on your receivers Wishlist, or games you really think they will enjoy - gag gifts are fun, but disappointing when expecting a real gift
    Please keep gifts at around £ 20
    Unfortunately, there is no way to send anonymous gifts via steam - so this year will not be so secret but please do not ruin the surprise 
    If you can not give a gift, do not sign up to participate
    For more information or if you have any questions please message @Spartan_MiniMe directly.

    November 2020 Costs & Donations

    By mrrbatty, in Website news, , 2 comments, 3,372 views
    Hello all, I thought it was about time to sit down and update the costs for the FK servers/licenses currently, and let you know a bit about the work I've been doing since taking over from @Mavy. Since taking over from him I've been looking at our current costs (as they have not been updated in 2+ years even after changes in infrastructure) with the Tech team and how to cut some costs, some of which I've already done, and others I still have yet to do. So, let me recap on our changes before I get into the current costings.
    FK 2 has been replaced
    Something I noticed as soon as I looked at our current FK infrastructure is that FK 2, our 'carbon copy' of the ARMA box we use for FK 1, is used perhaps 1% of the time, and was just as expensive as FK 1 to run, clocking in at just over €40 a month. A bit steep, right? Thus last month we didn't renew that box and instead refreshed FK 2 with a virtual server hosted on our lovely Aux server hosted by @kMaNand @Garfield (This also hosts FK ARMA 2/3/4/5, FTP Server, ARMA Admin/ARA Stuff, DCS Server, sometimes Minecraft). This effectively reduces required donations by over 40 euro a month as we are already paying for the FK Aux box. 
    FK Website
    As you may remember, the FK website was running quite slowly 6+ months ago, down to a mix of our provider and generally the FK website framework not being super robust. Before he left, Mavy moved us to a new cloud-based solution which sped up page loading a good amount, however he left shortly after this migration and didn't see the increase in costs caused by this migration, to costing over €100 a month in hosting the website, and associated logging/certificate management/DNS management. This is usually offset by the generous donations we receive, but it is still a large amount of money monthly and something I don't particularly enjoy paying for. Since removing FK 2, cutting this cost is my next task. Short term I will be looking to decrease the amount of resources allocated by this provider to reduce costs, and potentially long term looking at switching provider. 
    Website Modules
    Due to them not being particularly used, I have stopped paying for two website licenses; Videobox and Steam Profiles. This doesn't actually change much as the website will still feature these functions, however they won't be featured in any places and some of the Twitch functionality has been removed as it didn't really work anyway. If any website updates break these further (no license = no support/updates), they will be removed completely.
    Anyway, after those updates, let's move on to the current costs. 
    Updated Costs
    Type Name Collected Monthly Cost License Website License 6 Monthly (€40) €6.70 License Website Module - Awards Yearly (€7) €0.60 License Website Module - Automation Rules Yearly (€25) €2.10 License Website Module - TS Yearly (€15) €1.25 License Website Module - Discord Yearly (€10) €0.84 Hosting Website Monthly €134.30 Hosting FK ARMA 1 Monthly €41.00 Hosting Teamspeak Monthly €6.00 License Teamspeak Yearly (€0) €0.00 Hosting Bot Server Monthly €3.00 Hosting Email Hosting Monthly €5.00 Hosting FK Aux Server Monthly €92.10 Montly Total €292.89 Thus the new donations total will be €293, for ease (€0.11 buys me a beer in like, a year right?). I completely admit that this increased goal is a lot to do with the website hosting, so it will be rectified as soon as I have time to figure it out.
    Updating the donations page
    One of the points in passing from Mavy when he left was his plan to merge all the donations goals back into a singular goal for ease, and I agree with his intentions. This will make donations much easier to manage in the future, ensure costs are distributed evenly between FK 'services', and I will continue to ensure that costs are passed to kMaN and Garfield to pay for the Aux server (as they are kind enough to host that for us). 
    To conclude...
    That was a lot to take in! I'm glad you stuck around to read all this boring stuff. As always, my DMs are open for you to slide into if you'd like to discuss any of this, or reach me on Discord.
    Everyone who donates to FK has my eternal gratitude for continuing to host a community I'm proud to be a part of.

    November 2020 Modpack

    By Tomo, in Community News, , 0 comments, 3,113 views
    After many weeks of hard work, it's here! The latest update to our main Arma modpack. This modpack is the result of the second iteration of our Mod Testing Team process, and I would like to thank all who contributed for their hard work during the process. It's not a massive overhaul of an update, but we're adding a few interesting mods with some new toys to play with, as well as welcoming back a few older maps we've not had since 2018, so older members can look forward to some nostalgia there! The biggest addition of toys is likely Project Blufor, which cleverly uses gear from various mods we already have along with some high quality retextures and guns used with permission from other mods to create a number of new, mostly European factions! Highlights include French units with FAMAS', Czechs with CZ Bren's, and Canadians with C7s!
    One final notable addition is that of LAMBS_Danger.fsm. This is an AI enhancement mod that works alongside Zeus with new waypoints and modules along with tweaking their default behaviour in combat scenarios to bring a much more interesting and intelligent enemy. Zeuses do be sure to be aware of your smartened up tools, and players look forward to more challenging and varied encounters!
    While it may look like we've added a lot of mods but not lost a lot, the data size of the modpack has stayed more or less the same, at roughly 63GB. For those interested, here are some stats:
    Old (April) Modset Size (MB):  62809
    New Mods (MB):  5141
    Removed Mods (MB):  4799
    New Modset Size (MB):  63151
    Current (April) Mods Count: 47 
    New Modset Count: 54 (5 removed, 11 added)
    Anyway, on to the main details! This new modset will be live on FK1 from Monday, the 23rd of November. Updates to various internal mods and changes to the servers will happen at some point after main the previous day, and before the next main mission.
    Below you will find a full list of what's come and gone, but the important parts are next: Mod Presets!
    The simplest way to get the new modset ready will be to import our new official FK Modset November 2020 HTML file. Instructions on how to do this can be found here. Remember we will not be using this preset until Monday the 23rd.
    Because FK Mods is still being used for main missions until release date, if you want try out the new mods on the second server in the meantime you will need to use the FK 2 PRERELEASE Week Preset. Please only use this preset if you want to try out the new mods on FK2 before full release on FK1, where both servers will use the main preset from the above point.
    A3 Thermal Improvement (Formerly whitelisted only) Distrikt 41 - Ruegen Em_Buildings (Dependency for Distrikt 41) F/A-18 Super Hornet 2020 (replacing the abandoned version we currently have) Isla Abramia Isla Duala LAMBS_Danger.fsm Napf Island A3 Portable Drone Project Blufor Project - Future Vertical Lift Removed
    F/A-18 Super Hornet Federally Administered Tribal Areas (aka PR FATA) FRXA TFAR Retextured Equipment Mull of Kintyre SFP: Swedish Forces Pack  

    New Community Managers Announcement

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 6 comments, 2,183 views
    Please welcome @Monocled Badger and @Spartan_MiniMe to the Community Manager Team!
              Badger is a veteran most known for his ability to teach and explain Arma 3 disciplines in guides. He currently is a Basic Trainer and a Squad Lead Trainer. Badger has been part of the community for 3 years off and on, and during his down time he enjoys crocheting.
              Spartan has held many roles within FK, from Medic Trainer to Moderator and we're happy to see him now pick up the mantle of Community Manager. Spartan is most known for his notable contributions to his roles, and his love for Anime. Spartan lives in California USA making him the first Community Manager from the United States of America.
    Please allow our new CMs to settle into their roles before bombarding them with questions and demands.
    Welcome to the team gentlemen! 

    Photo credit to @Timberhawk

    Running Man 2035 2nd Annual Charity Event

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 0 comments, 1,822 views
    November 1st kicks off the start to our 2nd Annual Running Man Charity Event!
    Saturday November 7th 4pm GMT
    The event will be streamed live on twitch.tv/fkgaming_eu
    7 Runners, 5 Hunters, 1 Winner! 
    Watch as Oper8 Heaven Hunters chase down:
    -FK Gaming
    -Tactical Training Team
    -Taskforce Auscorp
    -Team Brrt
    Those who perform the best will reap their rewards: prizes ranging from DLC to a signed photo from the Mayor of Aberystwyth to a limited edition print from a top UK artist!
    PLUS : Prizes for top Donators!
    The highest individual donator will win an Arma DLC of their choice!
    The community who donates the most collectively (be sure to list your group/unit when donating) will win a 3 month dedicated server from ArmaHosts!
    PLUS!!! If we surpass our €2000 goal that prize DOUBLES into a 6 MONTH dedicated server!!
    Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) provides medical care worldwide to people affected by conflict & disasters. MSF has been busier than ever during the Covid-19 Pandemic providing support around the world to keep essential medical services running smoothly. To read more about their response to Covid-19 visit their website HERE. Please take a moment, even if you do not plan on donating to read about MSF and the work they do. 
    Visit the Donation page
    Don't forget to list your group/unit when donating
    Thank you for helping us support such a worthy cause!


    INTREP 027

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 0 comments, 1,527 views
    INTREP is a community newsletter which covers all important information regarding FK Gaming. Published bi-weekly, FK's INTREP brings you up to speed with what's happening in your community.
    Meeting Reports
    Staff News
    Community Manager Election Update
    Applications for the vacant Community Manager positions have closed on Tuesday October 27th. Applications will now be forwarded to the Think Tank for deliberation until Sunday November 8th. The Announcement for the new Community Managers will be made on Monday November 16th. Good Luck to all the applicants!
    Public Relations Operations
    Jerichron's Spooky Spectacular
    Join us on Oct 31st during first main mission for Jeri's Spooky Spectacular, and Arma mission that will be sure to cause a few girly screams. We will be streaming the event live on our twitch so if you can't make it in person- be sure to join us in the chat! 
    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit
    Trainer's Corner 
    This is why we have co-pilots!
    Rotary wing tag holder @Rabit Salvokelk looses consciousness mid flight, his co-pilot @Tomo quickly takes control of the bird to keep it from falling out of the sky. This is why we have co-pilots! If you're interested in Rotary Wing training check out the Flight Training Discord!
    Community News
    Wattsits is promoted to the rank of Veteran
    After years of faithful service, @Wattsits has now joined the rank of Veteran along side his duties as Rotary Wing Trainer he will now be responsible for creating private rooms and complaining about the kids walking on his grass. Congratulations Wattsits.
    Liberation - Lythium

    Our forces are making good progress through Lythium. For modset and server information visit the forums here! Join our army as we fight to liberate this area!
    Gaming News
    Steam Halloween Sale!
    Steam's Halloween Sale is now live until November 2nd. Below I've linked just a few games that I've noticed people play on FK that you might be interested in. Check them out!
    No Man's Sky £19.99 / $29.99
    Red Dead Redemption 2 £36.84 / $40.19
    THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT £10.49 / $14.99
    Deep Rock Galactic  £17.49 / $20.99
    Borderlands 3 £24.99 / $29.99
    Monster Hunter: World  £16.49 / $19.79
    RimWorld £25.01 / $31.49
    Stellaris £8.74 / $9.99
    Hearts of Iron IV £8.74 / $9.99
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege £6.79 / $7.99
    Elite Dangerous £4.99 / $7.49
    Hell Let Loose £18.74 / $22.49
    Barotrauma £10.74 / $14.99
    Golf With Your Friends £7.36 / $10.04
    BattleTech £8.74 / $9.99
    INTREP Cover Photo Credit goes to @Jerichron titled: Teaser Picture from his upcoming event "Jerichron's Spooky Spectacular"
    Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope you all get a chance to eat way too much candy and binge watch all the scary movies.  - ❤️ Rhea

    INTREP 026

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 1 comment, 3,475 views
    INTREP is a community newsletter which covers all important information regarding FK Gaming. Published bi-weekly, FK's INTREP brings you up to speed with what's happening in your community.
    Recently many members of FK Gaming have been affected by a Steam hack. Do not click on any links given to you via Steam. If in doubt, always verify via TS or Discord with the person sending you the message. If you have already encountered this bot and did click on the link sent to you- change your password immediately and set up 2 factor authentication.  
    Meeting Reports
    Staff News
    Community Manager Applications are open now
    Applications for Community Managers are now live. Applications will close Tuesday, October 27th. To apply visit the forums HERE.
    Vericht Steps Down from Community Manager
    After years of dedication to his various roles within the FK Staff Team and Training Team @Vericht has decided to step down. He will now take up the role as Veteran. Thank you for all of your hard work Vericht. 
    Public Relations Operations
    Friday Night Fight 
    Friday Night Fights will continue with @Griffin68965 as team captain. If you are interested in representing FK Gaming in these TVT missions please message any PR officer or Liaison. The next FNF event has been published to the calendar, to view the event and RSVP check HERE.
    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit
    Community News
    New Liberation Rule Set
    After months of deliberation the Moderator team and the CM Team have finalized the Liberation Ruleset. If you wish to play Liberation on FK Servers please read over the ruleset linked below. If you have any questions or need help understanding the rules please contact a moderator or post your question to the #staffquestions channel on the discord. Your lack of knowledge or understanding of these rules is not an excuse for breaking them. 
    Mod Testing Update
    FK2 Server will be locked for mod testing for the next few weeks. The mod testing team has been hard at work going through each mod one by one and providing useful guidance and feedback. To see if a mod you've suggested has been denied, check the thread below. Things are well underway, and should be able to produce the next modset by early November. 
    Show off your Mask! 
    Even through having to wear a mask in public sucks, we all know this is our new "normal". Our lives are forever changed by the Covid-19 pandemic, but that doesn't mean it all has to be doom and gloom. Check out @WateryFox's thread here and share your masks!
    Representing FK Gaming in the Field! 
    Looking good @SilentGunner13

    Hope everyone has a great week! Next INTREP will be a special SPOOKY edition, can't wait! ❤️Rhea
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