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    INTREP 021

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 0 comments, 2,051 views
    INTREP is a community newsletter which covers all important information regarding FK Gaming. Published bi-weekly, FK's INTREP brings you up to speed with what's happening in your community.
    Meeting Reports
    Public Relations Operations
    INTREP Questionnaire
             Thank you so much for your feedback on the INTREP Questionnaire. After consideration from your feedback and feedback of the Public Relations Team and Staff Team, we've decided to stick with bi-weekly INTREPs. In additions, INTREPs will not be sent via E-mail notification but instead will be announced via our Twitter Account- if you are not already following and receiving notifications now might be a good time. In addition INTREPs have been and will continue to be announced via discord, ensure that you do not mute the "announcements" channel to get up-to-date announcements. 
    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit
    Friday the 31st - Halo Custom Events - Hosted by @Spartan_MiniMe 
    Saturday the 1st - Basic Training - Hosted by @Monocled Badger
    Sunday the 2nd - Space Station 13 - Hosted by @Spalone
    Keep an eye on the FKGaming Event's Calendar for upcoming events and training! 
    Trainer's Corner
    New Trainers
             As always there have been great strides taken to ensure that training will be available to all who are interested in it. To this end- 4 new trainers have been appointed. @BonSie is joining the Fixed Wing Trainer team, @Wattsits is joining the Rotary Wing Trainer team and @OneMadPanda and @colt92 are joining the Armor Trainer team. Please give these guys some time to get settled into their new roles before poking them too much. If you have any questions regarding training materials visit our Guide Section, to request a training or evaluation please see our Training Section. Congratulations gentlemen- we have no doubts that you will perform well in your new roles. 
    Community News
             Docta has an update for us regarding the new patches: "So there has been some news! For those of you who wanted new patches, congratulations! An order has gone out for manufacture with velcro backing. As soon as they're in my possession I'll get into contact with all who requested them and start shipping! Should be about a week and change I'm thinking. I wanted to do the new ones first as a lot of the old patches are still in circulation and it only felt fair to get the new ones out first. However this is a much smaller production batch and as a result over half of the new patches are already spoken for so get those names in if you want one!" @Doctadoone to see the full thread, or order your own FK patch check out Docta's thread HERE.
    INTREP Cover Photo Credit - @Articwinter - "Untitled"
    As always, thanks for reading! - ❤️ Rhea

    INTREP 020

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 0 comments, 2,992 views
    Meeting Reports
    Staff News
    Staff Directory Updated
             Our new Community Managers @Rabit Salvokelk, @Cyico, and @OneMadPanda have settled in nicely to their new roles. You can view specific tasks they are responsible for on the Staff Directory page. 
    Public Relations Operations
    Attention all Streamers
             The Public Relations Team wants to remind you to share your twitch handles! Also don't forget that you can share your clips on the twitch clips thread. We are always looking for great content to promote our community! Please keep in mind - to be a twitch streamer promoted by official FK Gaming accounts you must be following our Twitch Streamer Guidelines.
    Siege Tournament Update
             The Siege tournament has now moved into the playoff stages, with everything still to play for. The semi-final will be broadcast live this saturday on our Twitch channel, and if you would like further details, you can checkout the event details here.

    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit
    Trainers Corner
    Badger needs more homework!
             Ever have a question about Arma but couldn't find an answer in the guides? @Monocled Badger is looking for your input. As a veteran, squad lead trainer, and basic trainer Badger is also known for his wide range of well written guides. Be sure to check out his thread here and contribute to the conversation!
    Awarded Tags
             Tags awarded from June 15th to July 14th. Congratulations and good work to all new tag holders!
    @kMaN - Medic , @NaWry - Fixed Wing Pilot , @L00_Cyph3r - Medic , @Slim - Medic , @OneMadPanda - Medic , @sh4rdknight - Medic , @andyt90 - Medic , @Jerichron - Squad Leader , @Vent - Team Leader , @Silberjojo - Squad Lead
    Reminder for anyone looking to obtain tags of any discipline to check out the training forums, and get in contact with trainers. 
    Team Lead and Squad Lead Refreshers
             Feeling like you could do with a refresh of your Squad Leading or Team Leading skills? The Squad Lead Trainers have recently added the option to ask for a review to their application form.  You can ask that the trainer focuses on something specific, like general planning, or you can leave it general.
    Community News
    Bored After Main Missions?
             For the past few months, a sizable group of FK member's have gathered in discord to share what they are playing after Main Missions. Whether they were gathering feedback about their RimWorld colonies, or asking for advice about their Elite Dangerous ship's build, or just enjoying watching others play - this new way of sharing content with others is fairly new to FK. For the longest time our "voice" channels on discord have gone empty as nearly everyone would rather speak on TeamSpeak than discord. Jump in sometime, and don't forget to mute so you're not transmitting your voice over both TS and Discord at the same time! Who knows, maybe you'll find a new game that you would enjoy! Not a member of our Discord? No problem- I've got you!
    Card's Against FK
             A while back our longtime tech @anden3 made this thread in search of community input into our new cards against FK pack. For thous of you unaware of what Card's against FK is- it is in essence a custom "cards against humanity" game mode that runs in your browser. Many laughs have been had over the years from our last pack, and hopefully many more to be had with our new pack! 
    Cover Photo Credit to @Sarissa "A Russian sniper lines up his shot." Posted to the Screen Shot Thread - 7/11/20
    To keep the INTREPs community focused I wanted to ask your opinions about how to move forward. If you have a moment please check out the INTREP Questionnaire. Any feedback will be appreciated! 
    Thanks again for reading! - ❤️ Rhea

    New Community Managers Announcement

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 1 comment, 4,488 views
    On Sunday, July 5th 2020  at 2pm BST, our new Community Managers were named!

    OneMadPanda, Rabit_Salvokelk & Cyico,
    congratulations on your appointment as Community Managers!
    An interview with the newest custodians of our community went live at the same time on our Youtube Channel, have a look and get to know our new Community Managers!
    Congratulations to our new Community Managers - and a thank you for all who applied. 

    FK joins Friday Night Fight - Weekly TvT event

    By Chuck Yeager, in Community News, , 0 comments, 3,882 views
    Hosted every friday, Friday Night Fight (FNF) is a big recurring TvT brawl bringing multiple ARMA3 communities together, with only one team taking home victory at the end of the fight. FNF hosts missions in EU and NA timezone and FK is joining the fight this friday, July 3rd.
    FNF has been a long standing event with a strong return rate of players. Initially mainly NA focused with a weekly event that has been running for a few years already, FNF is now expanding to EU timezone again with the first event starting July 3th. Anyone from FK can join and will represent our community. There is no minimum number of people required to attend. In three rounds of 45 minutes each, teams will decide who is the greatest in battle.
    Practical information
    Event start
    July 3th, 8pm UK time
    Each event, one player from each community will be selected as leader to make sure the event runs smoothly. Said leader will make sure his community joins the right team, will pass on information from FNF admins to their players, and will oversee any issue. This will most likely be a FK staff members, but a trusted FK community member can be asked to take this spot as well. As we're invited by the team behind FNF, breaking one of their rules will result in the same consequences as if you would break rules on an FK server.
    Please read the FNF rules.
    Additional information
    Discord link

    Password: on their discord in #server-information

    FNF even gets shoutcasted weekly. Their last event was set in a WWII environment. Check out the recording below:
    Joining FNF is a great way to gauge interest in ARMA3 PvP missions. The first event at July 3th could be the start of a recurring visit to the FNF battlefield. If you're interested in shooting some actually skilled enemies, please RSVP using the event in our calendar. This will help us estimate our number of attendance. Let's show them how it's done.
    header image provided by Ceb Cin

    Rainbow Six Siege - Community Tournament

    By Deltabacon, in Community News, , 12 comments, 3,479 views
    Welcome, one and all, to the FK Gaming R6:S Community Tournament.
    This will be a tournament that allows anyone in FK to join and enjoy a few competitive but good-natured games of Rainbow Six Siege as we enter into Year 5, Season 2.
    The format of the competition will depend on how many teams sign up.
              2 Teams = A Best of 5 Showmatch, 1 day affair.
              3 Teams = A weekend round-robin of Best Of 1’s, followed by a Best Of 3 Grand final.
              4+ Teams = A long-form tournament which will consist of a few weeks of round-robin Best of 3 matches, then a playoffs/finals weekend.
    Siege-Specific Ruleset can be found here: Rules 
              All matches involving EU teams will take place on EU-West servers, unless a fully NA team signs up. In that scenario, a coin toss will be conducted to determine which server is played on, EU West or NA East. In the case of a Best of 3 or 5, the host server will rotate each map. Ace and Melusi will be quarantined since they have not been vetted as competitively viable, but that means that Oryx and Iana are fine to use! Due to ongoing issues with clash's shield glitching, Clash will also be quarantined for this event.
              Games will be played at 5pm BST (UTC + 1) on Saturdays, starting from the 27th of June. There will be a captains meeting around 10 minutes prior to kick-off to talk through any events or things to take note of at 4.50pm on matchdays. 
              When signing up, your Uplay name is required so that we can seed the tournament, and have an indicator in the case of 4+ teams signing up of what games are likely to be the most competitive. If you do not have a team, that is completely fine, you have time to form one, or to register as an individual whom we can try and fit with a team. 
              Signup Sheet for already-made teams: Sign-Up Sheet (teams)
              Signup Sheet for individuals looking for a team: Sign-Up Sheet (individuals)
    Would you like to keep up to date?
              Depending on tournament format, most matches will be streamed (with a 3 min delay) to FK Gaming Twitch, with a full commentary and observation team.
    Are you excited? Thinking of applying? What do you think of the new Operators? Let us know below!

    INTREP 019

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 0 comments, 2,220 views
    Meeting Reports
    Staff News
    CM Applications
    Discussions continue in the Think Thank regarding the Community Manager applications. We thank all the veterans, staff, former staff, and other Think Tank participants for their input on these applications. Think Tank discussions will be concluded Sunday the 28th of June. Voting will then commence among the current Community Manager Team, the Moderators, and the Admin. There is no solid date when a decision will be made, but we can expect to hear something a week after voting begins. 
    New Public Relations Officer
    @Deltabacon has been appointed to the position of Public Relations Officer. He has hit the ground running and has already completely overhauled our Twitch and is currently organizing our very first siege tournament with the support of his co-workers in the PR Team. Congratulations Delta! 
    Public Relations Operations
    FK Twitch gets a makeover
    @Deltabacon has completely overhauled our stream package including all graphics. Expect to see more activity on our Twitch than ever. If you are not following us, then what are you waiting for? 

    Siege tournament 
    Preparations for the FK Gaming Inaugural Siege Tournament are almost complete! Sign-ups are going very well with 4 teams already signed up. We’re very excited to get the tournament underway on the 27th! Get more information here.

    Nostalgia Hits FK
    After the release of C&C Red Alert I was hit by a wave of nostalgia bringing me back to when I first fell in love with gaming. I wanted to revel in easier and simpler times so I asked all of you: "What made you a life long gamer?" Here are some of the answers. 
    Trainer's Corner 
    New tag appointees will now be recognized in upcoming INTREPs
    To acquire tags in any discipline it takes time, effort, and skill. New tag appointees will now be recognized in the last INTREP of the month starting now. We want to be able to take our time to congratulate those who put in the work and have earned their tags. If you're interested in gaining tags for any discipline please check out our training area on the forums.
    Medical Training Team Update
    The surge of new medic evals and training sessions has been handled and @Griffin68965 has stepped down, allowing @FloofyFloof to be appointed to Medical Trainer.  Though things have been rocky for the Medical Training Team here recently, the training team and the staff team are confident the hardest part is behind us. 
    Community Spotlight
    The Siege of Madrigal | A story in ArmA 3 Milsim - Miffidruf
    @Miffidurf has made this awesome youtube video showcasing one of our recent Operation Trebuchet Missions! Check it out and show him some support!
    Elite Dangerous Squadron
    We now have an official FK Gaming Squadron on Elite Dangerous. To join all you have to do is search "FK Gaming" under Squadrons. If you would like more information contact @Rabit Salvokelk or @Rhea. Please remember that to join this Squadron you must be active in FK for at least 1 month. (Reg tags are not required)
    Sorry about the late INTREP guys but we wanted to make sure the Rainbow Six Siege Tournament got the proper amount of attention on the front page. Due to this our next INTREP will come out on the 13th of July - and that will be the ONLY issue for that month. INTREP schedule will return to normal in August. 

    INTREP 018

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 0 comments, 4,697 views
    Meeting Reports
    Staff News
    Community Manager Applications
    Please remember that the Community Manager applications remain open, but will be closing soon. If you are interested in becoming a Community Manager please fill out an application here. 
    Showing appreciation - @kMaN 
    It's always a good thing to see when community members go out of their way to show appreciation for a staff member who has gone above and beyond the duties of their roles. That's what @Servok did in the community feedback forum in a thread aptly named "kMaN you a Fucking Great Cunt".
    kMaN joined us as part of the BSO merger back in Oct 2018 since then he has been the keeper of the boxes, the restarter of the servers, and the go-to guy when something just isn't quite working right. kMaN responds to any request or question with immediate action. We are blessed to have this man be a part of FK Gaming and are thrilled to call him a part of our Staff. Thank you for all you do kMaN! 
    Public Relations Operations
    Operation: Planting the Sead featuring Oper8Heaven and Team Brrrt
    Our event on Saturday went great! A few hiccups here and there were expected and some great feedback has been gathered by our guests and community members ensuring a smoother more enjoyable mission for all in the future. All-in-all it seems everyone enjoyed the Event and are looking forward to more in the future! If you have any mission ideas, or maybe know a unit or clan that would be interested in participating please contact @Rhea. 
    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit
    Trainer's Corner
    Team Lead/2IC changes 
    Since getting his role as Squad Lead Trainer @Monocled Badger has been busy at work updating the training guides. In his article "Team Leader Tag & Process Changes" he states:
    "As a result of the modern template being 10-man with 2 fire-teams, the old 2IC tag was grandfathered into the Team Lead role. However after discussions with members of the  community and the other Squad Lead trainers, there is a concern that the grandfathering and conception of the 2IC role does not fit the current role of a Team Leader - additionally there is often confusion of what the Team Lead role exactly does and their place in the Squad due to the grandfathering/conflating it with the 2IC role that previously existed.
    We seek to remedy this by two methods.
    Publish Material on the role and responsibilities of a Team Leader Change the evaluation process for Team Leader Tags and slightly alter Squad Leader Tag acquisition as a result."  Regardless of your interest in team leading or squad leading please take a moment to read through these articles as it will effect every squad member. "
    @Garfield Joins the Squad Lead Trainer Team
    Alongside @Monocled Badger . @BigT and @Servok Garfield is now a Squad Lead Trainer. If you have any questions for the trainers, or wish to request a training or evaluation please visit the FK Squad Lead/Platoon Lead Training Discord.
    @Hyxogen joins the RTO Trainer Team
    He will be available immediately to schedule RTO training sessions or evaluations, alongside the current RTO trainers. If you would like to schedule RTO training or evaluations please message an RTO trainer on the forums. For more information about what RTO does and guides please visit the training forums.
    CSAR Tags have been removed
    After months of discussions, the Medical Training Team has decided to do away with CSAR Tags. With CSAR missions being few and far between, and the role requiring no more medical knowledge than that of a medic tag holder- the time has come to retire the tag. The new slotting procedure for CSAR missions will proceed as follows:
    The leader of the CSAR group: Medical and leadership tags (both at the same time) Medical tags Regs+ Everyone Regular CSAR team members will be slotted as medics If you have any questions about the CSAR procedures, or Medical Training in general please visit the FK Medical Training Discord.
    Community News
    @Monocled Badger is promoted to the rank of veteran!
    During his 3 year tenure as a community regular Badger has devoted his time and effort to making countless Arma 3 guides and has taken a proactive approach to training and guiding new players. Please congratulate him on his promotion when you see him next! 
    Gaming News
    Tarkov update released and global character wipe
    Borderlands: The Handsome Collection FREE on the Epic Games Store
    Command and Conquer Remastered Collection out June 5th - Pre-Order available on Steam
    INTREP CoverPhoto Credit - @Mittens "We killed two groups and extracted." To see some of Mitten's exploits in Tarkov check out his Youtube Channel!

    INTREP 017

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 1 comment, 1,836 views
    Meeting Reports
    Staff News
    Andy Steps Down
              It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that @andyt90 will be stepping down from his roles as CM and Squad Lead trainer. He will remain in post for a few days after this announcement to tie up any loose ends. Andy has served as a staff member since Moderators were first introduced. He has been with the community through thick and thin, and has had enormous resolve to endure all his positions have thrown at him. We would all like to thank him a hundred times over for the time and effort he has put into making this community a better place for all, and look forward to continuing to hear his shouty squad leading for some time.
    Think Tank Applications
          Due to a few changes within the Think Tank memberships we are again advertising that applications are always open. Apply Here.
    Public Relations Operations
    TeamBrrrt and Oper8Heaven will join us for a main mission
              On Saturday May 30th TeamBrrrt and Oper8Heaven will join FK Gaming in an event mission Zeus'd by @Wattsits. Check out the calendar for more information!
    @Legendo Takes over as Public Relations Liaison.
              Legendo will be taking over for @andyt90 as Public Relations Liaison. Any issues or concerns regarding the Public Relations Team please contact him. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or topics that the PR team might be interested in please forward them to @Chuck Yeager or @Rhea.
    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit
    Trainer's Corner
    Basic trainer tag
              Basic Trainers now have a tag! @ThePointForward @Jerichron and @Monocled Badger now have a dedicated tag for Basic Training. This tags is for the trainers only. There will not be a "basic training" tag given to thous who have passed training at this time. 
    Squad Lead Training Changes
              @Monocled Badger Has been promoted to Squad Lead Trainer along side @BigT and @Servok. We wish him well in his new position. To request Squad Lead training or evaluations please fill out this form. 
    Command Training Discord
              Command Training - PLT and SL now have their own shared training discord. If you're interested in SL or PLT training, or have a question for the trainers you can join their discord here.
    Guide: What to ask during briefing
              @Monocled Badger has made a detailed guide on what Squad Leaders should be considering during PLT briefing. Definitely worth a read if you're planning on Squad Leading! Read more here.
              Starting this week, the two "trainer herders" @Tomo and @ThePointForward will be conducting a trainer review. This review will include speaking to each trainer individually and asking a number of questions to check up on how they are coping. Trainers, expect to be reached out to shortly. 
    Meet-Up Update
    2020 Meet-Up Officially Cancelled
             " So pretty much the inevitable time has come to say the 2020 meetup is going to have to be cancelled. As it stands anyone coming from outside of the UK would need to go through a 14 day isolation and IMO if it was UK only people I believe we would struggle to get the 15 required to book the air-soft site (if it even reopens). I will be contacting John to inform him as he hasn't indicated our booking was cancelled at all yet due to circumstances. We will probably wait until this whole Corona issue dissipates to make any decisions/announcements about a 2021 meetup, but hopefully with this years being cancelled more can make it next year for an even bigger and better one! Hope everyone is well and staying safe, you bunch of nerds..." - @Winters (Benji) 10/05/2020
              For more information about the Meet-up please visit the Meet-Up Discord
    INTREP Photo Credit - @Articwinter "A trip to the mountings of Vinje on a day off"

    Community Behaviour Update

    By mrrbatty, in Community News, , 4 comments, 3,075 views
    Hello folks, today I'd like to write a short message to the community regarding things I've witnessed being said to the staff team in the last month or so, and from general feedback I've had from the staff team.
    As the "admin" for FK now, my main responsibility is managing the day to day technical jobs that FK requires, however I also find myself trying to ensure that the staff team can perform their jobs as easily as possible, and are as low-stress as they can be. After all, every staff member is a volunteer for this community, and simply want FK to continue to be a fun and happy place to hang out, talk smack to friends, and play games in. What I've found in the last month (and that I saw as well during my time as a Technician) is that there is a select few members of the community that try and make staff members lives hard, continually challenging them over the smallest things, acting as if they are above other members of the community, and generally not treating the staff team with a basic level of respect I would expect volunteers who work to make the community to be better - to be treated.
    So consider this a gentle reminder to anyone who thinks they shouldn't be treating staff with basic levels of respect, that you should be. I have heard plenty of stories lately of staff members feeling that all their work for the community gets critiqued a lot for tiny, mundane reasons, and if all the work you did was treated like that, I'm sure you'd feel the same. Remember that even if you don't agree with something in the community, you can work together with staff to highlight your questions over a piece of work/staff decision, rather than start critiquing it without any effort to fix the problem.
    Staff keep FK running, and do a lot of work people don't ever see in the background to keep the community a fun place to be (I can confirm this, sitting in on 3+ hour staff meetings every week), so make sure you remember that going forward.
    And as an extra reminder going forward, I want to highlight a saying I think still holds true today, said by some of our original founders Mavy & GreybeardRalph a long time ago; "The time you spend in FK is a privilege, not a right".
    I know staff members have to put up with a lot of things they shouldn't have to, and I know first hand that it has been extremely hard on them at points. I am happy to advise the staff team going forward that if a community member is causing more harm than good in regards to causing problems with staff for no justified reason, they will be told to sit outside of the community for a period of time to think about all of the work that the staff team do for them, for the good of them, and the community.
    To wrap this post up, if you do appreciate the work that the staff team do for you, and raise any issues you have in a straightforward and sensible way to them - thank you. You are the kind of community member that I know all of the staff team enjoy working for, to make your time as happy as possible whilst hanging around here. I'm sure just about everyone reading this post is that person. But take a moment to think of the work the staff team does and the fact that they are human beings too, just like you. 
    - mrrbatty
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