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    November 2020 Modpack

    After many weeks of hard work, it's here! The latest update to our main Arma modpack. This modpack is the result of the second iteration of our Mod Testing Team process, and I would like to thank all who contributed for their hard work during the process. It's not a massive overhaul of an update, but we're adding a few interesting mods with some new toys to play with, as well as welcoming back a few older maps we've not had since 2018, so older members can look forward to some nostalgia there! The biggest addition of toys is likely Project Blufor, which cleverly uses gear from various mods we already have along with some high quality retextures and guns used with permission from other mods to create a number of new, mostly European factions! Highlights include French units with FAMAS', Czechs with CZ Bren's, and Canadians with C7s!

    One final notable addition is that of LAMBS_Danger.fsm. This is an AI enhancement mod that works alongside Zeus with new waypoints and modules along with tweaking their default behaviour in combat scenarios to bring a much more interesting and intelligent enemy. Zeuses do be sure to be aware of your smartened up tools, and players look forward to more challenging and varied encounters!


    While it may look like we've added a lot of mods but not lost a lot, the data size of the modpack has stayed more or less the same, at roughly 63GB. For those interested, here are some stats:

    Old (April) Modset Size (MB):  62809

    New Mods (MB):  5141

    Removed Mods (MB):  4799

    New Modset Size (MB):  63151

    Current (April) Mods Count: 47 

    New Modset Count: 54 (5 removed, 11 added)


    Anyway, on to the main details! This new modset will be live on FK1 from Monday, the 23rd of November. Updates to various internal mods and changes to the servers will happen at some point after main the previous day, and before the next main mission.

    Below you will find a full list of what's come and gone, but the important parts are next: Mod Presets!


    The simplest way to get the new modset ready will be to import our new official FK Modset November 2020 HTML file. Instructions on how to do this can be found here. Remember we will not be using this preset until Monday the 23rd.


    Because FK Mods is still being used for main missions until release date, if you want try out the new mods on the second server in the meantime you will need to use the FK 2 PRERELEASE Week Preset. Please only use this preset if you want to try out the new mods on FK2 before full release on FK1, where both servers will use the main preset from the above point.






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