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    A Welcome to our new Community Managers

    By BDFoster, in Community News, , 3 comments, 2,299 views
    Please give a warm welcome to @Tomoand @Legendoas our new Community Managers. We had a short interview with them to give them a chance to introduce themselves to you, which you can read in this article below. Don't forget to leave a comment and congratulate them on their new positions.
    Tomo, FK's Resident Tag Collector now has one of the highest tags there is, except Server Admin! He's been with us since 2017 and a veteran since 2018. Having put in a lot to this community he's taking a step up from veteran and is joining the Community Managers.
    Hi Tomo, can you give a brief introduction of yourself?
    "Hey FK! If you don't know me, I'm Tomo and I'm 25 and from Wales (fluent in Welsh too!). I joined FK in March 2017, after watching a number of Cyanide's streams playing here. Arma 3 was going cheap in a Humble Bundle sale at the time (Best ~£10 I ever spent), and after a few hours with friends I jumped in here and have been around almost constantly since!
    While in FK I quickly became interested in a number of roles ingame and started trying to improve at them all. This eventually lead to the ongoing meme of me having a tag in each category/discipline. I have genuine interest in each role so having them means I'm able to get priority for most all roles if they come up and I'm interested to play them. Through this I also became a trainer for 3 separate disciplines simultaneously (Platoon Leading, FAC and Zeus). I stepped away from those after some time but recently I'm back as a Platoon trainer and now as a CM I can hopefully support all trainers in their work too.
    Other than Arma I'm a big fan of a few less obvious game series, including Minecraft, Pokemon and Smash Bros. If you wanna fight me in the latter two sometime then bring it on ?"
    What can you bring to the table as a new Community Manager?
    "I believe I can bring some more technical knowledge of the inner workings of Arma to the CM team, as well as a strong drive and passion to see our missions flourish in diversity and skill.
    As a non staff member for my time here I might be able to raise or resolve issues that I believe have gone unnoticed or sidelined, instead of just bothering the CM team about them constantly!
    Also while most existing staff are plenty approachable I do hope that people will be able to come to me with issues they might not have wanted to bring to others for whatever reason. I pride myself on doing my best to improve based on constructive criticism and this is a big part of how I want to be as a CM."
    What do you look forward to the most in your new role?
    "I look forward to working closely with the rest of the staff team as true/official colleagues finally. With them I aim and hope to keep pushing FK to newer, greater heights!
    I'm also quite passionate about many Arma topics and genuinely look forward to taking a more active role in the decision making and implementation process, as it's something I enjoy! From the bottom of my heart, I am so, so grateful for this opportunity."
    If you would be the glorious ruler of FK for one day, the sole CM in charge of any decision, what new feature would you implement?
    "Remove BFT and GPS by default in missions and laugh as everyone got lost! ?"
    Legendo, who became a moderator nearly a year ago in 2019 , has shot up the ladder from regular to Community Manager! Having also been with us since 2017, he shows his love through yelling and can now direct that love to making this community even better!
    Same questions for you, Legendo, who are you, and what made you join this community?
    "Well when I first join'd it was at august 2017 from watching Cyanides stream and figured this place seems worth giving it a shot and ever since then I havent regretted that decision. Then I became a mod a year ago and spent my time the best I could to improving the community as a member of staff. "
    What can you bring to the table as a new Community Manager?
    "I like to get the job done ASAP day 1 at least with my own assignments so we wont have to many days or weeks waiting for a responds from the team. I am interacting with the community a lot which makes me easily approachable and open minded so I wouldnt brush off any requests or suggestions so dont be shy or afraid to bring it up to me. People need to be more relaxed and open to staff and they themselves. Being a mod for a year in the FK community has learned me a lot on how its run and how the members see it and hopefully I can bring a change to that."
    What do you look forward to the most in your new role?
    "Keeping the community healthy and growing as much as possible since its a really big community and it needs to be treated with care. I still am gonna be the same person when I was a mod but this time being able to move the community forward with the rest of the community members not to far behind us making it a enjoyable place to be. "
    If you would be the glorious ruler of FK for one day, the sole CM in charge of any decision, what new feature would you implement?
    "I would bring FK into space and make the members into space marines brothers."
    Do you think these guys will make a great addition to the CM team? Already have a suggestion for them? Drop it in the comments below!

    FK Meetup 2020 Announced

    By Chuck Yeager, in Community News, , 0 comments, 3,060 views
    Following the tremendous success meetup of last year, FK Gaming will continue this new tradition in 2020. Personally meeting the people you've played games with and discovering the local pubs, arcade halls & other entertainment venues, and you are invited to join. This article covers all essential information to prepare your July getaway to South East England.
    FK meetup 2020 date: July 16 - July 21
    Travel days: July 16 and July 21
    Airsoft days: July 18 - July 19
    Location: Crawley, United Kingdom [MAP]
    Nearest airport: Gatwick
    Nearest train station: Crawley

    Same as last year, the community members who are organising the meetup have suggested a hotel to stay in during the entire duration of the event. Detailed pricing and location info can be found in the active FK meetup 2020 discussion thread. 
    Still recovering from the 2019 edition? Hyped to attend this years meetup? Let us know in the comments below.

    The big FK Secret Santa reveal

    By Chuck Yeager, in Community News, , 9 comments, 3,604 views
    It is finally time to share stories and pictures of the third edition of FK Secret Santa.  Secret Santa is a gift system where members are randomly assigned a person to whom they give a gift. The identity of the gift giver is to remain a secret, adding a lot of surprise to the present itself. All participating Secret Santas have received their mysterious presents and some of them sent in pictures of their new toys to play with. Ready to discover all Secret Santa presents of 2019?


    "This is my first time participating in the FK Secret Santa event and I had an absolute blast. Going in to the event I were actually more pumped about sending a gift than receiving, and for a little while I even forgot that there was one coming my way. When my gift arrived though, I was hyped beyond measure. To the extent that I did not even drop my stuff off inside before turning from the mailbox going straight to the post office to pick it up.
    I had listed a plethora of interests and hobbies, among them my love for whiskey and said that I wanted something my Santa could come up with that fit their budget. 
    Boy, did my Santa deliver! 
    Upon opening the package I was faced with a handwritten note and a bottle of Irish whiskey, one I have never had before.
    Of course I had to immediately give it a try, and it really hit the spot with a nice smooth taste. 
    I really enjoyed this and i'm already looking forward to FK Secret Santa 2020!"

    "Thanks kind Santa for this beautifully engraved dice box (also, love the smell of wood!). It has already been put to use for the housing of dice that shall be responsible for many diddlings, PKs and maybe even TPKs on one Sunday or another. Who knows, in the future it might even house the untold powers of a yet to be born hero.
    Dice Box
    wondrous item, rare
    Any dice that spend 1d20+10 days in this dice box with the lid closed become charged with a magical aura that makes it temporarily impossible for them to roll below their average result. Each die then gains 1d4 charges, and one is spent every time the die is rolled in order to activate the magic effect. Any unspent charges fade 24 hours after the lid is reopened. If the box is opened before the dice are fully charged, the effect does not take place and the process must begin again."

    "Gift arrived on the 19th, so plenty early. Since I picked it up at the post office, I hoped I would be able to stuff the box in my backpack and call it a day. Nope! Had to swiftly open it and without looking get it into my bag.
    As for the package itself, it was quite nice in idea, but Amazon seems to have dropped the ball on this one. I guess whoever was my Secret Santa requested gift packaging, but whoever was the unfortunate one to put it together seemed to forgot to put the items in the bags. Oh well.

    The items were 2. A book that I am looking forward to reading, and a set of 4 gigantic metal chopsticks. Probably meant for serving. Sadly, there was no message from whoever was my Secret Santa, so I can't thank directly.(I have a sneaking suspicion it might have been Silent, but I guess I'll never know for sure.) Still though, pretty nice gift, not gonna lie. "
    "I am amazed by the person who sent me this present because he was very thoughtful and original by not only sending a present to me personally, but sending something special for all my family.
    Present consisted of two amazing and very comfy Norwegian wool sweater for my daugher and me and two very nice souvenir thimbles for my wife to add to her collection. I am wearing this sweater for almost a week now and it is super comfy. My daughter is also very amazed with it.
    I am very happy by participating in this event and I am amazed by people in our community. I hope person who got a present from me found it also nice. "


    "So, i woul like to thank nerosjin for his effort as to getting the original gift, but nonethe less this gift is awesome, as much as there is nothing wrong with my aim, ive been wanting a rifle scope for quite a while but my small salary only allows for certain things, plus its a high quality scope too, really liked this gift and i look forward to next years secret santa."

    "Family Tradition to do gifts on Christmas Eve so just opened it, Thanks for the gift!"

    " I got the shittiest camping gift, a camping toilet.. my assessment is, that it is in fact, quite shitty. "

    All other Secret Santas who yet have to unwrap their gifts, can comment below to show off their presents.

    New ARMA 3 APEX singleplayer scenario released

    By Chuck Yeager, in Community News, , 0 comments, 1,790 views
    Santa is delivering a fun present early this year. A new open-world singleplayer scenario, created by the ARMA 3 developers, has been released in beta. Playing as a retired Legionnaire, the region of Tanoa is hit with a dangerous new strain of malaria. Humanitarian crisis is looming and a possible plot is brewing. Together with a former military contact, you set out to uncover the truth.
    The Old Man scenario drops you into Tanoa's 100 km² tropical jungle island terrain with only a few instructions. It's your own decisions and gut feeling that will decide your path. Obtain intel, gather weapons and equipment, and tackle your objectives at your own discretion. The beta version of this scenario is now available for download on the ARMA 3 Steam Workshop. As it is still beta, you can file game issues to the Arma 3 Feedback Tracker.

    More info? Check out the official website.

    INTREP 009

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 0 comments, 1,745 views
    Meeting Reports 
    Staff News 
    PR Applications
    Public Relations Team is looking for another member. We've all seen a positive change in FK due to the work of the PR team, but it seems we've got more on our plate than what we alone can handle. The public relations team is looking to add one more officer to help with our long list of tasks! If you have the time and think your up for the job please fill out an application! 
    Alex abdicates the throne
    Alex has decided to step down from the CM role. Though we do not know how we will go on with no reigning monarch we wish him well in all his endeavors. (PS... we're gunna need those crown jewels back)
    Public Relations News Room 
    Youtube and Twitch Content 
    After our big event at the end of November the FKGaming Twitch has gained a small number of followers, we hope to grow this number in the new year by streaming a variety of multiplayer games and publishing the content on youtube. Be sure to check our our YOUTUBE  channel and our TWITCH channel for new FK content!
    Gaming News
    Destiny 2 - New Season Begins Dec 10th
    If you're not already part of the Destiny 2 clan you can join HERE. If you'd like to find a party to raid with check out the Destiny 2 channel on Discord.
    In Case You Missed It
    Look Mommy... Christmas Lights!
    Community Discussions
    Secret Santa Gifts are Arriving!
    Secret Santa gifts have all been sent to the post (hopefully) and are arriving at their destinations! Though the rule of thumb is to wait until Dec. 25th to open your Secret Santa gifts, FK is not known for following rules to the letter. Some are posting their gifts a bit early! Go check them out! 
    Think Tank Applications
    The think tank is a locked forum only staff, veterans, and selected members of the community can see. This is a forum for community feedback about specific topics the CM Team deems they need more feedback on. The CM team is looking to reshuffle the roster again, but unlike any other time before there is an application process now.
    As some of you may know my real life situation is changing quite drastically here in the new year, so I will not be able to devote my normal amount of time and energy into these INTREPs as before. Therefore the INTREPs will be suspended for the holiday season and will be brought back at the start of February! Thank you all for your support and feedback and have a wonderful holiday season! See you in teamspeak!

    Airsoft meetup - Photoshoot (part two)

    By Chuck Yeager, in Community News, , 2 comments, 1,980 views
    Back in July, over 40 FK members gathered in the small town of Dorking, United Kingdom, for a two day airsoft meetup. In between games, the PR team grabbed a couple of FK members aside to immortalize their presence with a picture of two. Just like our first part of this series, we asked (kidnapped) three FK powerhouse members to take a pose. Meet Fidelias, Cyanide and Sarissa.

    This is the second time you've taken part in an FK airsoft weekend, the first one being at Shellshock woods back in 2017. How would you summarize both weekends and what made you come back for a second weekend this summer?
    "Both weekends were great from a social point of view, however I felt the site and organisation of the 2019 one was much better - instead of day-long games at the 2017 meetup, we played multiple smaller games across different areas, which gave a lot more variety and a chance to have some CQB, sneaky-beaky stalking and just pitched long-range firefights at different times of the day. The site was much more 'developed' with regards to structures and layout. I came to second weekend because meeting up with people irl the first time was just great - it surprisingly didn't feel awkward at all. From the first night, it felt like it was almost that period between getting into the server and SL briefing. We just sat around, got kit sorted, chatted shit and had a laugh. Meeting a bunch of new people that I've not really interacted with (more on that later) was a real draw for the second weekend, but it was really awesome to re-connect with guys from the first meetup too."
    As a long standing FK member, did you get to know a lot of new people during this meetup?
    "While I've been part of FK for a while now, I kind of burnt out a little on Arma and stopped playing as often. Following that, I developed a chronic fatigue issue, which knocked me on my ass for the last 9 months and I stopped being online at all, pretty much. Meeting a bunch of great new people and having an awesome time kinda re-vitalised me a little, and I've made it back to Arma a couple of times since. We have some.... interesting people... in FK, and some of the things that went down at the weekend really highlighted how much this community brings together really disparate people with a common interest. I feel like the majority of the people at the meetup this year probably didn't know who I was, but I hope to re-introduce myself to the members of the community who have joined since I took my unplanned hiatus in games in the near-future. When the 2020 meetup comes around, I'm hoping to be a fixture in the community again."
    How did you get into airsoft? Was the FK 2017 meetup your first experience?
    "Yes! It was. I had always wanted to get into airsoft, and the 2017 meet was the perfect excuse."
    What's the most enjoyable memory you have of the 2019 meetup?
    "Getting absolutely smashed in Jay's Fuckfest. It got my heart pumping unlike any other airsoft game type I've ever played. Non stop action, that."
    Gear list
    "Krytac Warsport M4 is my only piece of kit. And a bunch of go-pros, ofc. #youtuberlyfe"

    Hi @Sarissa, could you talk to us about the outfit?
    "My outfit is inspired by the US troops active in Operation Gothic Serpent in Somalia, 1993. Most people think of the 75th Rangers or the Delta Force operators that were in Somalia and who have been immortalised by the film 'Black Hawk Down'. But there was another unit deployed as part of Task Force Ranger who very rarely receive any credit at all, and that is the 10th Mountain Division. These guys were actually deployed prior to TF Ranger as part of Operation Restore Hope. They were responsible for opening communication and transportation lines in and out of Mogadishu. As such, they used to roll in Humvee convoys most of the time and would occasionally ditch their Alice web gear in their vics and simply load their ballistic vests up with magazines. That's the look I went for, and instead of carrying the Alice, I just filled pockets with magazines for quick access."
    If an FK member, with zero airsoft experience, would be interested in joining the 2020 airsoft meetup, how would you convince him/her?
    "The airsoft is really a sideshow to the meetup, its much more about actually meeting the people you've spent months or years talking and gaming with. Airsoft is a fun addition, doesn't really hurt much and gives you some great stories. If you want to meet people then come to 2020! "
    gear list
    "I'm carrying an XM177E2 which was an early precursor to the M4. A few of them were still kicking around in the 90s and were sent to Somalia alongside some of the newer rifles as a testbed. I'm wearing Desert Camoflague Uniform (DCU), which is also known as Tri-Colour. The helmet is an ex-issue Kevlar PASGT with a 6 colour 'Choc-Chip' cover. The vest (that isn't too visible) is a Woodland PASGT. Gloves are the US army Nomex flight gloves, and the boots are a modern US Marine patrol boot. Actual 90's era desert boots are pretty expensive...
    This photo is an example of some of the 10th Mountain in Somalia, showing just how varied their gear could be. "

    In case you haven't seen it yet, meet three other FK members in our previous photoshoot article ⬅️
    Which of the three outfits do you enjoy the most? Comment below ?

    Running Man 2035 Charity Event Today!

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 0 comments, 1,611 views
    The long awaited Running Man 2035 Charity Event will be starting at 5pm GMT  (2 hours before main mission time). 
    Be sure to check out the FK TWITCH STREAM to watch @Flash-Ranger from Radio Arma and FK's very own Veteran @Trinoc provide some top notch commentary for your viewing pleasure.
    Itinerary of Events: (all times are in GMT)
    4pm - Stream Starts for the FK vs AndyT90 Event
    4:15pm - PreGame interviews with team captains ( @ThePointForward + @andyt90 )
    4:45pm - Squad Briefing
    4:55pm - Count Down Begins
    5pm - Server is LIVE - The hunt begins!
    3 Matches, Best of 3 Wins!
    If by this time the goal of €1,000 is met, Leader of Oper8 Heaven (Paskey) will eat an ENTIRE CAN of COLD BEANS on stream, live for your enjoyment! 
    6pm - Stream Continues for the Oper8 Heaven vs Team Brrrt Event
    6:15pm - PreGame Interviews with the team captains ( Paskey + Kif )
    6:45pm - Squad Breifing
    6:55pm - Count Down Begins
    7pm - Server is LIVE - The hunt begins!
    3 Matches Best of 3 Wins!
    We have worked so hard to make this event happen, we've had our hiccups but we're all so excited to be bringing this event to fruition after MONTHS planning! We wouldn't have worked so hard or have persevered through so much if it wasn't for our  complete admiration for the amazing people at Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Boarders). They endure so much to bring live saving medical care to people in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases no matter the race, religion, or political association of their patients in need.
    Please consider donating whatever you can to help this cause. 


    To learn more about Doctors without Boarders see their website HERE and/or watch this video below! 

    INTREP 008

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 0 comments, 1,466 views
    Meeting Reports
    Public Relations News Room
    Chairity TVT Event
    The Charity Running Man 2035 Event is only 1 WEEK AWAY! The PR team, along with the rest of the staff team are all hands on deck to ensure everything goes smoothly! Unfortunately life isn't a smooth ride as we all know. There have been some changes in the lineup for the Running Man 2035 Event. Operator Drewski will no longer be participating due to family obligations on the 30th. In his stead @andyt90 will be hunted by our very own @ThePointForward, @Tomo, @Griffin68965, @Tobe, and @BenFromTTG with @Vericht as a substitute. More information to come soonTM so keep your eyes on the front page, and on our Twitter!
    In Case You Missed It
    FK Secret Santa
    FK Secret Santa is now in full swing! Packages must be sent by Dec 5th to ensure arrival for Christmas Day! Please remember to post pictures of your gifts you receive on the forums! If you have any questions direct them to @Guest and @Spartan_MiniMe Read More...
    Modded Minecraft Server is LIVE
    @P057code is hosting All The Mods 3 Remix. All members previously white listed on any FK server is already white listed on this server. Be sure to read the rules/etiquette before joining! Read More...
    Community Discussions
    The Long Days (4+ hour mission!)
    @Tomo is looking for feedback on his mission idea! Head on over and help him out with your input. Read More...
    Excessive looting of RPGs/LATs
    On November 6th @Conga Line of Neckbeards started a discussion about looted enemy weapons, and after a few weeks of discussion the CMs have replied that they will be looking into rule changes. An excellent example of how to enact changes you'd like to see in our community! Read More...
    Minimum age confirmation
    Some great points were brought up by @Chuck Yeager and others as they discussed how to tackle the problem of multiple underage bans. The CM team has listened and taken action. Read @ThePointForward's reply for the official statement of the CM team! Read More...

    Join our Squad server during free weekend

    By Chuck Yeager, in Server news, , 1 comment, 1,587 views
    Squad is currently free to download and play through Steam. No excuse not to join our high pop FK server where teamwork and tactical gameplay decide which side takes it home. Until November 18th, a copy of Squad will also be 50% off.
    Server ID:
    [EU] fkgaming.eu | ENG | RAAS + AAS [FK]

    How to join our server:
    READ OUR SQUAD RULES Launch Squad Select Server Browser Search for 'fkgaming' in the search window Join our the server (and don't forget to mark it as your favourite for future sessions)
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