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    Training Guides are now Live!

    In preparation for the upcoming Tag system, our new Trainers have created a series of simple guides to give you some basic information you should read before any and all training takes place.
    You can read the guides via our new Guides button, or click the link here.
    This is not a start to tags and training - this is preparation only.

    On Lenny's demotion

    As you may have noticed in the meeting report Lenny has been demoted. I'd like to give a bit of information as to why this happened.

    When mavy chose to step down, I said my main priority was to stabilise what we have, and the transfer, and then regain focus on our ongoing projects. Parts of this transfer can be seen in the addition of the think-tank, as well as the upcoming new CM's.

    Another part of this stabilising was telling the community managers what I believed to be person specific problems for each, given I'd seen enough of their actions and behaviour to make a constructive claim. The plan with this was to allow them to either defend these problems, convincing the CM team that it is either not the case or will be improved.

    There was no lack of effort to attempt this from Lenny, and I informed him this meeting that I originally wanted to demote him today, but wanted to give him until next Saturday for fairness. I also informed him that that his points up until now were not in the right direction.

    Upon hearing this, Lenny requested to be demoted today instead.

    Concerning official communication

    This is a follow up post to further specify and clarify the rules and restrictions of any sort of formal and informal communication with official instances regarding anything that is planned or discussed in the FK community: 
    Now let me be very clear about this: Under no circumstances at all is anyone of you allowed to address a publisher, developer, gaming site or anything like that at all, especially not without previous communication and the clear "go" from myself and the CM- and Admin-team, in the name of the FK community or concerning anything officially related to it. We decided to have a PR and Communications role for good reasons and thought that by announcing my field of responsibilities in this previous post, made a clear point for why this is in the best interest of this community. Since that doesn't seem to be the case - let me give you further details on that: 
    The gaming industry, widely if not totally, using the internet as resource and method of communication, is fast paced and - now I'm sure you all have heard this sentence before - does not forget. At all. What is on the internet stays on the internet, therefore we have to be very careful about the content we decide to use to officially present ourselves and this community to any higher instance. Publishers and Developers cannot afford to allow themselves to associate in collaborations without background-checking everything, otherwise things can turn into a massive PR-disaster really quickly. As of the nature of the internet and online communication, rumors spread very quickly, once you've owned a certain reputation, you will never ever get rid of it ever again, especially not in the eyes of renowned instances (like in our case, Bohemia). Because of this, deciding what content or idea we want to officially bring forward and present has to be chosen very, very carefully. 
    Therefore, please, if you have an idea you want to bring forward officially, ask yourself: Does this represent the community and yourself in the way you want it to be seen? If the answer is yes, don't act on it until you have communicated it with us. Don't ever think that it is ok to decide for yourself and without the permission of the CMs, Admins and myself in matters of this community. If you do so, be sure that this behavior, from this point forward, will not be tolerated, nor will the outcome be of any help for the community. The time, effort and nerves it needs to clean up a mess like this can and should be used in other ways, this I can guarantee you. The potential brand it marks FK with can be, in the worst case, detrimental to the image of this community and possibly beyond repair. 
    So again, let me be very clear: Do never ever reach out to official instances on the behalf of FK, for an FK project or for anything that could even be slightly connected to this community without permission and supervision. Ever. 

    Repo update 11/04/2017

    Repo has been updated
    BAF Napf Island United States Army Burnes Challenger Project OPFOR Hoverboard LAV-25 Removed:
    VSM IFA Updated:
    BackpackOnChest Ares ShacTac RHS Lingor

    Mavy's retirement

    As you have been made aware of in between missions on the 8th of April, Mavy is stepping down from his position as an Admin and has been given the tag „Regular“ at his own request. I cannot thank him enough for all he has done for the community, spending so much of his personal time working to ensure smooth server runnings, and keeping up the values of FK. 

    As you all should know by now, most of the servers, licenses and other official things run in Mavy’s name. This is an impactful event, and as such there will be a great deal of work in front and behind the scenes. It is because of this that I ask to not inflate this issue, so the CM and Admin team can focus on handling this as smoothly as possible.
    All server and software will be transferred to me (Greybeard) over the course of the next week(s). Due to this, upcoming changes, in particular the tag system, will be on a lower priority until this transfer has been completed. However be sure that everything we wanted to implement in the near future will be dealt with - in time. 
    Again, I would like to thank Mavy for the fantastic and numerous work he has done, without which this community would probably not even exist today. Furthermore I would like to ask that you direct questions to the CM and Admin team, as they will be able to answer your questions best.

    The PR-role: Why, what and how

    Greetings! As most of you should have seen by now, there's a new role – my role – on the forums: PR Communications Officer. In this (belated, thanks to exams) post I want to clarify what that means, where my responsibilities and jobs are, but also want to ask you guys how you think this job within the community can be put to better use. Ready? Let's start!
    First of all: Why me? I never made a big secret about the fact that I have been working in the gaming industry for the last 3, 3 ½ years (for the germans: playnation.de ). Mostly as an editor, but since the company I wrote for had a very large outreach, with time I learned not only to write SEO news and articles, video-concepts, interviews and press releases but also how to communicate with Game Developers, Publishers and how to relay important information to the public, organize meetings, all of that stuff. I know a fair bit about how Publishers work and think, what they want out of their clients and therefore became quite good at selling ideas and concepts to them.
    About 3 weeks after I joined this community I asked the CMs if they ever thought about contacting Bohemia in an official manner. This plan is still on the way, stuff like the Repo-Update, the general workload that came with 64bit and other things relayed that plan a bit, also formulating what exactly we can realistically ask from and offer to them has to be carefully established. So much for the official PR-part.
    But that's not all. After all, the role says “PR and Communications”, not only “PR”. Communication in a community of this size is fundamental, the issues we have with this should be well known by now. So I won't only be responsible for the official contact but also will be making sure that the information given from the CMs to all of you guys has a clear line, structure and especially completeness. Furthermore I am more than happy to act as a mediator between all of you. Over the years in the media industry I learned to take every possible view into consideration, test systems and ideas for flaws – but also to not feel personally attacked when people criticize my professional work or projects I was part of (seriously, if you ever want to take on a job in the media, learn to not give a shit or it'll break you!). There's always room for improvement, people who have a different view on things or ideas of how things should be run. Sorting out, through open and biased-free communication, what's seen as a problem and how people see room for improvements is vital for a healthy PR – so that's what I'm here for.
    So – that's basically what I'll do here. Talk. About the important, very official stuff as well as the feedback and ideas that all of you bring to this community. Take a bit of load off the CMs while making sure that certain things within my power get handled more satisfactory for everybody involved.

    Costs and donations (April 2017)

    Its been nearly 3 months since this last update and a lot has changed since then. So here is a new breakdown.
    What do we have:
    First lets start with a breakdown of what we/I own, lets start with the easy stuff. There are currently 6 machines that are dedicated to FK activities, these are:
    A3sync/Repo #1 - €10,-/month (the first of the 2 repo servers) A3sync/Repo #2 - €10,-/month (the second repo server) ARMA #1 - €55,-/month (This one runs the headless clients) ARMA #2 - €55,-/month (The main arma server) ARMA #3 - €55,-/month (The test/second arma server) Gamebox #1 - €85,-/month Currently hosts teamspeak, minecraft, wargame, farming sim, blackwave. This box has 64GB of ram and a 6 core cpu, in combination with virtualization it is highly flexible so I can swap games quickly depending on demand. These are easy because these machines are dedicated to FK. The rest of our machines are hosted in combination with some of my other virtual machines, these are:
    Web server #1 - €10,-/month (The main website) Web server #2 - €5,-/month (Test site and gitlab runner, used for compiling missions/templates) Mail server - €5,-/month These 3 servers are hosted on 2 dedicated machines I use for testing and some private stuff. Since they are shared I wanted a good way to share the costs between myself and the FK community.
    Breakdown of the costs:
    The 2 servers that I use to host from both have 8 cores, 32GB ram and several TB of storage. Each host costs €70,- making a total of 16 cores and 64GB ram for €140,-/month. I have decided to base the costs on the ram usage, ram is not shared between the different virtual machines so any ram used by FK machines is unavailable for my machines.
    Dividing these makes a cost of €2,19/month per GB, I have rounded this up to €2,50/month (I too enjoy a beer for effort). With these costs now clear we can set a new goal on the donations page.
    New upkeep goal:
    With all these numbers the new monthly server cost will be set to €300,-/month. The new goal will be €350,-/month, this will allow us to build some extra cash to buy among others a teamspeak license.

    Helping out our brothers in arms!

    Hey guys,
    Some of you may know that before we created FK, the fellow ARMA clan NoPryl used to host a server for the ZF guys and most of the CM team used to/still play with them. However, they've recently lost a huge amount of players, dropping from the usual 40-50 players on a Tuesday mission to only 20-25. Therefore, to show our appreciation for all they've done, we've decided to give them a shoutout and introduce them to you guys. If you want to learn more about them check out this thread: 
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