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  • Two new Community Managers join the team

    Chuck Yeager By Chuck Yeager, in Community News, , 4 comments, 2,735 views

    Please welcome @andyt90and @ThePointForwardas our new Community Managers. To introduce them to you guys, we have prepared a small interview with them, which you can read in this article. Don't forget to congratulate them on their new position, in the comments below. 


    Andyt90 has been one of the longest serving moderators and was one of the first members to be appointed in this role, back in 2017. He is one of our active community streamers and is known for his effective slotting procedures during main missions. His honest opinion will surely resonate well inside the secret CM chambers.

    Hi @andyt90, can you give a brief introduction of yourself?

    "So I got into FK about 2 years ago now through watching Katla's stream jumped into a mission and to be honest the rest is history. Spent a good portion of that time as a mod so have seen the inner workings of staff to a degree which will help me in the long run hopefully."

    What can you bring to the table as a new Community Manager?

    "I can bring the experience of being in this place for such a long time and see how it has changed over the years and hopefully bring a new line of thought into what needs changing and push those changes along with the rest of the team in a timely manner. My vision of the community would be somewhere someone can come relax enjoy themselves not just when it comes to our arma missions but as a whole. I have seen more and more people just getting on the ts to play so many other games with friends they made through arma which I thought would be somewhat of a natural progression as people got tired/burnt out of arma."

    What do you look forward to the most in your new role?

    "I look forward to mostly being able to help move the community forward and stop it stagnating or becoming dull to be here. Hopefully I can try to do more for the community as I have always been someone that has been open to opinions (even if some people may disagree with that :P). I am still going to be the same person as I was before some will be happy with that others will now cower in fear I am sure XD"

    If you would be the glorious ruler of FK for one day, the sole CM in charge of any decision, what new feature would you implement?

    "If I had full control over the community for a day I would definitely have to look into making an FK patreon for all the lewds and anime waifus we all know we truly want!"

    ThePointForward is that guy from all the basic training sessions. A respected veteran of the community, he has shown his dedication to FKGaming plenty of times. No longer only a trainer, he will now help carve out the future for this ever growing community.

    Same questions for you, @ThePointForward, who are you, and what made you join this community?

    "Well, as some of you may know, I am your friendly big fella from Czech Republic. But to expand on that: I'm 26 and working a full-time job as a software developer. As you might suspect, I enjoy the game of basketball and I also play airsoft and various board games outside of FK.
    How did I find FK... Well, through the old stream personalities, no point in denying that. Saw how missions went down and I was looking for some milsim-ish action, so I hopped on and stayed.

    I joined in May 2017, but barely got a basic training from Slouchy plus a few missions and then real life came knocking with me having to move and change job in very short succession, so I have reappeared sometime in autumn of 2017 and pretty much stayed ever since.
    Sometime in 2018 I started helping out with basic trainings myself since I've had time for it and eventually became primary on it. Recently I've also became a Prophet trainer and now applied and became a CM. The rest is in the stars now..."

    What can you bring to the table as new Community Manager?

    "I'll mostly paraphrase my application here. I hope to bring another opinion to the table while falling in with the current team well enough as I've always tried to keep my relations with others friendly or at least cordial. I also want to keep the community healthy - both by trying to lead by example and making sure rules are being enforced when necessary (and let's hope there will be minimum of the latter).

    And finally I want to be approachable, which is something I do have reputation for - therefore as a small PSA I'd like to say that my virtual doors are open if someone has concerns or issues.

    Of course at the same time as a small reminder you can always use various suggestion sections on the forums - from Anonymous Feedback to Community Suggestions to Think Tank Suggestions and other specific places. Be bold!"

    What do you look forward to the most in your new role?

    "Watching this community celebrating release of Arma 4 with full server pushing it to it's limits. And by that I mean that I hope to see us staying strong for years to come."

    If you would be the glorious ruler of FK for one day, the sole CM in charge of any decision, what new feature would you implement?

    "Slotting Tags - you have to pull the entire server into the AFK room at least once to get them!"

    Do you think these guys will make a great addition to the CM team? Already have a suggestion for them? Drop it in the comments below!


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