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  • INTREP 005

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    Meeting Reports




    Upcoming Events


        Destiny 2 Raid - Eater of Worlds - 17/10/19
            @EdwardR has scheduled and event for Destiny 2! "Getting people together for the second raid available to everyone! Still happening on the planet eater Leviathan, but in this case it's in its bowels and Calus has requested Guardians to come deal with a Vex infestation."

        Battle of Mariposa - TIOW - 1st Main - 19/10/19
            @Jerichron has scheduled an event for Arma3 1st Main! This mission will be held on FK #4 and will take the place of our normally scheduled 1st Main Mission. To play you must download the MOD PRESET. Be sure to check out the calander page to see some awesome promotional screen shots... and read the briefing of course.

        2020 FK Meetup - Hotel Choices
            @Winters (Benji) and @mulletshock have been working hard on gathering everyone's opinions on lodging for the 2020 FK Meetup. They believe they've narrowed it down to the PREMIER INN CRAWLEY TOWN WEST if you have anything more to add to the discussion now is the time!

    Public Relations News Room


       The first official ModCast is now LIVE! 
            The first, but certainly not the last official FK ModCast went off without a hitch! This month's topic was the new Squad Server. The podcast is about 45mins long and features @andyt90 as the host and @Legendo@ThatSlickOniichan and @Garfield as guests. A special thank you to Lysa Bell for the awesome graphics!



    In Case You Missed It


        @WateryFox is looking to gather some people to play NO MAN'S SKY! Check out his DISCORD. Also, if you do not have the game already it is now 50% off on STEAM . Read More...

        @andyt90 is hosting ESCAPE mod missions Friday nights after 1st main (around 9:30 BST). If you're interested in playing all you have to do is download the MOD PRESET and pop in the temporary channel at that time! Remember Escape only holds 10 players so first come first serve! Read More...

        @Legendo is organizing an Official DESTINY 2 CLAN! If you'd like to join just CLICK HERE and fill out the application and post that you've applied HERE. If you're interested in playing Destiny 2 it is Free to play on STEAMRead More...


    Community Bulletin


        Benji's GoFundMe
            @Winters (Benji) has made a go fund me to raise funds to help him with his cat Ali's vet bills. Benji wrote "We can only guess that my cat Ali, 18 months old, was hit by a car on Friday 20th September. He suffered a dislocated tail, quite high up to quote the vet, which resulted in him spending 1 day shy of 2 weeks in the vets. Until the day before he came home I was pretty much expecting to have to have him put down, but over night he started to show signs of recovering. He's been back home since October 5th and seems comfortable and happy, playing with his brother Lemmy again, so his recovery is going well. However, with the length of time he spent at the vets the bills grew and though I have never used gofundme I guess I'm hoping there might be some kind individuals out there that would be willing to help cover the costs of this only." Please visit the GOFUNDME page and donate if you can. 

       Andyt90 Twitch Clip Montage
            So happy to announce that @andyt90 has finally taken the plunge into YouTube! Go check out his first video! Be sure to support him by subscribing and liking the video.

       Mittens Escape from Tarkov - M700
            @Mittens has given us another amazing Tarkov video! Enjoy and as always support your community members by subscribing and liking the video! 

    Thank you all for the reacts on the previous INTREPs it helps me gauge how many people enjoy these bi-weekly reports. As always if you have any questions, comments, ideas, or suggestions for upcoming INTREPs please leave them below! 


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