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    Airsoft meetup - Photoshoot (part two)

    Back in July, over 40 FK members gathered in the small town of Dorking, United Kingdom, for a two day airsoft meetup. In between games, the PR team grabbed a couple of FK members aside to immortalize their presence with a picture of two. Just like our first part of this series, we asked (kidnapped) three FK powerhouse members to take a pose. Meet Fidelias, Cyanide and Sarissa.

    This is the second time you've taken part in an FK airsoft weekend, the first one being at Shellshock woods back in 2017. How would you summarize both weekends and what made you come back for a second weekend this summer?
    "Both weekends were great from a social point of view, however I felt the site and organisation of the 2019 one was much better - instead of day-long games at the 2017 meetup, we played multiple smaller games across different areas, which gave a lot more variety and a chance to have some CQB, sneaky-beaky stalking and just pitched long-range firefights at different times of the day. The site was much more 'developed' with regards to structures and layout. I came to second weekend because meeting up with people irl the first time was just great - it surprisingly didn't feel awkward at all. From the first night, it felt like it was almost that period between getting into the server and SL briefing. We just sat around, got kit sorted, chatted shit and had a laugh. Meeting a bunch of new people that I've not really interacted with (more on that later) was a real draw for the second weekend, but it was really awesome to re-connect with guys from the first meetup too."
    As a long standing FK member, did you get to know a lot of new people during this meetup?
    "While I've been part of FK for a while now, I kind of burnt out a little on Arma and stopped playing as often. Following that, I developed a chronic fatigue issue, which knocked me on my ass for the last 9 months and I stopped being online at all, pretty much. Meeting a bunch of great new people and having an awesome time kinda re-vitalised me a little, and I've made it back to Arma a couple of times since. We have some.... interesting people... in FK, and some of the things that went down at the weekend really highlighted how much this community brings together really disparate people with a common interest. I feel like the majority of the people at the meetup this year probably didn't know who I was, but I hope to re-introduce myself to the members of the community who have joined since I took my unplanned hiatus in games in the near-future. When the 2020 meetup comes around, I'm hoping to be a fixture in the community again."
    How did you get into airsoft? Was the FK 2017 meetup your first experience?
    "Yes! It was. I had always wanted to get into airsoft, and the 2017 meet was the perfect excuse."
    What's the most enjoyable memory you have of the 2019 meetup?
    "Getting absolutely smashed in Jay's Fuckfest. It got my heart pumping unlike any other airsoft game type I've ever played. Non stop action, that."
    Gear list
    "Krytac Warsport M4 is my only piece of kit. And a bunch of go-pros, ofc. #youtuberlyfe"

    Hi @Sarissa, could you talk to us about the outfit?
    "My outfit is inspired by the US troops active in Operation Gothic Serpent in Somalia, 1993. Most people think of the 75th Rangers or the Delta Force operators that were in Somalia and who have been immortalised by the film 'Black Hawk Down'. But there was another unit deployed as part of Task Force Ranger who very rarely receive any credit at all, and that is the 10th Mountain Division. These guys were actually deployed prior to TF Ranger as part of Operation Restore Hope. They were responsible for opening communication and transportation lines in and out of Mogadishu. As such, they used to roll in Humvee convoys most of the time and would occasionally ditch their Alice web gear in their vics and simply load their ballistic vests up with magazines. That's the look I went for, and instead of carrying the Alice, I just filled pockets with magazines for quick access."
    If an FK member, with zero airsoft experience, would be interested in joining the 2020 airsoft meetup, how would you convince him/her?
    "The airsoft is really a sideshow to the meetup, its much more about actually meeting the people you've spent months or years talking and gaming with. Airsoft is a fun addition, doesn't really hurt much and gives you some great stories. If you want to meet people then come to 2020! "
    gear list
    "I'm carrying an XM177E2 which was an early precursor to the M4. A few of them were still kicking around in the 90s and were sent to Somalia alongside some of the newer rifles as a testbed. I'm wearing Desert Camoflague Uniform (DCU), which is also known as Tri-Colour. The helmet is an ex-issue Kevlar PASGT with a 6 colour 'Choc-Chip' cover. The vest (that isn't too visible) is a Woodland PASGT. Gloves are the US army Nomex flight gloves, and the boots are a modern US Marine patrol boot. Actual 90's era desert boots are pretty expensive...
    This photo is an example of some of the 10th Mountain in Somalia, showing just how varied their gear could be. "

    In case you haven't seen it yet, meet three other FK members in our previous photoshoot article ⬅️
    Which of the three outfits do you enjoy the most? Comment below ?

    Running Man 2035 Charity Event Today!

    The long awaited Running Man 2035 Charity Event will be starting at 5pm GMT  (2 hours before main mission time). 
    Be sure to check out the FK TWITCH STREAM to watch @Flash-Ranger from Radio Arma and FK's very own Veteran @Trinoc provide some top notch commentary for your viewing pleasure.
    Itinerary of Events: (all times are in GMT)
    4pm - Stream Starts for the FK vs AndyT90 Event
    4:15pm - PreGame interviews with team captains ( @ThePointForward + @andyt90 )
    4:45pm - Squad Briefing
    4:55pm - Count Down Begins
    5pm - Server is LIVE - The hunt begins!
    3 Matches, Best of 3 Wins!
    If by this time the goal of €1,000 is met, Leader of Oper8 Heaven (Paskey) will eat an ENTIRE CAN of COLD BEANS on stream, live for your enjoyment! 
    6pm - Stream Continues for the Oper8 Heaven vs Team Brrrt Event
    6:15pm - PreGame Interviews with the team captains ( Paskey + Kif )
    6:45pm - Squad Breifing
    6:55pm - Count Down Begins
    7pm - Server is LIVE - The hunt begins!
    3 Matches Best of 3 Wins!
    We have worked so hard to make this event happen, we've had our hiccups but we're all so excited to be bringing this event to fruition after MONTHS planning! We wouldn't have worked so hard or have persevered through so much if it wasn't for our  complete admiration for the amazing people at Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Boarders). They endure so much to bring live saving medical care to people in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases no matter the race, religion, or political association of their patients in need.
    Please consider donating whatever you can to help this cause. 


    To learn more about Doctors without Boarders see their website HERE and/or watch this video below! 

    INTREP 008

    Meeting Reports
    Public Relations News Room
    Chairity TVT Event
    The Charity Running Man 2035 Event is only 1 WEEK AWAY! The PR team, along with the rest of the staff team are all hands on deck to ensure everything goes smoothly! Unfortunately life isn't a smooth ride as we all know. There have been some changes in the lineup for the Running Man 2035 Event. Operator Drewski will no longer be participating due to family obligations on the 30th. In his stead @andyt90 will be hunted by our very own @ThePointForward, @Tomo, @griffin68965, @Tobe, and @BenFromTTG with @Vericht as a substitute. More information to come soonTM so keep your eyes on the front page, and on our Twitter!
    In Case You Missed It
    FK Secret Santa
    FK Secret Santa is now in full swing! Packages must be sent by Dec 5th to ensure arrival for Christmas Day! Please remember to post pictures of your gifts you receive on the forums! If you have any questions direct them to @Nova and @Spartan_MiniMe Read More...
    Modded Minecraft Server is LIVE
    @P057code is hosting All The Mods 3 Remix. All members previously white listed on any FK server is already white listed on this server. Be sure to read the rules/etiquette before joining! Read More...
    Community Discussions
    The Long Days (4+ hour mission!)
    @Tomo is looking for feedback on his mission idea! Head on over and help him out with your input. Read More...
    Excessive looting of RPGs/LATs
    On November 6th @Conga Line of Neckbeards started a discussion about looted enemy weapons, and after a few weeks of discussion the CMs have replied that they will be looking into rule changes. An excellent example of how to enact changes you'd like to see in our community! Read More...
    Minimum age confirmation
    Some great points were brought up by @Chuck Yeager and others as they discussed how to tackle the problem of multiple underage bans. The CM team has listened and taken action. Read @ThePointForward's reply for the official statement of the CM team! Read More...

    Join our Squad server during free weekend

    Squad is currently free to download and play through Steam. No excuse not to join our high pop FK server where teamwork and tactical gameplay decide which side takes it home. Until November 18th, a copy of Squad will also be 50% off.
    Server ID:
    [EU] fkgaming.eu | ENG | RAAS + AAS [FK]

    How to join our server:
    READ OUR SQUAD RULES Launch Squad Select Server Browser Search for 'fkgaming' in the search window Join our the server (and don't forget to mark it as your favourite for future sessions)

    INTREP 007

    Meeting Reports
    Staff News
    @mulletshock has been known as FK's Uncle for as long as we can remember. He's been an integral part of the staff team for years now, but he has decided it is time to step down. He will be missed as a community manager. 
    Public Relations News Room
    Running Man 2035 Charity Event
    The PR team has been working behind the scenes to organize this Charity Event. The first of many events that FK will be hosting in the future! Please keep an eye on the twitter and the front page for updates! 
    In Case You Missed It
    Secret Santa 3
    Sign ups for FK Secret Santa 3 close in 4 days (November 15th)! 
    FK3 now hosting Liberation-Takistan
    Join FK3 to Liberate Takistan! Usually groups can be found playing later in the evening after first main.
    FK Meet up Dates for 2020
    Benji wants to know what dates would work best for everyone planning on coming to the FK 2020 Meetup! 
    Community Discussions
    Excessive looting of RPGs
    Join Conga and many others in discussing the excessive looting of RPGs in the field. Many valid points have been made, be sure your opinion is heard! Read More
    Minimum Age Confirmation
    After our most recent bump in player numbers we've seen many underage bans. Chuck Yeager made a post suggesting we add a minimum age confirmation box for new players making a forum account. Join in on the discussion! Read More
    Twitch Spotlight
    FK Name: Andyt90
    Twitch Handle: Andyt90
    URL: www.twitch.tv/andyt90
    How long have you been streaming? Coming up to 6 years in January
    What games do you primarily stream: Arma, FF14, Rimworld, FPS.
    When do you normally stream: Monday - Friday Start at between 12-1pm Weekends are sporadic.
    What is the goal for you channel: Build a community, have some fun, anything after that is a bonus.

    Running Man 2035 Charity Event

    In collaboration with Oper8 Heaven, TeamBrrrt, OperatorDrewski and Flash Ranger, The FKgaming team is happy to finally announce the 2019 Running Man Charity Event! 
    On November 30th at 5pm BST 5 of FKgaming's finest will go head to head against Operator Drewski in a best out of three match of the Arma3 gamemode "Running Man 2035" followed by Oper8 Heaven vs Team Brrrt at 7pm BST. Commentated by FlashRanger of RadioArma!
    A prize fund will be raised and donated to Doctor's Without Borders. An international, independent medical humanitarian organisation providing medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare.
    To donate please visit the site linked below:

    Keep up with all of the participants.
    Be sure to follow them on social media for updates and announcements about his event and more!

    Oper8 Heaven

    Team Brrrt


    Commentated by Flash Ranger

    November 2019 ModPack

    FKGaming's New Modpack will be live on FK1 starting November 4th 2019!
    FFAA Desert Camo
    Left to Right HK417 (basegame), MG4, G36 x2, Ameli

    FFAA Woodland and Black Camos
    Left to Right - G36, MG42, G36 x3

    Vamtac Mistral, Pizarro VCI/C, Leopard 2E, TOA (M2), Lince LMV (LAG40)

    C130, 2x AV-8B Harrier II

    NH90 TTH, CH-47D, EC665 Tiger, AS532UL Cougar
    You can import this preset file in your ARMA launcher to automatically download all the needed mods. TUTORIAL HERE

    Steam Halloween Sale

    Arma 3 and all it's DLCs are on a massive sale!
    This includes the Newest CONTACT DLC where you can find the new Livonia map.
    If you don't already have it, we highly suggest you get it now!

    Check out these other games played by community members that are on sale now! 

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

    The Forest

    Don't Starve Together

    Earth Defense Force

    Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition

    Space Engineers


    WarHammer: Vermintide 2

    INTREP 006

    Meeting Reports
    Staff News
    @ThePointForward and @andyt90 have been promoted to Community Managers! These gentlemen have shown their loyalty and commitment to making FK the best gaming community it can be and we wish them all the best in their new roles! Congratulations, and good luck!
    Public Relations News Room
    The Public Relations Team has been working tirelessly on a major upcoming event. More information will be announced on the 1st of November! Keep an eye on the Twitter and the Front Page! 
    INTREP MEGA THREAD - After discussing different ways on getting feedback from the community we've decided to open a mega thread specifically for the INTREPs please check it out and leave any comments, suggestions, or reactions! The INTREPs are one of the few things the PR team does specifically for the community and without your feedback we can not improve them! 
    In Case You Missed It
    Mental Health Awareness - Mental Health is a growing conversation. No longer is it seen as taboo to open up to your friends and discuss your struggles. We all deal with our own demons and especially around this time of year with the changing of the seasons, the upcoming holidays, and financial pressures that come along with that. We're all human and therefore subject to life's ups and downs. FK is not known for being a place to air your emotions and hug it out via the internet... but we are a community of friends who all have our own personal struggles. It's hard sometimes to know what to do or what to say when a friend comes to you with something as serious as suicidal thoughts, or plans. Our Community Member @Ripley has brought to our attention a free online course that will walk you through how to respond to situations such as from multiple perspectives. Please take a moment of your time to check it out. 
    Destiny 2 Clan - Legendo has obtained permission from the CM team to make an Official FK Clan on Destiny 2. As the game grows more popular within our community we'd love to see more people representing FK in Destiny 2! Also, keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming Raids!
    Escape from Tarkov patch - Escape from Tarkov Beta - 0.12 Patch has been released! Check out the new epic trailer!
    Community Spotlight
    Tobe's Charity - "Myself and my American Football team will be partaking in Movember, a charity event where you grow a mustache in aid of helping to provide awareness and help for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health issues for men." Please visit @Tobe's charity, share it on facebook, twitter and donate if you can! 
    Secret Santa - It's that time again! Make sure to sign up for the Secret Santa! Things are going to be slightly different this year, as we'll be matching those who live in North America with others who also live in North America. Same goes for those living in Europe. The last day for sign up is November 15th!
    Sorry about the shorter INTREP this week guys. Been putting most of my time and energy into our upcoming event. I can't wait to share it all with you! - R
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