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    INTREP 022

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    INTREP is a community newsletter which covers all important information regarding FK Gaming. Published bi-weekly, FK's INTREP brings you up to speed with what's happening in your community.


    Meeting Reports

    Staff News


    Legendo Steps Down
     @Legendo has decided to step down from his role as a Community Manager this week. We thank him for all the time, effort and sanity he sacrificed as not only a Community Manager but also as a Moderator of this community. @Rabit Salvokelk will be taking over for Legendo as a Moderator Herdsman, and Public Relations Liaison. 

    Public Relations Operations

    Rainbow 6 Siege Final
    Many thanks to the participants of the FK R6:S Tourney! Commiserations to those who missed out on the final, @EHOPPPS Special Regiment and A White Engram, and commiserations to the Staff Team, Breadxit who fell at the final hurdle after a breath-takingly close match. Congratulations to Dynamic Warcrimes who after a shaky start won out in the final round possible, taking the spoils. Additionally, many thanks to those who volunteered their time as part of the production team: @Trinoc, Erwin, @Muhcreedy, Miiiish, JoeWaddy as our observer and @Deltabacon our producer and tournament admin.
    If you participated or spectated the competition at all, please leave some feedback (anonymously) in this form.

    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit

    Trainer's Corner 

    Squad Lead Trainer's Announce New Training Methods
    A "Shadowing" Training session entails the Trainer taking the appropriate role (Team Lead or Squad Lead) and the Trainee as an attache. From there the Trainee shadows the Trainer and listens in to their communications (Local, Short Range and Long Range) and observes them in the role to see how and what decisions are made and how they conduct themselves. During this time it is highly encouraged the Trainee take notes and prepare questions for the feedback section (post mission debrief) where if needed the Trainer can answer questions on how they arrived at that decisions, what factors were they and why certain actions were taken.
    The purpose of this is to give another avenue of people going for Tags to understand what is required in a role and what to aim for in a practical sense, as this along side the usual training and feedback sessions should help people improve and get to the consistency that tags require.
    To request squad lead training or platoon training check out the training discord.

    Community News


    Balancing Arma3 on FK Servers
            Ever pick a gun out of the arsenal and then look at your weight and just say "there's no way it's that heavy!" Well, now thanks to the help of @johnb43 that hopefully will not be a problem on FK Arma3 Servers anymore! Earlier this week the CM team announced they would be rolling out changes in an effort to balance our mod-pack - among the changes made:
            - Added some new magazines, some from 'hidden' code
            - Changed lots of weapon and magazine weights to be more realistic or in line with each other
            - Added magazine compatibility to lots of weapons
            - Added some models to magazines so when you load them in certain weapons, they aren't invisible
            - Changed some models of some magazines
            - Changed some names and icons of items
            - Removed armor on non armored helmets
    And more - see the change log for a full list of changes. This is an ongoing effort to ensure that our servers are offering the most realistic but reasonable game play that is possible. Thanks again to johnb43 for his hard work and effort in this project. 

    Laser Engraved Dogtags 
    Longtime member, and now moderator @SilentGunner13 has taken the initiative to organize a group buy option for our very first FK Gaming branded Dog Tags! These dog tags are dual sided with the FK Gaming's official branded logo (Updated Version) with an option to have a custom inscription on one side. To order or learn more visit Silent's post.

    Upcoming Events

    FK Gaming Events are posted to the Calendar and also on our Discord. Be sure to keep an eye on both so you don't miss out on any events that you'd like to participate in!

    Friday 14/8/20 - Game Night: Among Us - Hosted by @Monocled Badger

    Saturday 15/8/20 - Contact Lost - (UK WW2) - 1st Main Mission - Hosted by @Sarissa

    Sunday 16/8/20 - Ace Medical System 101 (Rifleman's Guide) - Hosted by @Xenborg

    Saturday 22-8-20 - Basic Training 101 - Hosted by @Monocled Badger


    INTREP Cover Photo Credit goes to @Garfield0003 

    Another month come and gone. Thanks for reading! See you in the next INTREP - ❤️ Rhea

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