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There are reports of Steam accounts belonging to FK members being hacked. We highly recommend that you do not click any links in Steam chat messages. ×
  • Rhea

    INTREP 020

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    Meeting Reports


    Staff News

    Staff Directory Updated

             Our new Community Managers @Rabit Salvokelk, @Cyico, and @OneMadPanda have settled in nicely to their new roles. You can view specific tasks they are responsible for on the Staff Directory page. 


    Public Relations Operations

    Attention all Streamers

             The Public Relations Team wants to remind you to share your twitch handles! Also don't forget that you can share your clips on the twitch clips thread. We are always looking for great content to promote our community! Please keep in mind - to be a twitch streamer promoted by official FK Gaming accounts you must be following our Twitch Streamer Guidelines.

    Siege Tournament Update

             The Siege tournament has now moved into the playoff stages, with everything still to play for. The semi-final will be broadcast live this saturday on our Twitch channel, and if you would like further details, you can checkout the event details here.



    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit


    Trainers Corner

    Badger needs more homework!

             Ever have a question about Arma but couldn't find an answer in the guides? @Monocled Badger is looking for your input. As a veteran, squad lead trainer, and basic trainer Badger is also known for his wide range of well written guides. Be sure to check out his thread here and contribute to the conversation!

    Awarded Tags

             Tags awarded from June 15th to July 14th. Congratulations and good work to all new tag holders!

    @kMaN - Medic , @NaWry - Fixed Wing Pilot , @L00_Cyph3r - Medic , @Slim - Medic , @OneMadPanda - Medic , @sh4rdknight - Medic , @andyt90 - Medic , @Jerichron - Squad Leader , @Ventfarter - Team Leader , @Silberjojo - Squad Lead

    Reminder for anyone looking to obtain tags of any discipline to check out the training forums, and get in contact with trainers

    Team Lead and Squad Lead Refreshers

             Feeling like you could do with a refresh of your Squad Leading or Team Leading skills? The Squad Lead Trainers have recently added the option to ask for a review to their application form.  You can ask that the trainer focuses on something specific, like general planning, or you can leave it general.


    Community News

    Bored After Main Missions?

             For the past few months, a sizable group of FK member's have gathered in discord to share what they are playing after Main Missions. Whether they were gathering feedback about their RimWorld colonies, or asking for advice about their Elite Dangerous ship's build, or just enjoying watching others play - this new way of sharing content with others is fairly new to FK. For the longest time our "voice" channels on discord have gone empty as nearly everyone would rather speak on TeamSpeak than discord. Jump in sometime, and don't forget to mute so you're not transmitting your voice over both TS and Discord at the same time! Who knows, maybe you'll find a new game that you would enjoy! Not a member of our Discord? No problem- I've got you!

    Card's Against FK

             A while back our longtime tech @anden3 made this thread in search of community input into our new cards against FK pack. For thous of you unaware of what Card's against FK is- it is in essence a custom "cards against humanity" game mode that runs in your browser. Many laughs have been had over the years from our last pack, and hopefully many more to be had with our new pack! 


    Cover Photo Credit to @Sarissa "A Russian sniper lines up his shot." Posted to the Screen Shot Thread - 7/11/20


    To keep the INTREPs community focused I wanted to ask your opinions about how to move forward. If you have a moment please check out the INTREP Questionnaire. Any feedback will be appreciated! 

    Thanks again for reading! - ❤️ Rhea

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