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The Siege tournament moves into it's penultimate week, with the teams moving into the knockout stage.

Every team has played and competed in 3 matches so far. We have had some incredible moments over the course of the 3 weeks just gone. Last-ditch plays, Aces, comebacks and sweeps.
None of that matters now though, as the teams are in a dogfight - the scrap of their lives and all wanting a chance at the top prize, a place in the FK Gaming Siege Grand Final.

Who will get there?

How did we get here?


Round one kicked off with Breadxit taking a 4-round deficit from kickoff, but then a very strong comeback and subsequent map win put all of the momentum in their favour. Dynamic Warcrimes never truly recovered and would go on to lose in a 2-0 sweep. On the other side of the bracket, EHOPPPS' Special Regiment put a strong fight up against A White Engram, and took 2 maps in short succession, dropping only 5 rounds in two maps to Mingys AWE.


After the Echo ban, all 4 teams had to readjust their operator bans and strategic decisions. Dynamic Warcrimes put across a very, very strong account of themselves, dropping one map to EHOPPPS Special Regiment, but then taking (and winning) 2 maps in overtime: Kafe Dostoyevsky and Coastline. Unfortunately, a review after the match found that 7 of the rounds had been played with a banned skin, in contravention of the rules. To preserve the achievements of both teams in as honest a format as possible, the statistics from all 3 maps were unchanged, but 1 round was dropped for Dynamic, which meant that EHOPPPS S.R took the victory. On the other side of the bracket, Mingy's AWE was unfortunately understrength for map 2. They fought a good fight but lost to a dominant Staff Team that took 65 kills, dropping only 28 frags and 8 rounds.


Whilst unfortunately off-screen, this round was full of excitement as the winner of EHOPPPS and Breadxit would go on to take first place in standard league play. It was a close-fought match but the R6:Siege experience of the Staff team won out as the mostly-CS:GO playing E.S.R were beaten in a resounding 2-0 sweep, that deserved to be significantly closer than the end result shows. Mingys AWE again went into combat understrength against a Dynamic Warcrimes team that had by now gelled, and who took only 2 round losses the entire game.



A full sheet of statistics for the weeks gone by can be found here.

Who will make it to the final? Will Dynamic be able to fight back against a demoralising overturn of their round 2 result? Will the Staff Team (Breadxit) fall at the 2nd to last hurdle against the AWE side that we have yet to see fully realise their potential? Will Deltabacon put across a fault-free production for the first time ever? Comment below!

The Semi Final between EHOPPPS Special Regiment and Dynamic Warcrimes will be broadcast LIVE at 5pm BST on Saturday the 18th of July HERE. Don't miss it!



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