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    Join our COD: Warzone Regiment

    Call Of Duty: Warzone is the newest Battle Royale infused franchise that hits the free-to-play market. Hitting 15 million players in only three days after its release, Warzone is here to stay. FK Gaming has set up a Regiment which any FK member can join. Not only can you show off your golden [FK.eu] tag in game, you also get access to a daily double XP hour when teaming up with another Regiment member.
    How to join FK regiment:
    First, we want you to be for a month with us. This will allow you to see what FK is about and meet some of us.
    After the month, make sure you have an Activision account (which is not the same as your Battle.net account).
    When you have that, contact one of our CMs with your CoD account name (including the numbers) to be added.
    The month will be counted from your forums account registration date.


    Corona Virus and how you can help
          The Corona Virus is now a global pandemic. This outbreak has and will continue to affect all of us in one way or another. Schools and workplaces are closing or innovating new ways to work and learn from home. Stores are struggling with the demand of scared consumers, and misinformation or lack of communication from our various governments is causing even more panic. The one solid fact that stands true is that we need to know more about this virus and how to fight it, and we need to know now.
    Folding@Home is a program that uses the idle time of your computer to perform complex disease research. It’s easy to download and operate and will cost you nothing (except possibly a slightly higher electricity bill). 
    We may just be a bunch of nerds who like to play games, but that means we have one valuable resource that most do not- computing power. Please visit their website to learn more about this program. 
    If you do decide to participate @NeilZar has set us up a team , where 30 community members have been running F@h in their off time and I’m happy to announce that we’ve just reached a milestone of 9,400,000 points (to learn more about how points are determined click here). To join the FK Gaming team add this team ID (236744) into your client. 
    Join the conversation in the #corona_lounge on discord where new reputable information is shared and discussed about the virus and its effects on the world. 
    FK Gaming Meetup Announcement
          "Just thought I'd say something about what possible affect COVID-19 could play on the meet up. Currently there are no plans to cancel the event but myself (Mulletshock) and @Winters are going to see what's happening and what state countries are in (lock downs or travel restrictions) closer to the time. In regards to people who have already booked Hotel and/or Travel, the Hotel booking can be cancelled 14 days before the date of the booking if you have gone for the Semi-Flex booking or (I Believe) the day before on the Flex booking and still get a full refund so I wouldn't worry about the hotel for now. However, if you are traveling and have to book something like a ferry, train or plane to travel to the meet up I would recommend talking to the company you booked/are booking with about cancellation's or what they can do if COVID-19 ends up affecting the meet up." - @mulletshock
    If you plan on attending this years meet up please join the discord server for updates and announcements.
    Disclaimer: FK Gaming is not hosting or organizing this event. This event is hosted by community members for community members. FK Gaming is not responsible for any actions taken at this event by event organizers or attendees.
    Meeting Reports
    Public Relations News Room
          @Chuck Yeager has created a unit trailer for FK Gaming. Check it out below we hope you enjoy it!
    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit
    Trainer's Corner
          Today the Community Managers have accepted the proposal from the Medic Training Team to promote @johnb43 as a Medic Trainer. Please join us on congratulating John on his new position. The Medic Training Team would like to remind the community that all training and evaluations are on hold until the ace medical update is ready to be implemented. Please be patient and join the medical training discord for updates and announcements.
    Things to keep you busy during self quarantine 
          Due to the Covid-19 pandemic scientist and governments agree that the best action to halt the spread of the virus is self quarantine. Finally all of us introverted nerds can do what we always dreamed of, and be praised for it. So lets do our part in helping to stop the spread of the virus by staying inside, refusing all social engagements, and skipping work/school and lets play some games! 
    Check out the Calendar for planned events, and feel free to add your own!
    Every Friday - Andy's Defense/Escape Missions - Hosted by @andyt90
    March 21st (Saturday) - Siege of Madrigal #2 1ST MAIN MISSION - Hosted by @Jerichron
    March 21st (Saturday) - Planetside 2: Session #1 - Hosted by @Silberjojo
                                          (If you are interested in joining the in game outfit click here)
    A reminder to all Arma players- Our Arma Server (FK1) is up and running 24/7 and available for off-hours missions at any time (excepting main mission times) if you would like to Zeus, or just attend an off-hours mission just join the off-hours channel on TS and poke some friends to join you! It is a perfect time to learn new roles that you may not get the chance to during main missions, but please remember that FK rules and restrictions still apply! 
    FK Gaming is also still hosting Minecraft, DCS, and Arma3-Liberation so there is no shortage of things to keep you busy during quarantine! 
    Sorry this INTREP was taken over by the pandemic, but it was necessary. I hope you all stay safe, wash your damn hands, and don't leave home unless you have to.
                                                                                                                              - ❤️ Rhea

    The Winter Offensive! FK Liberates Altis

    Join FK on the Cold Front, Help Liberate Altis from the North Korean Forces!
    FK Has been fighting the good fight as a NATO liberation force and they need re-enforcements
    Well, What is Liberation?
    Liberation is a persistent campaign that can span up to several weeks, team up with your fellow community members across multiple operations to liberate Altis from small shacks up to Major Cities
    The AO has fallen to the enemy, and it is up to FK to take it back;
    With up to 34 players, take to the front as a rifleman or go up the chain and direct the campaign in a commanding role You won't be alone out there, you'll have AI supplements to fill the ranks and keep the frontline strong Manage and maintain logistic lines and keep your supplies rolling, use your resources to purchase infantry equipment and vehicles Secure key strategic points building FOB's and setting up garrisons! Remember, we're here for hearts and minds, if you get on the civilians bad side its will impede our efforts it's not just Us vs Them out there, independent guerrilla groups will be active, it's advisable we have them on our side If you want to read the full mission report you can find it Here
    Here's the SITREP!
    North Korea has a hold over Altis, High Command has advised this is a key staging point for NATO if their efforts to stabilise the region!
    FK has so far been leading the charge against the enemy, with a 24/7 Server at HQ, we can run operations around the clock, giving the enemy no break to re-organise!
    Our large offensives will be planned in calendar events with intricate plans to liberate key strongpoint on Altis, but we welcome any volunteers at any time to keep fighting the good fight.
    FK's Liberation follows the standard FK ruleset for ARMA missions, so keep that ambition focuses on defeating the enemy and helping the civilians
    I'll see your boots on the ground! if you need directions, you can find the server details here

    INTREP 012

    Meeting Reports
    Staff News
    CM meeting time change
        Community Managers meeting time has now changed to 2pm UK time (2 hours earlier than before) to ensure all community managers can attend. 
    Rhea's finally taking a break... kind of
        Rhea will be taking a abbatical from major PR projects for the next 3 months to focus on her duties as a Medic Trainer. 

    Public Relations News Room
    FK Gaming Rebrand
        FK Gaming is now officially re-branded. It's been a very laborious process with many bumps in the road but now it is complete! Thank you for all the positive feedback it is greatly appreciated. Now the PR team can move forward to bigger and better projects knowing our brand better fits how we want to be seen as a community. Check out all of our fresh new graphics and logos on our social media pages linked below.
    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit
    FK Games
    Warhammer 40k: Dark Heresy Hosted by @Whisper
        Though the game is currently full and not accepting any more players, Whisper has set up a great thread here to keep up with the story and it's progression. Here is a small clip of what went down in their last session:
        "Psyker detected some bad psychic stuff going on.
        Arbitrator experienced the finest of dining and also got yelled at by some posh people.
        Guardsman may have eaten a person but that's heresy so probably not.
        Assassin went for a wander in the shadows and might have something wrong inside their head.
        Tech Priest tried to communicate with a very locked door and some brain damaged cyborgs.
        Cleric prayed a bit."
    Visit Whisper's forum thread HERE for more.
    Rainbow Six Seige Tournament Interest Poll Hosted by @Tomo
        Tomo has made a community poll to gauge interest in the possibility of an in house Rainbow Six Siege Tournament. If you own the game and may be interested in participating please be sure to visit his thread and comment. 
    Technician's Basement
    Auxiliary Server Moved
        As some of you may have noticed this week the technicians have been busy switching over our server hosting FK #3/4/5/6 to a new box. With this change brings more stability, and more control. This new server is now owned 100% by FK Gaming. During this shift some IPs have been changed, and updated list of servers and their corresponding IP addresses can be found in the description of the TS room "FK #3/4/5/6", on Discord pinned in the channel "fk_3-4-5-6", or on the forums: FK 3 Liberation, FK 4 Custom Missions, FK 5 Custom Missions, and FK Minecraft.
    Trainer's Top Tips
    Trainer's Spotlight - Squad Leaders Restrictions contributed by @ThePointForward
        In this article we will focus on Arma rule #14 from the section Weapons/Additional Gear:
        The Squad Leaders can actually enforce specific weapons to either make the squad look the part in a themed mission or more importantly to make sure the squad is going to be effective for what's planned for it.
        So the SLs should not be afraid to make use of this rule and we'd like to give a few examples:
            1. In a mission where town clearing is going to be prevalent, the SL can enforce M249 for one autorifleman and an M27 with drum magazines for another. The squad is unlikely to need a GPMG like M240 or a marksman.
            2. On the other hand in a mission where the squad is tasked with guarding an access road to a main objective it might be a good idea to bring two GPMGs like M240 and designate assistant(s) to the autoriflemen with spare ammunition and rangefinder to guide the shooters.
            3. Finally in a late Vietnam War mission the SL might elect to enforce M16A1s and M60s to actually look like a Vietnam War era squad. This of course can be combined by enforcing appropriate vests and headgear.
    We hope to see some cool squads in the future!
    Ace3 Medical - The plan ahead - contributed of the Medic Training Team @Rhea @Spartan_MiniMe @Sarissa
        The Medical trainers along with our Staff counterparts have been keeping a very close eye on updates being made to the Ace3 medical system. Any day now we should see an update! Unfortunately that does not mean that the changes will go live on the server right away. First testing will need to be done and settings will need to be adjusted by the trainers and staff team. Secondly, training materials will need to be polished and decisions made on how to best distribute them. We know this is taking longer than expected but please be patient with us throughout this process. We will continue to do everything in our power to make sure FK provides the best game play experience possible, it just may take us a bit of t
    Notable Clips
    Beans of the Week courtesy of @Mittens

    First Main Cluster-Fuck courtesy of @kMaN
    19 weeks and 1 day until FK Meetup 2020
    INTREP Photo Credit @Malbryn

    Congratulations to our new Moderators!

    With the recent re-shuffle of staff over the last few months, FK opened the applications for moderator. We had plenty of submissions from many dedicated members of the community. After discussions between staff members we'd like to finally announce our new wave of Moderators!
    Please give a round of applause to; @colt92, @Lyecer, @SilentGunner13, @Clint August & @griffin68965 as our new Community Moderators.
    To commemorate their new position, we asked them what they look forward to the most in the new role? Here's what they said.
    "I don't think I look forward to anything in particular. I just hope I get to spend more time slapping people's hands and make them reflect and empathize, rather than making spicy ban reports. 
    I'd also like to improve the crappy coffee in the moderator lounge."
    - @colt92
    "With my new role, I am finally able to take immediate action against the one's bullying me for mixing up my name /s... Jokes aside. My new rank will give me a chance to help out the community the way it helped me out. I am looking forward to getting this opportunity to help out and reinforce the staff team in their duties and being able to be the go-to person for people seeking help. Hopefully, together with the rest of the staff team, we can make this community grow further while keeping it the lovely place it has always been to simply hang out with a bunch of good friends."
    - @Lyecer
    "I look forward to making FK a welcoming place for all, to make sure new members get the welcome and experience that I received when I first joined two and a half years ago. This place has very much been an online home to me and I want as many people as possible to feel the same. I also look forward to joining the staff team and assisting in their vision of progressing the community, helping them in running the place, and also to the first time I inevitably screw up the slotting..."
    - @SilentGunner13
    "I'm looking forward to contributing to keeping FK an enjoyable place to play games and hang out!"
    - @Clint August
    "I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to take a more active role in the community and helping it improve wherever possible. I may not have been around for very long when compared to some of the others, but I am already extremely fond of this place and all the people who are a part of it, so this is something that I will be aiming to do to the absolute best of my ability, and hopefully for a long time to come."
    - @griffin68965
    Please leave your congratulations for our new moderators below in the comments! Welcome to the team gentlemen! 

    Roam the skies in our new DCS server

    FK Gaming is adding a new game to their server portfolio. DCS, short for Digital Combat Simulator, is a free-to-play full scale military simulator. Focused on bringing the most realistic simulation of military aircraft, tanks, ground vehicles and ships possible, DCS ups the ante on military immersion in videogames. Check out our launch video in this article.
    Expect a steep learning curve. Expect to be hooked. We'll see you in DCS' skies.

    INTREP 011

    Meeting Reports
    Staff News
    Moderator Applications Close
    Moderator Applications closed earlier today before First Main. The turnout of members willing to step up to the plate and take on more responsibility for the community has been humbling. From the staff team to all applicants, thank you. The CM team will now be voting on the applicants, expect to hear final results next week. 
    Public Relations News Room
    PR Officers now have green tags on team speak and discord! A very small change for continuity sake. Thank you @ThePointForward for our new tags!
    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit
    FK Games
    After a successful community poll the chosen pack, Enigmatica 2 is now live! Please visit the thread here for installation instructions, tips on how to run this pack more efficiently, rules and etiquette.  Some of our favorite mods are back such as Ancient Warfare, along with some of our old favorites such as Mekansim, Tinkers Construct, and Immersive Engineering. 
    Arma 3 - Trainer's News
    We're currently creating a new guide to improve communication when using in-game radio systems. Platoon Lead, FAC, RTO and Squad Lead trainers are working together to provide input and will actively recommend this guide in their training sessions. The guide will cover all commonly used radio commands with a brief explanation and relatable examples to increase the efficiency of radio communications in game. It will explain the difference between "Repeat" and "Say again", and will point out the importance of correctly used warning calls and needed radio discipline when "Break break break" is called on radio.
    Gaming News
    COMRAD #12 - Arma 3 - Niles George
    RimWorld 1.1 beefs up mod support, adds tortured artists, ducks, and donkeys - PCGamer - Jonathan Bolding
    Rainbow Six Siege--Tachanka Overhaul Will Ditch The Turret For A Grenade Launcher - GameSpot - Jame's O'Connor

    INTREP 010

    Meeting Report
    Staff News
    Welcome to our new Community Managers
    Last week @Tomo and @Legendo were added to the CM team. Check our our interview with them here. 
    Garfield says goodbye to ModTeam and joins the Technicians
    With the growing demand for new and exciting missions and platforms for new games, the Technicians have seen their workload increase dramatically in the last few months. With this in mind @Garfield0003 has been appointed to the Technicians which will hopefully allow some breathing room as they expand FK's hosting capabilities. Congratulations Garfield we have no doubts that they've picked the best man for the job!
    Moderator Applications are Live!
    It's that time again. After losing Legendo to the CM Team and now Garfield to the Technicians the community is in need of more moderators. Applications are open now and will close in approximately 2 weeks. If you want to help your community this may be your opportunity! Applications can be found here.
    Public Relations News Room
    FK Gaming gets a facelift!
    In the next few weeks expect to see some changes on official FK platforms. We will be rolling out a whole new branding package complete with new font styles and logos for a more updated look. Finally the switch from Fuck Knows to FK Gaming will be officially complete! Stay tuned! 
    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit
    FK Games
    Ace Medical Rewrite
    Unfortunately despite the efforts of the staff and the medic training team the new system is not ready yet for use on FK platforms. We are waiting on bug fixes from the ACE team before moving forward. To keep up with updates to the ACE Medical System check out their GitHub. To see some of the issues we're facing check out the video below, at the very least it's good for a laugh!
    New Arma 3 Templates 
    @kMaN has been hard at work! We now have fresh new templates with one minor, yet needed change. Now in the 2nd team lead and 2nd auto-riflemen positions there is a notation stating that these slots are for 10 man squad layouts only. The hope is that this will solve some of the confusion during slotting of smaller 8 man squads. For more information check out the meeting report!
    Andy's Frightful Fridays
    @andyt90 will be hosting Arma 3 mission scenarios on Fridays. These missions are wave based defense modes featuring AI and sometimes even Zombies! All you need to play is base game Arma 3 (No other mods needed. sound mods + DUI squad radar are allowed). Missions can hold up to 25 players and start shortly after 1st main. Visit the discord channel #FK_3-4-5-6 under the Arma section for more information!
    The CM's put a poll out earlier this week asking the community if there was any interest in Liberation. After an onslaught of positive responses the CM team took the poll down early, and voted in favor of setting up a persistent Liberation campaign on FK 5. Keep an eye on the forums for server details as soon as they are ready! 
    FK is currently hosting CrackPack3! Visit the thread to see how to join in. Enjoy destroying your enemies with trebuchets and cannons and watch the fun atop your flying horse (that is also on fire). 
    Flavor(s) of the Week
    Games come and go, but the want to play with your friends never does. Check out this weeks flavors and see how you can join in! 
    GTFO / Space Engineers / Exile
    Gaming News
    ‘Warcraft 3: Reforged’ Has A Record Low 0.8 Score On Metacritic As Fans Are Furious - Forbes Paul Tassi 31/1/20
    Overwatch is getting hero bans, but Blizzard will pick them, not you - PC Gamer Andy Chalk 31/1/20
    You can play Toss A Coin To Your Witcher in Beat Saber now - PC Gamer Jonathan Bolding 30/12/19
    Thank you all for your patience with me during the holiday season. I appreciated the much needed break but now I'm back for more! INTREPs will still be scheduled for release every other Monday from now on. As always if there is a story you would like to see featured, or have something you want to say to the community feel free to message me or leave a comment!

    A Welcome to our new Community Managers

    Please give a warm welcome to @Tomoand @Legendoas our new Community Managers. We had a short interview with them to give them a chance to introduce themselves to you, which you can read in this article below. Don't forget to leave a comment and congratulate them on their new positions.
    Tomo, FK's Resident Tag Collector now has one of the highest tags there is, except Server Admin! He's been with us since 2017 and a veteran since 2018. Having put in a lot to this community he's taking a step up from veteran and is joining the Community Managers.
    Hi Tomo, can you give a brief introduction of yourself?
    "Hey FK! If you don't know me, I'm Tomo and I'm 25 and from Wales (fluent in Welsh too!). I joined FK in March 2017, after watching a number of Cyanide's streams playing here. Arma 3 was going cheap in a Humble Bundle sale at the time (Best ~£10 I ever spent), and after a few hours with friends I jumped in here and have been around almost constantly since!
    While in FK I quickly became interested in a number of roles ingame and started trying to improve at them all. This eventually lead to the ongoing meme of me having a tag in each category/discipline. I have genuine interest in each role so having them means I'm able to get priority for most all roles if they come up and I'm interested to play them. Through this I also became a trainer for 3 separate disciplines simultaneously (Platoon Leading, FAC and Zeus). I stepped away from those after some time but recently I'm back as a Platoon trainer and now as a CM I can hopefully support all trainers in their work too.
    Other than Arma I'm a big fan of a few less obvious game series, including Minecraft, Pokemon and Smash Bros. If you wanna fight me in the latter two sometime then bring it on ?"
    What can you bring to the table as a new Community Manager?
    "I believe I can bring some more technical knowledge of the inner workings of Arma to the CM team, as well as a strong drive and passion to see our missions flourish in diversity and skill.
    As a non staff member for my time here I might be able to raise or resolve issues that I believe have gone unnoticed or sidelined, instead of just bothering the CM team about them constantly!
    Also while most existing staff are plenty approachable I do hope that people will be able to come to me with issues they might not have wanted to bring to others for whatever reason. I pride myself on doing my best to improve based on constructive criticism and this is a big part of how I want to be as a CM."
    What do you look forward to the most in your new role?
    "I look forward to working closely with the rest of the staff team as true/official colleagues finally. With them I aim and hope to keep pushing FK to newer, greater heights!
    I'm also quite passionate about many Arma topics and genuinely look forward to taking a more active role in the decision making and implementation process, as it's something I enjoy! From the bottom of my heart, I am so, so grateful for this opportunity."
    If you would be the glorious ruler of FK for one day, the sole CM in charge of any decision, what new feature would you implement?
    "Remove BFT and GPS by default in missions and laugh as everyone got lost! ?"
    Legendo, who became a moderator nearly a year ago in 2019 , has shot up the ladder from regular to Community Manager! Having also been with us since 2017, he shows his love through yelling and can now direct that love to making this community even better!
    Same questions for you, Legendo, who are you, and what made you join this community?
    "Well when I first join'd it was at august 2017 from watching Cyanides stream and figured this place seems worth giving it a shot and ever since then I havent regretted that decision. Then I became a mod a year ago and spent my time the best I could to improving the community as a member of staff. "
    What can you bring to the table as a new Community Manager?
    "I like to get the job done ASAP day 1 at least with my own assignments so we wont have to many days or weeks waiting for a responds from the team. I am interacting with the community a lot which makes me easily approachable and open minded so I wouldnt brush off any requests or suggestions so dont be shy or afraid to bring it up to me. People need to be more relaxed and open to staff and they themselves. Being a mod for a year in the FK community has learned me a lot on how its run and how the members see it and hopefully I can bring a change to that."
    What do you look forward to the most in your new role?
    "Keeping the community healthy and growing as much as possible since its a really big community and it needs to be treated with care. I still am gonna be the same person when I was a mod but this time being able to move the community forward with the rest of the community members not to far behind us making it a enjoyable place to be. "
    If you would be the glorious ruler of FK for one day, the sole CM in charge of any decision, what new feature would you implement?
    "I would bring FK into space and make the members into space marines brothers."
    Do you think these guys will make a great addition to the CM team? Already have a suggestion for them? Drop it in the comments below!
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