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  • April 2021 ModPack Update

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    APRIL 2021 Modpack Update

             After many weeks of hard work, it's here! The latest update to our main Arma 3 modpack. This modpack is the result of the third iteration of our Mod Testing Team process, and I would like to thank all who contributed for their hard work during the process. 

    We welcome back BWMod and Redd'n' Tanks in this update. These two mods do go hand in hand, with BWMod dealing with some somewhat modern assets and gear, and Redd'n'Tanks handing out some cold war equipment. Some of you might remember having these before, and BWMod is one of the highest quality faction mods on the workshop at the moment. Just watch out for Gas Attacks. At least you will now be protected by the M40 Protective Facewear.

    We have also added a mod to include some new markers. Metis Marker will allow you to add some detail to your marker at a glance. Depending on popular demand, we might look into a full guide on the various markers.

    We have diversified our map pool, and going to South America for a small trip, watch out for cartels as you wander through Colombia though, and see if you can see some lost Russian army enthusiasts wandering round in Russian Winter kit.

    While there have been a fair number of changes here, the modset size has actually only grown by around 3.5GB. For those of you who like the stats, here are some below.

    Old (April) Modset Size (MB):    63151
    New Modset Size (MB):    
    Removed Mods (MB):    5052
    Current (November) Mods Count:    53
    New Modset Count:   59 (6 Removed, 12 added)

    Anyway, onto some useful information. The modset will be live on FK 1 from Monday, the 3rd of May. Updates to our own internal mods will be happen earlier that same day to avoid impacting Main missions on the Sunday.

    Below you will find a full list of what's come in, but the important parts are next: Mod Presets!


    Mod Preset & Installation

    The simplest way to get the new modset ready will be to import our new official modset.

    Instructions on how to do this can be found here. Remember we will be using this Modset starting on 3rd May.


    Mods Added and Removed


    • BWMod
    • Redd n Tanks
    • Laghisola
    • Rosche Germany 2.0
    • UMB Colombia
    • Russian winter Retextures
    • M40 Protective Mask
    • BettIR
    • Grenades in the Tank Hatch (Thanks @johnb43 for this)
    • Metis Marker
    • MS_IFF_Strobe
    • Metis Nature



    • 3 CB BAF Equipment
    • Eurofighter Typhoon
    • CUP Terrains - CWA
    • F-35B - Armaverse Version
    • Vinjesvingen
    • Virolahti - Valtatie 7



    Huge thank you to the CM Team, Tech Team and Mod Testing Team for all of their hard work putting this together.

    Remember that our staff are all volunteers and that FK Gaming is run solely on donations. If you'd like to donate to our platform please visit https://www.fkgaming.eu/donate/


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