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    INTREP 033

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    INTREP is a community newsletter which covers all important information regarding FK Gaming. Published Monthly, FK's INTREP brings you up to speed with what's happening in your community.


    Meeting Reports

    Check the forums for up to date information straight from our Community Managers.


    Staff News

    Community Manager Applications are now Open!

    Our current CM team has opened applications. If you feel like you have skills to bring to the table please apply. To be a CM of FK Gaming applicants must be available to attend weekly meetings, make decisions regarding the communities best interests, and work with the staff team to achieve goals. To apply please visit the applications page on the forums. 


    Public Relations Operations

    Emissary Squad

    Fk Gaming's Emissary Squad is comprised of a group of Arma players from our community that "travel" to other communities to participate in joint operations. Currently we are participating in multiple operations each month with various different units. If you are interested in representing FK Gaming as part of our Emissary Squad please join our PR Ops Discord and ping @Fred. Please do not forget to RSVP to this months Friday Night Fight event! 


    Zeus Poll 

    @Fred has put up a poll to gauge interest from Zeus' about hosting missions here on FK servers and inviting outside units/individuals to join us. If you Zeus regularly/semi regularly on FK servers please let your thoughts be known on this subject. As stated in the thread - these missions would have full support from staff members to help guide our guests and ensure they enjoy their time while playing your missions. 


    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit


    Trainer's Corner 

    Medical Settings Poll 

    The Medical trainers are currently running a survey to get views from the community on possible changes to the medical system in the form of settings changes. A thread for discussion as well as a link to the google form for the poll can be found here. It will run for approximately 1 month. We highly encourage as many people to partake in this as possible. To clarify what this is, this is a poll to gather views on what the Community feels about current medical settings and if they feel they need to be changed or not. 


    Community News

    April 2021 Modset

    Again just want to take a moment to send a huuuge thank you to @Garfield0003 and everyone on the Mod Testing Team for this modset update! Next modset update will be in November 2021 and applications for the new Mod Testing Team will open around September. 


    Upcoming Events

    Check the events calendar regularly to see what new events have been published. 



    INTREP Cover Photo Credit goes to @L00_Cyph3r - " @Veagance and his fireteam watching the rest of Bravo-squad leap-frogging over the river"

    Sorry for the late INTREP this month guys. We wanted to wait for the modset change before publishing a new article on the front page. Hope everyone is enjoying it! 

     - Hope you enjoyed this months INTREP as always if you have an article you'd like to see in the INTREP feel free to contact me on Discord! - ❤️mPyaJ_KgX_FdH751Q1v2IR52P7UNj6-fKx38eBcN7Hj33QSJUj5IJYNilEy8DfC92cHl_5j3n14yowqFl8rKok-Pwzd-3xLbi3c1EBQ_YInUagUdFkC9_7wt9lXfPeYnYmNwuFMd Rhea

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