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    INTREP 034

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    INTREP is a community newsletter which covers all important information regarding FK Gaming. Published Monthly, FK's INTREP brings you up to speed with what's happening in your community.


    Meeting Reports

    Check the forums for up to date information straight from our Community Managers.


    Staff News

    Moderation Applications are now open

    If you've been a member of the community for a while, and you feel like you'd like to help out- Moderator applications are now live. Apply Here.

    New CM's Chosen!

    Welcome to the CM team @Wattsits and @LurkerOne

    Welcome back to the Staff Team @Tomo

    Tomo is now officially part of the technician team. He will be helping Kman and Garfield to balance out the tech teams duties. Welcome back Tomo!

    FK Player & Map Stats 2021

    In an effort to help zeus' plan their missions the staff team has compiled a data sheet including player numbers and map usage. This information will go a long way to help us create dynamic missions, and to keep track of trends within Arma 3 on FK platforms. Check it out!


    Public Relations Operations

    Emissary Squad
    FNF Titans - FKGaming was participating in an Arma 3 tournament called FNF Titans. We fought hard, but sadly did not return victorious. However, we have learned and improved a lot throughout the event! Special thanks to those who stepped in to help out when we were a player or two down. If you want to see the points, please look at: https://challonge.com/Titansv2EU/module

    ESM Tournament - FK has also participated in the recent May 2021 Electronic Sports Master Vanilla Capture the Flag Tournament! We fought hard, and won some games. Sadly however, we were not able to take top place, although we did have fun and got to show off our ability in Arma 3.

    AFI (/ European Arma 3 Events)  Invitational Operation - FK has been invited to a Team vs Team match called Operation Blueline, The event will be a large scale TvT operation, operating at a Command Level. If you are interested please visit the calendar page here: (do note, there are limit slots). If you have any questions, please send a message to Fred on discord (Fred#1306) or on the forums: @Fred 

    FNF World War II Month - For the month of June, Friday Night Fight will be taken back in time to 1944! The first WW2 game has been played, if you want to join in one of the upcoming games, join the PR Discord! https://discord.gg/M3QeCGw8

    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit


    Trainer's Corner 

    Medical System Survey

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the Medical Survey! Your feedback has been invaluable to the Medical Trainers and Team. To learn more about the effects of the servey or to request medical training or an eval join the training discord.

    Updated Guides

    A huge thank you to @Silberjojo for updating the Arma Abbreviations - General, Vehicles, and Weapons guides! If you haven't seen these guides yet they are worth the read even for seasoned Arma3 veterans! 

    Upcoming Events


    Check the events calendar regularly to see what new events have been published. 

    INTREP Cover Photo Credit goes to @L00_Cyph3r "Is it becoming a thing that platoon-boats get themselves stuck in the most intricating ways possible?"

     Now that vaccines are becoming available all over the world - congratulate yourself for surviving. Maybe you didn't enjoy your 2020/2021 as much as you had planned- but you didn't plan on having to live through a global pandemic either, I assume. Be kind to yourself and to each other as we all deal with the difficulties of finding our new "normal."  - ❤️ Rhea


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