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    ArmA Abbreviations - Weapons


    First and foremost: Thanks to the hivemind for helping with this!

    Remember the first time someone screamed "BRDM! It's a BRDM!", at you and you had no damn clue how you were supposed to react to this? Or what to look for? The list of abbreviations is damn long (and this one by no means complete! If you see something missing, suggest it in the comments please! Missing an abbreviation but you're not sure what it means? Add it, too! Chances are somebody will fill it in) and I'm 100% convinced that nobody knows every single one of them. This list - click here for the entire one in alphabetical order - may prove itself helpful for some of the FNGs in the future. Running away tactically retreating from something makes more sense when you know what the hell you're running from. 

    This list will be separated into 3 subsections, namely: Weapons, Vehicles and General Terminology.
    NOTE: This part only focuses on weapons. You can find Vehicles here and General Terminology here



    AA – Anti-Air Artillery (AAA or Triple A)
    AK – Everything Kalashnikov (Including the Izhmash versions)
    AK5 - Automatic Carbine 5 (Automat
    Karbin 5) swedish standard rifle
    AP – Anti-Personnel OR Armour-Piercing
    APFSDS – Armour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding SABOT
    AR – Assault Rifle

    AT – Anti-Tank
    ATG – Anti-Tank Gun
    AUG – Universal Army Rifle (Armee Universal Gewehr)


    Cal - Caliber


    DMR – Designated Marksman Rifle
    DMS - Designated Marksman Scope
    DShKM - Heavy (infantry) machine gun, this is the russian turret that every single one of us has seen in the games. Russia’s equivalent of 50’cal but meaner


    EMR – Enhanced Marksman Rifle (Rarely if ever used)
    EPR - Enhanced Performance Round
    ESR – Enhanced Sniper Rifle (never heard being used)


    Frags – Fragmentation grenades (take the bottom one)


    GL - Grenade Launcher


    HAT - Heavy Anti-Tank. Think TOW, Javelin or MILAN systems
    HBAR – Heavy Barrel Automatic Rifle
    HE - High-Explosive
    HEAT – High-Explosive Anti-Tank
    HEDP - High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEAT with claymore around it)
    HP - High Powered (or high penetrating)
    HMG – Heavy Machine Gun


    IR – Infra-Red
    IR-DIM - Infra Red Dim, a type of tracer round that is only visible to people wearing NVGs, and will not start to illuminate until after having flown ~100+ yards. (To not give gunner position away)


    LMG – Light Machine Gun
    LAT - Light anti tank launcher


    Mag – Magazine
    MAT - Medium anti tank launcher
    MMG – Medium Machine Gun - An autorifle with 7.62 caliber
    MPAT - Multi-Purpose Anti Tank


    RCO – Rifle Combat Optics
    RPG – Rocket Propelled Grenade


    SFW – Special Forces Weapon, also safe for work, which is probably the context we’ve used this in if ever
    SOST - A special type of tungsten headed round. It’ll ‘detonate’ after a moment, scattering shrapnel within a persons body


    UGL - Weapon with bottom mounted grenade launcher


    ZU - Anti Aircraft Static Emplacement. Can be mounted to a URAL to make it Mobile, Dual Barrel 23mm Fuck Up Your Day with Explosive shells.
    ZSU – Anti-Aircraft self propelled mount (Zenitnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka), 23mm 4-barrel anti-air tank. Often wrongly used for static AA emplacements.

    Edited by Sarissa

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