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    ArmA Abbreviations - Vehicles


    First and foremost: Thanks to the hivemind for helping with this!

    Remember the first time someone screamed "BRDM! It's a BRDM!", at you and you had no damn clue how you were supposed to react to this? Or what to look for? The list of abbreviations is damn long (and this one by no means complete! If you see something missing, suggest it in the comments please! Missing an abbreviation but you're not sure what it means? Add it, too! Chances are somebody will fill it in) and I'm 100% convinced that nobody knows every single one of them. This list - click here for the entire one in alphabetical order - may prove itself helpful for some of the FNGs in the future. Running away tactically retreating from something makes more sense when you know what the hell you're running from. 

    This list will be separated into 3 subsections, namely: Weapons, Vehicles and General Terminology.
    NOTE: This part only focuses on vehicles. You can find Weapons here and General Terminology here


    APC – Armoured Personnel Carrier
    ATV – All-Terrain Vehicle

    Before going over the list of amazingly alike sounding vehicles with the letter "B", take a look at the following picture. It provides a few useful points for telling them apart. Knowing what charges at you isn't the most unimportant thing to know.


    BMD – Airborne amphibious tracked IFV
    BMP – Amphibious tracked IFV
    BRDM – Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle. A 4-wheeled lightly armored vehicle, with a turret on top, not to be confused with BTR-variants
    BTR – Armoured Personnel Carrier. Has many variants, with some being deadly as fuck compared to others, for example BTR-80A has an autocannon on top


    FV – Fighting Vehicle


    IFV – Infantry Fighting Vehicle


    MBT – Main Battle Tank
    MRAP – Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (Also called “Battlebus”)


    RAPTOR - Assault helicopter

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