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  • Identification of Russian Vehicles


    Today I had somebody call an Main-Battle-Tank a BRDM. Then it turned out to be a BMP. This is what prompted me to make this post, which should make it easier for everyone to quickly identify Russian Armour. This is important, because it influences how it gets dealt with and which assets are called in for support. So let's hop right in. 
    In General to identify what is trying to kill you, you want to look at: Wheels/Tracks, size of the cannon, Amount of Armour, Attachments around the turret or on top.


    What do we have:

    • BRDM's: 4 Wheels, Small Gun (capable of 7.62 or 50.cal fire); this may also have a shitton of Rocketpods on top (seldom used tho)


    • BTR's: 8 Wheels, 7.62 and 50.cal gun, may also have a long, small barrel, which is an Autocannon
      • The leftmost BTR is the BTR-80A. It has an Autocannon, similar to the one the Bradley uses. 

    BTR-80A (Autocannon), BTR-80, BTR-70, BTR-60PB

    A BRDM (left) and a BTR (right)

    BRDM-2, BTR-70

    • BMP's: Tracked
      • BMP-1's (left): Big Cannon, which has a reload time, White Rocket/Yellow Launcher on top
      • BMP-2's (middle): Long, thin Autocannon, yellow launcher on top
      • BMP-3's (right): Bulky, Big Cannon with a smaller Coaxial Gun

    BMP-1's, BMP-2's, BMP-3's

    • BMD's: Tracked, Significantly smaller than a BMP
      • See Criteria for BMP's
    • These are supposed to be Air dropped easily

    BMD-1's, BMD-2's, BMD-4's

    A BMD-1 (left) and a BMP-1 (right)

    BMD-1, BMP-1

    A BMD-3 (left) and a BMP-3 (right)

    BMD-4, BMP-3

    • MBT's:
      • T-34 (left): Small, big Cannon, tall Turret "holding"
      • T-55 (middle): long Chassis, medium sized Turret "holding"
      • T-72 and up (both on the left): Scary af, sturdy looking, armoured Tracks, 

    T-34, T-55. T-72, T-90

    While we're at it I'm gonna mention AA and Helicopter's as well

    • MI-8 (right): Round, big nose, kinda fat in general, may have Rocekt Pods (called "Hip")
    • MI-24 (middle): always armed, long glassy part for 2 pilots with one having an elevated seat (called "Hind)
    • MI-28 (left): always armed, round ball thing on top of Main Rotor, Big, long Fuck off Cannon below the Pilots, also scary af (called "Havoc")

    MI-28, MI-24, MI-8

    Now for AA

    • ZU-23-2: 2 barreled, static emplacement, 2 man crew
    • ZSU-23-4: tracked, lightly armoured, 4 barreld, Radar capable
    • ZSU-35 Tigris: Futuristic "I eat Helicopters for breakfast" look, 2 barrels (one on either side)

    Tigris, ZSU, ZU

    Some Tanks have different kinds and amounts of armour.


    Here's a cute BMD for your troubles :D 




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