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    ArmA Abbreviations - General


    First and foremost: Thanks to the hivemind for helping with this!

    Remember the first time someone screamed "BRDM! It's a BRDM!", at you and you had no damn clue how you were supposed to react to this? Or what to look for? The list of abbreviations is damn long (and this one by no means complete! If you see something missing, suggest it in the comments please! Missing an abbreviation but you're not sure what it means? Add it, too! Chances are somebody will fill it in) and I'm 100% convinced that nobody knows every single one of them. This list - click here for the entire one in alphabetical order - may prove itself helpful for some of the FNGs in the future. Running away tactically retreating from something makes more sense when you know what the hell you're running from. 

    This list will be separated into 3 subsections, namely: Weapons, Vehicles and General Terminology.
    NOTE: This part only focuses on general terminology. You can find Weapons here and Vehicles here


    AO – Area of Operations
    AOA - Axis of Advance - what bearing you are moving
    Asset - a piece of military equipment or personnel, commonly applied to tanks, planes, vehicles in general, sniper teams, mortar teams, etc.


    Casualty - Wounded, killed or otherwise combat ineffective personnel
    CAS – Close Air Support
    CASEVAC – Casualty Evacuation
    CCO – Close-Combat Optics (never heard being used)
    CCV – Close-Combat Vehicle
    CQB - Close Quarters Battle
    CQC - Close Quarters Combat (shooty shooty close and dirty)
    Click - Kilometer (1 click = 1km = 1000m)
    CSTO - Collective Security Treaty Organization (Russian NATO), formerly Warsaw Pact.
    COIN - Counter Insurgency
    Combat effective - Whether or not you/your squad/your vehicle is able to fight with the condition or the position you are in. Usually used when you are not


    DZ – Drop zone


    ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival
    Exfil – Extraction


    FAC – Forward Air Controller (The guy who communicates with the air assets)
    FF - Friendly Fire/Friendly Fucked
    FOB – Forward Operating Base
    FOO - Forward Observation Officer - Shelldrake, when used, is a FOO, as he spots and observers for Artillery pieces. Officer role only.
    FGO - Forward Gunfire Observer - See FOO, except is an other rank rather than an Officer.
    FNG – Fucking New Guy
    FUBAR - Fucked Up Beyond All Reason/Recognition/Repair (AKA every FK mission)
    FUP - Form Up Point


    IED – Improvised Explosive Device


    KIA – Killed in Action


    LR – Long Range
    LZ – Landing Zone


    MANPAD - Man Portable Air Defence
    Medevac - Medical Evacuation/need medical attention from outside medic
    MIA – Missing in Action
    Mic/Mike - Minute


    NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    NVG – Night Vision Goggles


    PAK - Personal Aid Kit (The object medics use to heal people up completely E.g broken legs)
    Platoon - Highest leadership in mission, usually a Captain or Lieutenant
    PLTN - Platoon
    POW – Prisoner of War
    PuP – Pick-up Point


    RCO – Rifle Combat Optics
    RTO - Radio Telegraph Operator (The guy who communicates with the ground assets)


    2iC – Second in Command
    SITREP – Situation Report
    SL – Squad Leader
    SW - Short Range/ short wave
    STANAG – Standardisation Agreement usually used as “stanag rounds, stanag mags” as in everyone runs with the same gear, usually 5.56 caliber ammunition and compatible nato weaponry


    TTT - Time To Target very rarely used, air assets might use
    TOT - Time On Target. It’s an Artillery term, used for calculating when the round fired will hit the ground. As an FGO or FOO it’s super helpful as you can then see whether you’re on target or not


    UN - United Nations


    Wait one - “Give me a minute, you cunt”
    WARPACT - Warsaw Pact forces, usually encountered in one of Digby’s Cold War missions.
    WIA/WIC - Wounded In Action/Combat
    WP - Waypoint

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