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    INTREP 032

    INTREP is a community newsletter which covers all important information regarding FK Gaming. Published Monthly, FK's INTREP brings you up to speed with what's happening in your community.


    Meeting Reports

    Visit the forums to see all the meeting reports

    Staff News

    Rhea Returns from Extended Sabbatical

    @Rhea returns to her duties as a Public Relations Officer as she has now settled into her new life in TX. All information regarding INTREPS should be directed towards her. Welcome back!

    April Fools 2021

    Thank you everyone for keeping this April Fool's Day light hearted and fun. The staff team had a great time planning all the shenanigans this year - and look forward to next year. That being said as with any event we appreciate and take your feedback under advisement. Some have voiced that the slotting procedures for last nights main mission went a bit too far and ended up impeding on it's main goal - to be fun and funny. For that I sincerely apologize and promise to do better to look at all perspectives when planning events like this in the future. Thank you all for participating and for your understanding. - Rhea

    Public Relations Operations

    Emissary Squad Updates

    Under the direct supervision of our newest PR officer @Fred, FK Gaming's Emissary Squad has been participating in many Arma 3 events with other communities. In the next few months we plan to expand this branch of our out reach by participating in more varied events ranging from casual game mode play to full on e-sports tournaments. 

    In the past month our Emissary Squad has represented FK Gaming in the weekly Friday Night Fights PVP Events, placed 5th out of 12 in the FNF Titans Tournament, and is now looking forward to the Northern Winds Event

    If you are interested in representing FK Gaming in any of these upcoming event please join our Public Relations Operations Discord and request and 'Emissary Squad' Tag. 

    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit

    Trainer's Corner 

    Medical Trainers Reminder

    Medical Trainers would like to remind all active Arma 3 players to familiarize themselves with the "how to handle casualties in the field" guide. This guide is not specifically for medics or medic tag holders - but for all players that will encounter a fallen friendly in the AO. This guide discusses how casualties are to be handled from basic first aid to coms. Please familiarize yourself with the procedures. 


    Upcoming Events





    Best of March

    @Arg - Make love not war


    @kMaN The rest of Charlie ........ planning their next move? 🤭


    @L00_Cyph3r - Made a makeshift jump rope, but @Tomo was lazy af


    @L00_Cyph3r - Competent Drivers Needed

    @SGz_Eliminated - FAC, btw your bird is dead

    @Byrtsi- Bravo be advised, huey coming down.


    INTREP Cover Photo Credit goes to @Jerichron caption "Air Support Available"

    Yay! I'm back. Hope everyone enjoyed yesterday's April Fools Day. As a side note - please stop calling me Mam - ❤️ Rhea


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