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    Squad server is LIVE

    By Chuck Yeager, in Server news, , 3 comments, 1,887 views
    After a couple intense weeks of preparation, FKGaming launches their first Squad server and you can start playing right now.
    Watch our launch video below and join us for some authentic combat experiences. All server details can be found in this article.

    Server ID:
    [EU] fkgaming.eu | ENG | RAAS + AAS [FK]

    How to join our server:
    READ OUR SQUAD RULES Launch Squad Select Server Browser Search for 'fkgaming' in the search window Join our the server (and don't forget to mark it as your favourite for future sessions)

    OperatorDrewski features FKGaming in "Beginner's guide to milsim"

    By Chuck Yeager, in Community News, , 0 comments, 2,640 views
    "FK does these really cool operations where they have these realistic, kinda milsim based operations on a very large scale." If a big YouTuber says this kinda stuff, he's got to be right. Right? A couple of weeks ago, we invited OperatorDrewski to join a few of our main missions. For those that don't know Drewski: he's a "certified Keyboard Operator. 700,000 weird nerds watch my videos", as he describes himself on Twitter. Drewski has created numerous videos about military games, airsoft and everything in between. His most recent video is a beginner's guide to milsim, and FKGaming is proud to be a big part of it.
    Don't forget to check out his other videos and to hit that subscriber button, or give him a follow on Twitter.

    As with previous YouTube content related to FKGaming, we might see a lot of new faces joining our forces soon. Don't forget to give them a warm welcome and to guide them to our "how to join" page.

    Airsoft meetup - Photoshoot (part one)

    By Chuck Yeager, in Community News, , 9 comments, 3,731 views
    Back in July, over 40 FK members gathered in the small town of Dorking, United Kingdom, for a two day airsoft meetup. In between games, the PR team grabbed a couple of FK members aside to immortalize their presence with a picture of two. This article will showcase a few of those members and we couldn't resist ourselves to ask them a couple of questions as well. Meet Silentgunner13, ThatWalder and NotConnor.

    Hi @SilentGunner13, when did you get into airsoft and what makes it so fun to do?
    I got into airsoft around March this year. I'd watched videos around it and always thought it looked like fun but never had the time or money. It was only at the start of this year that I started seriously researching the airsoft scene in Ireland and trying to get an idea of how much it'd cost to get myself set up. I played a few rental games early in the year. @Mittens then invited me down to play airsoft in Wicklow with him, @Whiskers and @SABER. This was the first big game I'd played in an outdoor venue with a gun that wasn't a crap M4/G36 rental (SABRE lent me his LVOA). I also rescued the cat brothers' boots from their mother's house on my way down which is a story in itself. After that I got my own RIFs and started playing a bit more seriously. Airsoft is fun to play for me because its therapeutic. Running around, looking like a badass/idiot/badass idiot and playing a game with a good team is a great way to shake off stress from the previous week at work. Especially when people come to the event with the right attitude and equipment such as radios... and brains. Plus its one of the only times in life where it is socially acceptable to magdump a minor without going to jail.
    As an experienced airsoft player, did you enjoy the FK airsoft weekend?
    I wouldn't say I'm 'experienced'. I'm somewhere around the amateur mark at this point. I don't even have UKARA yet.. however having done a number of games the FK event was fucking fantastic. You saw people from all across the spectrum (in more than one sense of the word) from the guys showing up in tracksuits and hoodies to the guys who've poured hundreds into their gear. But despite this disparity, everybody had fun. People called their hits, nobody got salty, and really it was just like an FK mission in real life with people doing stupid shit I.e. @Whiskers transitioning into a barrel and @Tobe picking a fight with a tree (and losing). Even the total newbies to airsoft got really into it. People really got into the spirit of the weekend and I don't think a single person left that weekend disappointed. I sure as shit didn't. I'd do it again next week if you asked me to... and paid for my airfare....and promised not to send @EHOPPPS to collect me.
    In a big way, I enjoyed the meetup because it was something different. I was getting tired of how monotonous my 9-5 life was getting, so when the opportunity to get shot at by a bunch of people who I've never met (but many I consider good mates) came about ? Fuck yeah, I'm doing that. For me though, the best part was seeing people help each other out. Like @Vesper Akiri helping people with weapon malfunctions or @mulletshock lending me a few spare mags on the Saturday and of course, the legend of @andyt90 lending me his absolute unit of an M16A2. Seeing everybody in person helping each other out, and most importantly, having a good time (especially at the pub) made me realise that despite the running joke about FK being a bit of a toxic community, it isn't in reality. It's filled with a bunch of fucking legends I'm proud to call friends, from all around the world. In fact, the meetup actually dispelled a few misconceptions and judgements that I had made about some people. The meetup just felt like a massive lads (and ladies!) holiday with a bunch of lovable nerds all there to have a good time, and I cannot wait for the next one

    Gear list
    The cap is Viper Tactical
    Weapon is a G&G TR16 (lent from @andyt90, magazines also lent from him) but have my own G&G Raider CM16 SRL and a WE P226
    Gloves are Highlander Raptor fingerless
    Plate Carrier is a an Olive Assault vest from GFC Tactical with mag pouches, IFAK, Radio pouch etc
    Shirt is an Olive UBACS from Magcomsen
    Radio is a Baofeng UV-5R
    Battle belt from bulldog tactical with util pouch, phone pouch, dump pouch and pistol holster
    Multicam trousers from Tacvasen with integrated kneepads
    Multicam Boots from Savage Island

    @ThatWalder, how did you get in to airsoft?
    I got into airsoft due to there being an airsoft society at the university which I attended (then dropped out of after 2 years). I got all my uni housemates into airsoft and the society was full a great group of light minded adults with a secret bloodlust and most of us where gamers at heart. We would go airsoft in a old world war 2 bunker on Tuesday nights and on the Sunday we would head to one of the local outdoor large sites.
    While others went full milsim, you went full slav. What's the story behind the outfit?
    I think I went full slav because a lot of us recently been playing a lot of Escape from Tarkov as a groups and we always seem to have a laugh. I didn't have many milsim gear or equipment but I have bits and bobs which I just scavenged together. So Scav Slav was born from that.
    Gear list
    Slav Walder
    Adidas striped tracksuit bottoms
    Adidas striped tracksuit hoodie
    Uskanka hat
    steel toe cap boots
    @Vesper Akiri's AK
    Other gear: South African Assault Vest, Olive Viper Long sleeve shirt, Nuprol olive half mask and Nuprol mesh eye pro (always wear protection kids)

    @Not Connor, we've got to ask the story behind your outfit. Were you inspired by something, or just felt like not going full camo?
    I was kind of inspired by a lot of what ive seen from PJs and PRs in the US special forces, just kind of looking serious and geared up and wearing a silly shirt (hawaiian) or otherwise, so its always been a thing to keep it serious but also have a bit of fun with it.
    What's your most memorable experience from the FK airsoft meetup, or the FK meetup in general?
    It was probably when @Tobe demolished the barrel in like the second game, or even the last game with him playing it in a cheerleader outfit.
    Gear List
    The carrier was a JPC style plate carrier with some mag pouches on the side as well as a dangler for some storage
    The most notable other things about the loadout would just be the holster (modified drop holster)
    Two toned CZ-P09 pistol by ASG
    The clothing was mostly cheap stuff i actually got for the meetup, stuff i didnt mind getting dirty and again going for a special forces kind of look where things like uniform and camo dont matter as much as style
    The rifle I borrowed from @mulletshock as well as the sling, but all other equipment used was mine.
    Which of the three outfits do you enjoy the most? Comment below ?

    INTREP 003

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 3 comments, 2,740 views
    Meeting Memo
    Trainer’s Top Tips
    Zeus Tag Application & Evaluation system
    This topic contains all the information you need to apply for Co-Zeus or Zeus tag. Main idea of the system is based on your capabilities as Zeus and references from the people who have played in your missions. There is no stepladder between the tags, you can apply for any of them. But be aware that we expect people to understand the importance of good zeusing, so we will carefully examine the applications. Main requirement is to have Reg+ status in the community. Read More...
    Public Relations News Room
    Twitter Giveaway Winner
    Trinoc won the Twitter giveaway for the new Contact DLC. We expect to see him on Livonia soon! Congratulations @Trinoc Read More...
    Twitter and why you should care
    It's no secret that @Chuck Yeager and I have been working very hard on gaining traction on the Twitter platform. To many of you, this might not make much sense. If it does, you might not see the point in participating yourself as you're already here and already a member, therefore not who we're trying to "reach". I'd love to just take a moment and explain to you why we need your support on Twitter. Read More... Squad Game Sale - HumbleBundle
    With our new Squad server currently under construction now is a great time to nab the new Squad game for half price! HumbleBundle is still hosting a 50% off sale for Squad until Wednesday! Get it while you can! Buy it here! Technician’s Basement
    Mod-pack selection
    The new Arma3 modset selection is well underway. The CM team have been combing through every suggestion made by the community, the trainers, and other staff to ensure the most suitable mods are chosen for the final modpack. Soon the testing phase will begin. The CMs expect the new modset to be live within 3-5 weeks if all goes well! 
    Squad Server Coming Soontm
    The Technicians and CMs have been hard at work constructing our very own Squad server. A lot goes into hosting a new game, so please be patient with the staff as they tackle this new challenge. As always keep an eye on the forums and in future INTREPs for any new information! 
    Modifications to FK 3, 4 +5
    FK #5 Liberation shut down for a few days whilst Servok uses it to test a mod.
    FK #4 configured to test Quicksilver's Invade & Annex Apex. 
    FK #3, 4 & 5 white-list updated to mirror FK #1.
    Twitch Streamer Spotlight
    FK Name - Maverick
    Twitch Handle - Videre
    URL - https://www.twitch.tv/videre
    How long have you been streaming? 9 months on and off
    What games do you primarily stream? - Variety streaming, anything I am in the mood for 
    When you do normally stream? Weekends
    Whats the goal for your channel? - 1000 Follows currently
    Any clips you'd like to share? CLIP
    Mavy AMA
    Big THANK YOU! to everyone who participated and asked their questions in the thread here.
    @Rabit Salvokelk @Kerry @Guest @Winters @andyt90 @Katla_Haddock @Chuck Yeager @Frankasaurus Rex @Chefla @metamartian 
    Read the full interview here!
    If you are enjoying these INTREPs please leave a reaction on this post.
    If you have any feedback, or an idea for the next INTREP please respond in the comments below! 
    Quick note: Thank you all for waiting an extra week for this INTREP, we did not want to take the spotlight away from our Podcast release with RadioArma last week.

    Radio Arma Podcast Released!

    By Rhea, in Community News, , 0 comments, 1,682 views
    In collaboration with RadioArma.com, FKGaming had the opportunity to sit down and record a podcast introducing our Community to the podcast audience. 
    In this 1 hour and 18 min podcast Flash Ranger interviews MulletShock (Community Manager) and Rhea (Public Relations Officer) about the day to day of FKGaming and how we differ from any other Arma Unit. 
    Please show your support by listening to the Podcast and interacting with us on Twitter!
    Also do not forget to visit our friends at RadioArma and check out their long list of other Arma Podcasts! 


    By Rhea, in Community News, , 4 comments, 2,094 views
    Meeting Memo
    Trainer’s Top Tips
    GUIDE: Rifleman Medical Basics - by ThePointForward
    This guide is aiming to teach you the basics of medical care in Arma 3 with ACE3 Advanced Medical for non-medical personnel. You will find recommended medical load outs, how to use the medical menu, medical procedure and some tips.Read more...
    *Trainers would like to remind all members to read the training section on the forum (found here) to learn more about different specialties and disciplines. They would also like to remind all players that they are encouraged to approach the trainers on team speak and other platforms for questions and more information.*
    Public Relations News Room
    Arma3 Cinematic Featuring Vericht and Cyico 
    Our very own Vericht and Cyico participated in a short cinematic directed and produce by Ceb.Cin! Ceb.Cin announced on twitter that he was looking for Russian voice actors to help him with his Arma3 project and FK was happy to lend a hand. Please show some love to Ceb.Cin by retweeting his video and subscribing to his you tube channel for what I'm sure will be filled with more awesome arma3 stuff to come! Watch the cinematic here!
    Arma 3 Contact DLC Giveaway! - By Chuck Yeager
    Time is running out! Make sure you meet the requirements to win your free copy of the Contact DLC before Saturday August 31st!
    The Contact DLC giveaway is open to anyone who has a registered website account. The winner will be randomly selected at August 31th, 2019 at 7pm UK time. We will use the retweet list to select a winner. After selecting the winner, he/she has 24 hours to respond to our Twitter DM to confirm his/her active website account. All giveaway rules are listed below. Read more...
    Stay Tuned...
    The ArmaRadio Podcast featuring MulletShock and Rhea will be released on Monday, September 2nd!
    Technician’s Basement
    Server Specs
    Although FK 3, 4 and 5 have been a part of fuck knows for months now, very few know much about the actual box. So for all you nerds out there here are the specs for the server hosting FK 3, 4 and 5.
    Location: Germany Provider: Hetzner CPU: i7-8700 Hexa-Core RAM: 64GB DDR4 OS: Win Server 2016 64-bit SSD: 2 x 512GB NVMe (Raid 1) A Word From Our Veterans
    I don't think that the Veterans in the discord channel thought I was serious when I asked them if they had any words they wanted to share in the INT_REP this week so this is the results I've gotten:
    "Be Better" -Sabre
    "Mullet Gey" -Katla_Haddock
    "Goodbye then. Be safe, Friend. Don't you dare go Hollow." - TheMinion
    "Stay the f*ck away from the tank." -BonSie
    "When the big bird is falling from the sky, run" - Trinoc
    What would you like to see in the next INT_REP? Comment down below!

    FK Squad server coming soon

    By Chuck Yeager, in Server news, , 5 comments, 2,245 views
    FKGaming is pumped to announce the development our very own Squad server. Squad is a tactical FPS trying to bridge the gap between lightweight arcade shooters and hardcore military simulators. Providing large scale, combined arms combat and authentic combat experiences. Achieve victory through teamwork, communication and tactical gameplay; making it a perfect fit for FKgaming's community mindset.
    Already back in November 2017, FKGaming hosted a Squad server during a free weekend on Steam. Although the game is still in Alpha, the growth of Squad has not gone unnoticed and will provide FK members with a military playground in a welcoming PVP setting. The upcoming release of our Squad server could not have better timing as the game is currently available for only $12 through Humble Bundle.
    We will announce the exact launch date in a future post, but we couldn't wait to share this server update with you. This also gives you plenty of time to buy Squad with a great discount through Humble Bundle, as the discounted price is only available until September 6th.
    The hosting of our Squad server does not increase our monthly donation goals, as it will be hosted on our current server box infrastructure. Depending on technical limitations, the closure of one of our less frequently used ARMA 3 servers is possible.

    (All Squad screenshots were kindly made available by Fokkehassel)


    By Rhea, in Community News, , 1 comment, 2,048 views
    Upcoming Events
    21 August 2019, 10pm BST Basic Training 101 hosted by Jerichron
    23 August 2019, 1630 BST Basic Training 101 hosted by ThePointForward
    23 August 2019, 2115 BST Prophet Training and Eval-Sniper hosted by ThePointForward
    25 August 2019, 1400 BST D&D 5e - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session 8 Hosted by OneMadPanda
    *More Basic Training will be added if it is needed, please contact ThePointFoward or Jerichron if you need basic training but are unable to make it to the dates listed!*
    Please RSVP to events you plan on attending so hosts can plan accordingly. If you’re unsure if you can make it, please do not RSVP (speak to the host directly, or post in the comments below the event). Failure to attend an event that you’ve RSVP’d for can result in punishment.
    Meeting Memo
    A report from our Community Managers
    Note: There has been some recent rule changes. Be sure to look through them HERE. Ignorance is no excuse for rule breaking! 
    Trainer’s Top Tips
    Squad Lead Information MK2 - By AndyT90
    As a Squad Leader, you are responsible for the squad and the actions it takes. You make sure the squad executes the plan, the squad has the equipment needed for the task at hand, and make sure that the squad doesn't die. While you may think that you only have an effect on your own squad's enjoyment of the mission, it is definitely possible to influence others as well. A squad that sets up overwatch on the same position as another squad or in front of a tank, a squad leader with terrible comms and a squad that doesn't properly clear their sector are some of the biggest annoyances experienced in missions. You can not judge your competence as a squad leader just by what your squad members say, especially when it is always the same people. Even then, what does the person do well? What should a squad leader be able to do? Read more...
    *Coming soon- Basic Riflemen Medical Guide by ThePointFoward
    Trainers would like to remind all members to read the training section on the forum (found here) to learn more about different specialties and disciplines. They would also like to remind all players that they are encouraged to approach the trainers on team speak and other platforms for questions and more information.
    Public Relations News Room
    Released on July 26th, Contact DLC is the newest expansion to FKGaming's favorite game. The spin-off expansion exists of new gear, weapons, vehicles, the new Livonia map, as well as an immersive singleplayer campaign.
    FKGaming is please to announce that we will be giving away 1x ARMA 3 Contact DLC to one of our FK members!
    The Contact DLC giveaway is open to anyone who has a registered website account. The winner will be randomly selected at August 31th, 2019 at 7pm UK time. We will use the retweet list to select a winner. After selecting the winner, he/she has 24 hours to respond to our Twitter DM to confirm his/her active website account. All giveaway rules are listed below. Read more...
    Bohemia Interactive aims spotlight at FKGaming - By ChuckYeager
    Bohemia Interactive's COMMUNITY RADAR gathers the best community created content and publishes it on the developer's website. Since early 2019, COMRAD is curated by ARMA 3's Community Manager Homesikh, bringing together ARMA 3 content, communities and mod creators. FKGaming is honored to be featured in edition #7, next to big names such as Red Hammer Studios, Radio Arma and ARMAnet. Read more...
    Coming soon - Radio Arma Podcast featuring MulletShock and Rhea 
    Technician’s Basement
    New Server Activity Bot - by Neilzar
    We have created a new discord bot to manage the Arma servers. The staff team can use the bot to update the mods on the servers, restart the server and kick people when required without having to launch Arma or go to the website of Arma Remote Admin. But that is not the only thing the bot does! In the new #servers channel on discord are five messages, one for each of the servers that show whether the server is online, the current map and the players on the server. If you ever need to know if a server is free or see what map people are playing on at the moment, you can check the live status messages that are updated every five minutes. See our Discord
    FK #3 =BTC= Hearts and Minds Server - by kMaN
    Hearts and Minds is a cooperative mission that aims to recreate a post war environment based on an insurgency gameplay.  A REDFOR insurgency known as "Oplitas" has formed. Oplitas is a terrorist group intent on taking over the peaceful island of Altis.  BLUFOR deployed to defeat Optilas and restore peace and order in Altis. Optilas' numbers are unknown on the island, but they need to be destroyed.  Optilas also have several hidden ammo caches in various locations on Altis. Destroy their weapons cache to weaken their power. Read more...
    *Coming Soon - The Technician's have been getting reports of the website loading slowly. They are looking into the cause of this and will implement a fix ASAP
    After Action Report
    After a brush with a griffon, our heros approach the village seeking a place to rest for the night. As they approach the village from the beach, they encounter a local denizen of the murky deeps which left they unharmed after being feed. They quickly explored the village seeing clear signs of past struggles. Many of the doors and windows have been torn or knocked down. As they prepared for night fall, a small note was found in the large fire pit on the top of the signal tower which warned any living soul that should they stay the night, "They will come and bring you before their lord". With their defenses built and the sun sets, the heros settle down with the hopes of a quite night. The Blood Peninsula may have other plans, as when the sun sets the true horrors awake. Read more...
    *** Special thanks to BD_Foster and Spartan MiniMe for their help with this issue! ***
    What would you like to see in the next INT_REP? Comment down below!

    Bohemia Interactive aims spotlight at FKGaming

    By Chuck Yeager, in Community News, , 0 comments, 2,031 views
    Bohemia Interactive's COMMUNITY RADAR gathers the best community created content and publishes it on the developer's website. Since early 2019, COMRAD is curated by ARMA 3's Community Manager Homesick, bringing together ARMA 3 content, communities and mod creators. FKGaming is honored to be featured in edition #7, next to big names such as Red Hammer Studios, Radio Arma and ARMAnet.
    Take a look at some great ARMA 3 cinematic screenshots, read up on new Aegis and RHS mod updates, and many more. Did you know there's not just one, but two podcast shows dedicated to ARMA 3? You can read up on all the latest ARMA 3 intel by clicking on the link below.

    Click here to read Bohemia Interactive's COMMUNITY RADAR #7

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