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    Meeting Reports


    Public Relations News Room

    Chairity TVT Event

    The Charity Running Man 2035 Event is only 1 WEEK AWAY! The PR team, along with the rest of the staff team are all hands on deck to ensure everything goes smoothly! Unfortunately life isn't a smooth ride as we all know. There have been some changes in the lineup for the Running Man 2035 Event. Operator Drewski will no longer be participating due to family obligations on the 30th. In his stead @andyt90 will be hunted by our very own @ThePointForward, @Tomo, @griffin68965, @Tobe, and @BenFromTTG with @Vericht as a substitute. More information to come soonTM so keep your eyes on the front page, and on our Twitter!


    In Case You Missed It

    FK Secret Santa

    FK Secret Santa is now in full swing! Packages must be sent by Dec 5th to ensure arrival for Christmas Day! Please remember to post pictures of your gifts you receive on the forums! If you have any questions direct them to @Nova and @Spartan_MiniMe Read More...

    Modded Minecraft Server is LIVE

    @P057code is hosting All The Mods 3 Remix. All members previously white listed on any FK server is already white listed on this server. Be sure to read the rules/etiquette before joining! Read More...


    Community Discussions

    The Long Days (4+ hour mission!)

    @Tomo is looking for feedback on his mission idea! Head on over and help him out with your input. Read More...

    Excessive looting of RPGs/LATs

    On November 6th @Conga Line of Neckbeards started a discussion about looted enemy weapons, and after a few weeks of discussion the CMs have replied that they will be looking into rule changes. An excellent example of how to enact changes you'd like to see in our community! Read More...

    Minimum age confirmation

    Some great points were brought up by @Chuck Yeager and others as they discussed how to tackle the problem of multiple underage bans. The CM team has listened and taken action. Read @ThePointForward's reply for the official statement of the CM team! Read More...


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