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    Congratulations to our new Moderators!

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    With the recent re-shuffle of staff over the last few months, FK opened the applications for moderator. We had plenty of submissions from many dedicated members of the community. After discussions between staff members we'd like to finally announce our new wave of Moderators!

    Please give a round of applause to; @colt92@Lyecer@SilentGunner13@Clint August & @griffin68965 as our new Community Moderators.

    To commemorate their new position, we asked them what they look forward to the most in the new role? Here's what they said.


    "I don't think I look forward to anything in particular. I just hope I get to spend more time slapping people's hands and make them reflect and empathize, rather than making spicy ban reports. 
    I'd also like to improve the crappy coffee in the moderator lounge."

    - @colt92


    "With my new role, I am finally able to take immediate action against the one's bullying me for mixing up my name /s... Jokes aside. My new rank will give me a chance to help out the community the way it helped me out. I am looking forward to getting this opportunity to help out and reinforce the staff team in their duties and being able to be the go-to person for people seeking help. Hopefully, together with the rest of the staff team, we can make this community grow further while keeping it the lovely place it has always been to simply hang out with a bunch of good friends."

    - @Lyecer


    "I look forward to making FK a welcoming place for all, to make sure new members get the welcome and experience that I received when I first joined two and a half years ago. This place has very much been an online home to me and I want as many people as possible to feel the same. I also look forward to joining the staff team and assisting in their vision of progressing the community, helping them in running the place, and also to the first time I inevitably screw up the slotting..."

    - @SilentGunner13


    "I'm looking forward to contributing to keeping FK an enjoyable place to play games and hang out!"

    - @Clint August


    "I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to take a more active role in the community and helping it improve wherever possible. I may not have been around for very long when compared to some of the others, but I am already extremely fond of this place and all the people who are a part of it, so this is something that I will be aiming to do to the absolute best of my ability, and hopefully for a long time to come."

    - @griffin68965


    Please leave your congratulations for our new moderators below in the comments! Welcome to the team gentlemen! 

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    Congrats to the new mods! Haven't been able to get on TS to congratulate them since vacationing right now but I will do it once I get home!

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